UFO: Enemy Unknown

UFO Enemy Unknown puts you in command of XCom, with the finest Earth technology at your disposal to defend the Earth from alien invasion. Shooting down UFOs is just the beginning. You will then control a squad of heavily armed soldiers, edging cautiously through the local terrain, battling aliens and recovering UFO technology.
When you command a ground assault, you will use the 3-D isometric 'Battlescape' display. This shows terrain, buildings, XCom craft and UFOs, but will only display what your soldiers can see so beware of danger lurking around corners or down dark corridors!
Successful ground assault missions mean that XCom scientists can research alien technology. Engineers can then reproduce their superior weapons and spacecraft. Soon you will be fighting the aliens with their own technology.
As the game progresses, you will use the on line 'UFOpaedia' to learn the latest details from your research teams about alien technology, life forms and their real objectives. Above all, you must watch the world political situation. Look out for governments who may be forced to make secret pacts with the aliens and make sure you defend the countries who fund XCom heavily.
UFO Enemy Unknown. Command Earth's forces against the alien terror!
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Originally started in 1982 by industry legends Sid Meier and Bill Stealey, Microprose became known throughout the video game industry as a cutting edge computer game designer and publisher. Focusing primarily on high tech military and strategy simulations, the company eventually merged with Spectrum HoloByte by the 1990’s. After going through a series of further changes in ownership, the name and its legacy was wiped out by Infogrames in 2001.
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Review by unknown author

I was curious why this has been #1 all these months I have enjoyed this site so I had to find it and try for myself. Since its not playable here please for respect to this site do not ask me where I found it although a simple search engine and a bit of time was all it took me. After playing it through I cant agree with a 5 star rating and feel pretty generous giving it a 3. It sure isnt a Civilization Master of Orion or other groundbreaking title that is more deserving of the top rated for this site. The most glaring flaw is the inaccuracy of every weapon, I kid not you will spend 75% of your time on this game watching your missed shots fly across the screen. By comparison the aliens cant hit the wide side of a barn either (and a couple maps actually have wide barns I have tried it on) although if anyone gets any kind of luck of the draw its the aliens, be it more time units than they should have had movement for, a uncanny luck for counter shots or the fact that their shots especially point blank ones almost always hit your guys when you can fire off a full clip and miss them makes it so frustrating I cant imagine most casual gamers taking the time to finish it. Add clunky controls and a couple bugs they never patched and you are almost obliged to save it every minute of progress. While it was enjoyable, challenging and addictive it simply isnt the kind of game you play over and over and once you have beat it theres little to the game to bring you back again and again. Finally the research/manufacturing part of the game could have been a real boon and instead feels "phoned in". Not only do your bases not share research so you have to do it over again for each base but its a pretty vanilla and shallow tech tree that really isnt any kind of reward for the time put into it. Im hoping the sequel has fixed these and other problems and made it the great game it could have been.

Review by unknown author

Ever since I was about 6, my dad was playing this game. It was UFO Defense on the Playstation, but the same basic concepts apply to this one as well. I grew up with this game, and it thoroughly got me hooked on alien ideas and stuff like that. Sure, there are some bad points, like bad AI actions, but for the most part, it follows a lot of the basic physics of real combat, such as firing full auto causes the rounds to spread. All in all, this game is kick ass, and it is addicting. One major difference between this and UFO Defense is the fact that if you mind control all the aliens in a level, you win, and to my knowledge, this doesn't have it, but that can be overlooked due to the awesome gameplay.

Review by unknown author

I've played this game for for years on and off. I can say I've played many many games but I keep coming back to this one. this game for when it was made has so many good things about it. the game play the graphics and the replay value is awesome. you couldnt ask for a better game that comes from the mid 90's. If I would have to give it a rating I say Graphic are a 3.5/5, gameplay 4.5/5 and replay 5/5. but if you don't believe me, just give this game a try and become addited to this amazing game.


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  1/24/2015 11:23:00 PM - -_- was good game until those funkers sold it lol
1   7/21/2014 2:02:00 AM - Suzanne @igor: "This program cannot be run in DOS mode." Which is a shame, since I can run the game straight from the .exe file file but only see a black screen.
1   12/26/2013 1:41:00 PM - Mantas Good game
1   11/11/2013 5:35:00 AM - igor use emulator for win 7 called dosbox
  7/10/2013 2:37:00 AM - pete Love this game but does this work on windows 7?
  4/23/2013 6:30:00 PM - Draylok3 I own the original but it still is sad to see the freeware gone because of corporate greed trying to cash in on a great game.
  1/29/2013 1:37:00 PM - lalala does it work with dosbox on Mac 10.4 ??
  1/16/2013 4:25:00 AM - OPTIK1980 10 of 10
  10/19/2012 2:17:00 AM - HK Thanks for the game
  10/14/2012 8:14:00 AM - le_gendary THX!!!! FGE for having this awesome game for free up to now, the level of awesomeness the game has made it a asset to moneygriding bastards,(read STEAM!!!!) and I´m sad you had to remove it on your free site, but sadly its not up to you, who chose to put it up for sale (ffs those guys have a new version, let us pay for that and let the old one be free, true x-com fans WILL buy the new version anyway). THX for doing a grat job for all of us old guys how loved the original games. ps. thx tom ,guys like you makes it even better to come to this site again and again ;-)
1   10/4/2012 10:48:00 PM - Wjacob313 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1   10/3/2012 12:49:00 AM - BoB ufo enemy unknown was one of the best games i ever played on my Amiga. many years later and i still jump back to it for a few weeks every now and again
1   9/10/2012 7:46:00 PM - Sarco Buy? The search for UFO Enemy Unknown on filestube get as the game from freegameempire as first result. Download from mediafire is of course free.
3   9/9/2012 9:43:00 PM - chirs i hate Steam it sucks it slow and is makes you pay for your games a second time if you lost it i refuse to buy from steam no thanks
  9/6/2012 2:31:00 AM - HELP TOM Tom, did you happen to do the same for colonization?
The package you're about to download is zipped and contains only game files. To play the game you have to set up an emulator (like DOSBOX) or have MS-DOS operating system. To play the game on Windows, please choose option 'Play Now' - our game client will run the game for you

The package you're about to download is zipped and contains only game files. To play the game you have to set up an emulator (like DOSBOX) or have MS-DOS operating system. To play the game on Windows, please choose option 'Play Now' - our game client will run the game for you