The Golden Age of Gaming: Old DOS Games

by George 2. March 2018 10:27

Old Games Are Hard To Beat

Modern video games are amazing. With their hyper-realistic graphics, slick, multi-player gameplay and surround sound that puts you right in the middle of the action, you might think that gamers have never had it so good. Buta long time ago, before the PlayStation, before touchscreens, before the Internet, even before the computer mouse, there was a golden age of gaming and it ran on a text-based operating system called MS-DOS. These Old DOS Games were slow, fiddly to set up, their music was bleepy, their graphics were blocky and if your mum called you downstairs for tea at a crucial moment, you couldn't save your level.

But no matter how impressive a game looks and sounds, what matters in the end, is how much fun it is to play. And these minimalist games made up for up for their clunkiness with their clever and absorbing gameplay. Many modern games don't ask much more from players than fast reflexes and great hand-eye coordination. Beating their retro equivalents demanded problem-solving skills, spatial awareness and a quick wit too. Some of the best modern games started out as DOS games: Sim City, Pacman, Prince of Persia, Tetris, Doom and Duke Nukem. Although they might look more impressive these days, the gameplay of their originals has never been beaten.

Thousands of Old DOS Games were released between 1981 and 1997, in a variety that's mind-boggling when compared to the shoot-em-up-saturated market of today. There were RPGs like The Elder Scrolls, adventure games like Leisure Suit Larry, fighting games like Mortal Kombat, racing games like The Need for Speed, and strategy games, sports games, board games, puzzle games, educational games and of course, hundreds of first person shooter games.

The Golden Age of Gaming Lives On

These days we can fire up Grand Theft Auto with a couple of clicks, but if you wanted to play a game on your PCback in the day, you couldn't just click on an icon. You had to type a series of arcane codes into a command line to find the right files. If you've got a bunch of old DOS games on disk up in the attic and you want to show the kids what they've been missing, the golden age of gaming lives on in DOSBox. This software gives you a shell in which you can run the games and recreates the authentic experience by forcing you to use those tricky command line prompts. There are lots of Old DOS Games that you can download legally to play on DOSbox, and plenty more "abandonware" games that aren't legal, but the developers don't seem to mind their games being revived by nostalgic fans.

If you're less technically-minded and you want to relive the magic of your 80s games 2018, you can actually do thatwith just a couple of clicks. The Internet Archive has collected more than 4000 MS-DOS games,and you can play them online!You'll find old favourites like Donkey Kong, Link, Maniac Mansion, Qbert, Arkanoid, Tomb Raider, Lemmings and so many more that you might temporarily forget all about the sleek black box of the PlayStation gathering dust next to the TV.


Warcraft: Orcs and Humans

by George 8. February 2018 09:11

Developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment, Warcraft: Orcs and Humans were first released in November of 1994, and in a short time period, became a very well selling and well-loved title. The game was released for Windows in 1994, but did not come out for Macintosh until 1996, hurting some sales, but the game was still very successful.
Warcraft: Orcs and Humans was a first person real-time simulator, and one of the first real-time simulators to allow for multiplayer gaming. The success of this game, as well as the franchise built on it, led to a boom in real-time simulator old PC games, and this series became the main competitor to the leading game at the time: Command and Conquer. While Warcraft was not the first real-time simulator to offer a multiplayer game mode, it created a modified story for the multiplayer mode which enhanced the overall user experience.

The Gameplay Experience

In Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, players would first choose whether to be humans or the orc race. Humans are the defenders and Orcs are the invaders. Whichever side the player picks, in the single player mode, the player must work through several missions to achieve their sides goal of either repelling the attacking orcs or taking over the human establishment. The goal for each individual mission changes, but it usually involves building some sort of settlement, collecting resources, building an army and then destroying the enemy. Warcraft expanded on the missions of other similar old PC games by adding additional features and options such as conquering opposing fighters, rescuing and fixing destroyed towns, saving allied units from an enemy camp, and ultimately destroying the enemy’s main base.
In the multiplayer mode, several advancements were made over other old PC games as well. Warcraft’s multiplayer mode allowed players to connect through modem or wirelessly, and could be played between two players. In this mode, players would seek to defeat each other by using a similar battle strategy as was necessary in the single player mode involving building a base and an army before destroying the enemy.

Critical Reception and Success

When Warcraft was released, it immediately solidified Blizzard as a top developer, as the company was previously struggling for content and funding. Warcraft took care of that as it ranked 19th out of the top 20 CDs in all categories. The game was praised for its solid strategy, simple interface and fantasy theme, while winning PC Gamers Editor’s Choice Award in 1994 and was a finalist for top awards from several different reviewers.
As time passed and other games were released, some began to speak out against
Warcraft, complaining that the game was overly slow, and that it required too much to start up before getting to the action. Others said that the artificial intelligence was unintelligent and overly predictable, causing the game to lose its luster after several plays. However, most critics agree that these problems really do not change their opinion much about the high quality and enjoyability of the game.
Warcraft: Orcs and Humans was the first successful title from Blizzard Entertainment, and the franchise it produced has been one of the most successful of all time, with five core games and a feature film recently released. Warcraft is still enjoyed by gamers worldwide.


Abandoned PC gaming classics.

by George 7. February 2018 08:54

If you ever happened to find yourself looking for a good game, try to remember the old games first, they are mostly unmatched in the game-style and quality and are mostly available very cheaply or completely for free. Lots of them are excellent and were probably never beaten. The following list shows some of the best classics which shouldn't be forgotten.

Blackthorne (Blizzard Entertainment 1994)

When Thoros, ruler of Tuul couldn’t choose who among his sons will be his successor, he brought them to the desert and committed suicide. His body becomes two stones, light and dark stone. Thoros gave the stones to his sons. The kingdom of Androth, formed by people who has the light stone and the kingdom of Ka’dra’suul, formed by people who has the black stone. The Androth honors their light stone while the Ka’dra’suul discard their black stone which was transformed into a monster.

The war between Androth and Ka’dra started. Sarlac leads the Ka’dra army to fight the Androth. King Vlaros, ruler of Androth, sought the help of Galadril, the Magician. They send his son Kyle to earth to save his life from the Ka’dra. King Vlaros gave Kyle the light stone which he can also use to save his people when he returns to Androth.

After 20 years, Kyle, the famous military captain and mercenary, is having strange dreams and is confronted by Galadril telling him to return to Tuul and save his people. Kyle, as known Blackthorne, returns to Tuul to fight Sarlac and his army. Blackthorne is now more determined to fight Sarlac and his allies.

 The Lost Vikings (Silicon & Synapse 1993)

The three Vikings have been missing for a long time after Tomator, the emperor of the Alien Croutonian Empire, kidnapped them. After breaking loose the three Vikings are set to go home. They have to face many challenges as they journey back home. Their journey is not easy in spite of the fact that the three Vikings have special talents and abilities. Erick is a fast runner and a jumper; Baleog uses his sword and bow to kill his enemies and Olaf can block or stop their enemies by using his shield which can also be used as a hang glider or stepping stone where Erik can step to reach higher grounds.

The Lost Vikings journey is also full of adventures. It has many doors to unlock and puzzles to solve that will lead these Vikings to the right path which may eventually bring them back home.

However, it is important that all of you should possess the abilities of Erik, Baleog and Olaf to be able to help the lost Vikings. The Lost Vikings is a logic and action packed game which should be played by players who can move and think fast.

UFO : Enemy Unknown (MicroProse 1994)

The Extraterrestrial Combat (X-COM) is all set to defend the Earth from the powerful force of the alien forces. The X-COM was organized after the secret meeting in Geneva which was represented by some members of the most powerful nations all over the world.

The Unidentified Flying Objects starts to appear on the skies and the aliens who were determined to laid their hands on the planet Earth has seized and attack the world. The alien attacks placed the whole world in jeopardy as they attacked and invaded one nation from the other.

With you in command of X-COM, what could be the best strategy for you to do is to fight these aliens and try to know how and where they got their strength. As you unveil the identity of that somebody who lead the aliens, the whole forces that you lead is now ready to destroy the aliens’ big boss.

Fighting the aliens using their own technology is a wise move and strategy because by then you will already know how and where to attack your enemy.

 Superfrog (Team17 1994)

The wicked witch has finally turned the handsome Prince into a frog and has held the lovely Princess captive. He was helpless and worried about the princess safety. He was so desperate to know where the witch has imprisoned the princess. He was by the riverbank, and then from out of theblue, he saw a bottle floating. He reaches out for the bottle, opened it, drank its content and Boom! Something magical happened. With a touch of luck, the ordinary green-colored frog becomes strong and powerful. From an ordinary green frog, the prince is now Superfrog.

The prince or Superfrog is now set to look for the princess. He would cross the rivers, climb the highest mountains and do everything to get his princess at all cost. He will also do everything to cast off the spell the wicked witch has given him.

Superfrog is looking for his princess. The witch is also all out to defeat the prince. She gave Superfrog the taste of death but that was never enough to stop him from saving his princess.

Superfrog is a lovable game that ends up with the typical “They live happily ever after” ending.

Jazz Jackrabbit (Epic MegaGames 1994)

Eva Earlong, the rabbit princess, was abducted by Devan Shell, the leader of the turtle terrorists. Devan and his goons occupied the galaxy and endangers planet Carrotus. Everything seems hopeless and Jazz Jackrabbit is the only hope left for planet Carrotus and Eva Earlong. Jazz Jackrabbit must stop Devan Shell from putting into his hands the fate of planet Carrotus. More so, he should also rescue the rabbit princess.

Jack is now prepared to fight Devan Shell. He would just do anything to get Eva from the hands of the Devan and to rescue planet Carrotus from the terrorists. The journey that jack will travel will not be easy. Devan and his army are also determined to prevent and stop Jack from getting back the rabbit princess and from saving their planet.

Jack traveled a rocky path, each path is protected by the turtles. These turtles are loyal to Devan and would do anything to defend their leader from the wrath of Jazz Jackrabbit. Just like any other action hero, Jack is strong and fearless. He entered Devan’s territory in his search for the abducted princess. 


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by George 31. January 2018 04:15

StarCraft is a real time strategy game that was released by Blizzard Entertainment in 1998. If anyone has played the game WarCraft, they will notice some similarities between the two games, as its creator took inspiration from the game. This strategy game is a science fiction military type of game for playing on a PC. The game is set in a far away region of the Milky Way Galaxy, and centers around the battle between different species for survival and dominance. StarCraft was praised for the high level of graphics available on the game compared to other old PC games of its time. This is one of the reasons why since its original release, it has gained such popularity that expansion packs and additional versions of the game has been released.

The StarCraft Series

After its release a series of follow-up old PC games and expansion packs were released for more playing enjoyment. The StarCraft Series include the following additional games and expansion packs, StarCraft, StarCraft: Insurrection, StarCraft: Brood War, StarCraft 64, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void, StarCraft II: Nova Covert Ops, and StarCraft Remastered. Like the original, all of the games are real time strategy games. In addition, all of the additional games stayed true to the first story line, and built upon the storyline and events from the previous game. They player approaches the game from the viewpoint of a military commander for one of the species trying to survive and battle the other species in the galaxy.

Cut Scenes Come on the Scene

Prior to StarCraft, PC games often used “cut scenes” as filler between one section of a game to the next. However, StarCraft really made the use of these scenes popular, as they were the first to make the cinematics relate directly to the storyline of the game. In addition, the creators made the cinematics to be of the same high quality as the rest of the graphics on the game, further enhancing the player’s experience. The result was the raising of the bar for the use of “cut scenes” in PC games to be of excellent quality and an integral part of the game’s storyline. In addition, the use of these scenes resulted in the development of Blizzard Entertainment’s cinematic department.

For Your Listening Enjoyment

In the decades leading up to the development of StarCraft and similar old PC games, a lot of the sound on games was limited. However, the developers of StarCraft saw to it that there was a soundtrack written for the game specifically. In StarCraft the music was predominantly produced using a keyboard, but the more elaborate music on StarCraft II was created with the assistance of the San Francisco Symphony and Opera, and other musical scores were created with similar professional musical groups. The music playing during the game was designed to help the player focus on the game, and was often connected with specific characters within the game. But during the cut scenes, the music was much more dramatic and helped to enhance the storyline even further.


Sonic the Hedgehog

by George 31. January 2018 03:53

Sonic the Hedgehog was a video game that was first released in 1991 and revolved around the quest of….you guessed it…Sonic, the Hedgehog. His goal is to defeat the bad guy, Dr Ivo Robotnik. To do this he must work with his friends (other animals) and collect gold rings and emeralds. If the player doesn’t collect all the emeralds then he must defeat Dr Ivo Robotnik himself. As you’d expect, Sonic has other weaknesses. He will lose his life if he gets stabbed by spikes or falls into a deep hole. He can also be crushed by walls, drown, and just like humans, toxic air can harm him.

Sonic the Hedgehog was released worldwide and has had a positive response, with the most recent version being made in 2013. Originally the game was released on Sega systems and since its initial release it has been developed for Game Boy, Nintendo; and in 2013 the game finally caught up with technological advancements, with it being released on both the Apple Operating System and Android. That means that nowadays people can play it wherever they are, from the comfort of their home, right through to the bus, the train or anywhere they are, thanks to mobile advancements.

Just like all other video games and pc games, there are different levels, with each level being a different difficulty and often requiring the player to defeat the bad guy at the end of the level. If the player does not defeat the bad guy then the game will end and the player will need to start again. However, if the player is able to demonstrate their playing skills then they can progress to the next level and eventually “clock the game” or “win the game”. Winning the game means they’ve made it past every single level and have beaten the bad guys. This can often take multiple attempts.

As with other games, there are “hacks” and “cheats” which can make it easier to win the game. Some people love these hacks because they make it easier to win, but on the flipside they take away from the challenge of the game. Unlike the 90s when people would hear about hacks and cheats through word of mouth, they can now search for them online. A quick Google search brings up many results where people can find out the hacks easily. The major issue with hacks is that they remove the fun and essentially ruin the game. Of course that does depend on which side of the fence one sits on. Hacks can allow people to get past extremely difficult baddies though.

Over the years the game has maintained its popularity. The original version released in 1991 was popular although there were some technical issues. There was some criticism related to the difficulty, with critics suggesting that the game was actually impossible to play, however this would depend upon the frequency that one played the game.

Since it was released on Android and mobile phones there have been over eight million downloads. The game has also ranked as being in the top 50 video games of all time.


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