The Lost Vikings: Get them out of alien prison

by George 18. January 2017 04:39

The Lost Vikings is a puzzle game in which player controls three Vikings who are in need of help to come out of the alien prison. Each of the Vikings has different abilities that help them in crisis. All the three were abducted by an alien ship which has them as its prisoners. The game was developed by Silicon & Synapse, now called as the Blizzard entertainment. The game studio Silicon & Synapse was a third party game developer for game machines like the Super Nintendo. Later on, it went on to give finest games like the Warcraft. The instant success of the game owed to the originality and the innovation in the game.

The three Vikings have unique like qualities which make them the best when they are united. The three have escaped the airlock of the spaceship and now are in search of the way home which would be unlocked through various levels. Each of the levels would host different puzzles which make use of the puzzles, keys, switches and traps with enemies. Each of the Viking has to do his own battle and win over to get to his fellows. You can control one Viking at a time, you need to make sure of your plan of not letting any of the Viking killed in the process of helping other survive. Apart from the puzzles that need to be solved, it is your instinct and intellect that would help them survive.

There are 37 levels in the game each with varied difficulties and traps. In most of the times the characters in to be aligned in a particular order to solve the puzzle.The unique abilities of the main characters of the game Erik, Baleog, and Olaf are

Erik: A fast runner than other two and can go smashing through the walls because of his helmet.

Baleog : A skilful Viking in handling the bow and sword.

Olaf : The shield man, blocking enemies He also helps Erik with the shield to jump to heights.

The company originally worked as a third party game developer. This work was initially developed for Nintendo.Later it was developed to other platforms like Amiga, MS-DOS etc. Because of the loyal fan following even after a decade, to make this game accessible it was added as a free download that can run through DOSBox platform.

After two years of the release of this game in 1992, there was a sequel called The Lost Vikings 2

The Lost Vikings is the best fun filled puzzle old DOS game. It gained the love of the gamers because of the characters in the game. The puzzles and challenges you face would increase the thirst of solving puzzles. The best part is that there is no game-over, you can have infinite attempts to get the challenge completed. Although the puzzles would seem to be tedious at times it makes the games more interesting.


Terminator Future Shock- Prevent the terminators from ruling the world!

by George 18. January 2017 04:28

It is a first person shooting game which was launched in 1995 by Bethesda software. The game can only be played in the single player mode, and is based on the movie series ‘Terminator”. The player is supposed to meet different challenges and accomplish unique objectives while tacking various enemy robots with grenades and guns. Once you have completed all the objectives, the next level challenges await you!

Apart from the terminators which are programmed to kill you, you have to deal with terrains having high radiation. That can be fatal for the player’s health. The player can navigate the terrain on foot, by a jeep mounted by cannon or with an aerial HK fighter robot. The game features a concise story line with elements of fantasy, strategy and violence. The player escapes an extermination camp and meets John Connor, the leader of the ‘resistance’ against the terminator domination. He also meets Kyle Reese, father of John. As the game progresses and you have successfully completed many missions, the resistance headquarter gets infiltrated.

The T800 model terminator attacks the HQ and forces your team to flee and relocate to a new headquarter. Soon, the phenomenon of enemy ‘spawning’ randomly everywhere on the screen stuck to your team as a warning, and it becomes evident that the terminator mastermind ‘Skynet’ has mastered a technology termed as ‘time displacement’ and they can now manipulate time and communicate information to its own past self in 1995 to increase the speed of its own development. Unless the ‘resistance’ do something about it, it’s unavoidable that Skynet will thwart any efforts by the resistance and your mission will fail. Eventually, the player is given an objective of returning to the past, to prevent Skynet in its intent. While the player is on his mission, the resistance HQ is raided and Connor and Kyle are wounded terribly.

The theme consist of scenarios depicting the post-apocalyptic environment, the player finds himself surrounded by death and decaying bodies amidst the ruins of society.

The game was highly acclaimed and much praise was directed at the graphics and sound effects. The control system of the game was another reason for it being loved by the gamers. This was one of those games where the player can enter almost every building to rummage for ammo, weapons and med canisters. The game was even competing in popularity with Doom. The game’s resolution didn’t get particularly good feedback, some complaints were also directed at the slow game play. Terminator Future Shock allows the use of mouse to control the view; the player can control the vehicles, including the feel of a racing game. The game features a completely textured- map 3D location and enemy units.

If you find first player shooting games, consisting of a thrilling story line, difficult to resist, the gamer within you has found what it was looking for! While you are willing to try it, do not hesitate in trying this one, especially if you loved the ‘Terminator’ movie series!


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3 Surefire Ways for Getting Into the Christmas Spirit

by riky 12. January 2017 10:26

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and it's coming in fast: with Thanksgiving out of the way, and the specials of Black Friday petering out, there's nothing left to do but decide the menu, wrap the gifts, and choose the tree to decorate on Christmas Eve. Alas, our mad world is often leaving us without the resources we need to find the Christmas spirit in our souls. The daily stress, the problems at work and at home, all the craze of the world around us make us crave not for the quality time spent with our family and friends, but to crash on our bed and sleep it off (if we can). Christmas means nothing without the Christmas spirit, though. Here are three tips that might help you find the Christmas cheer you thought you lost.

Turn to the mainstream media

If all the Christmas decorations surrounding you every minute wouldn't be enough, turn on your TV or radio - they will add a bit on top of it. Many radio stations blow the dust off their Christmas song library at the start of December (I know one oldies station that plays Christmas songs all day, every day, between the 1st and the 26th). Most TV series have Christmas specials, and TV stations tend to show reruns of Christmas-themed classics around this time of the year. Cartoon Network's "Tom & Jerry" marathons are among my favorite Christmas memories.

Play some Christmas games

What could be better in lifting your holiday spirit than a few casual games filled with red, green, and white, with Santas and elves, snowmen and socks, cheering kids and reindeer all over the place? How about some Christmas wins? When it comes to casino games at is here to help you out. The All Slots game library has all the Christmas slot machines you might need. Santa Paws, an All Slots classic, will take you on a trip to the North Pole to join a polar bear on his quest for Christmas. Happy Holidays is a Christmas overload, with socks, presents, and cheering children everywhere. If you're in need of something wilder, though, the All Slots can also help you out: Santa's Wild Ride replaces the sleigh with a chopper and cookies & milk with sandwiches and beer.

Holiday smell

Fill your home with holiday smells. Depending on your fondest childhood memories, it can be gingerbread, mulled wine, apples, and cinnamon, or pine trees. Aromas and smells affect our mood subtly, often without us realizing it. The smell of the Christmas tree, or the aroma of the seasonal cookies, can quickly get you in the mood. And you don't even have to put up a tree or bake to have the smell: producers usually launch their Christmas "special edition" air fresheners in time for the coming holiday.


Real money PC games is still in the game at a mobile age

by riky 4. January 2017 07:04

There’s no denying it - mobile gaming is growing by leaps and bounds. But, it doesn’t mean that it has put a damper on the popularity of real money PC games, like the ones found on Spelautomater.

And, why should they? These games give us the opportunity to goof off and make some money in the meantime. Interested in learning more? Check out some popular sites where you can real money PC games below:

Inbox Dollars

Many of us are already familiar with this site, it’s gained quite a reputation for paying users to read emails. But, that’s not all they have to offer. Inbox Dollars will also pay you to play their ad-supported games. All you have to do is register for a free account on the site, hit the games button on their toolbar, and you can get started right away. What’s more? They give you $5 for just signing up.

Signing up to this site gives you the opportunity to play free games where you can earn points that you can redeem for gift cards. You can also trade them for game credits, which give you the ability to take part in cash tournaments and other competitions.

World Winner

This site is part of the Game Show Network and is one of the most entertaining places on the internet. This is because it gives gamers the ability to play many of their favorites games (like Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Bejeweled, etc.) all in one place. And, while it’s possible to play free games on this site, if you want real money, the paid competitions are where it's at.

After you’ve signed up and chosen your preferred games, you will be given two options to compete - tournaments and mini-competitions. If you decide to go with a mini-game competition, the site will pair you with another gamer of similar skill and you each have to put at least 50 cents in the pot to see who can win it all. Your level of skill is determined by your performances in the game in the past. In other words, no matter your actual skill level when you start, you will begin on the lowest rung and work your way up.

Tournaments, on the other hand, are usually ongoing events with larger prizes that are split amongst a number of players. For instance, let's say that this site has a $10,000 tournament for Solitaire lovers. The prize will be divided between the 100 highest scoring entrants.


Remember Lycos? If you do, this site will be a blast from the past. If you don’t, it’s never too late to get to know an old favorite. This company has been around for decades, some would say from the beginning of the internet. Similar to the World Winner site, they offer gamers a wide selection of games to try as well as mini-competitions that you can play for real money.

Here’s where things take a slightly different (but better) turn - Gamesville also gives you the opportunity to play free games, like bingo, for win real cash. Perhaps, the only downside of this particular type of gameplay is that the prizes for these games are typically low - think under $10.

Online Casinos

Last, but definitely not least, are online casinos. Not only do these sites give gamers the chance to play their favorite casino games from the comfort of their homes, it lets them play whenever they want to and often for generous prizes. But, that’s not all, many of these sites also offer casino bonuses that can significantly increase your deposit and extend your gameplay, boostsing your chances of winning some real money.



Bubble Ghost is a lot of Fun

by George 20. December 2016 04:18 Ghost is a maze game in which you the player put your ghost character through puzzle after puzzle, moving through the rooms of the Bubble Ghost’s mansion while avoiding various traps, tricks and trouble. The Bubble Ghost can be directed in a compass pattern of movement, and blows on a bubble to keep it moving through the mansion (and ideally not popping on the complicated machinery) that is the contest.

Each room has a way in, and a way out, and as Bubble Ghost is already a ghost, he isn’t in much danger himself.... But he does have to keep blowing his bubble, which is in constant motion and likely to pop on the various surfaces that are in the way. Each room of the mansion is a fun arrangement of devices that can set the bubble popping and Bubble Ghost blue, but if you are a crafty player, you will navigate your bubble through each room and keep your Bubble Ghost happy.

Good Interfaces

The graphics are quite nice for a simple game of this kind, pretty for their purposes and not the super creepy style that might go with a game titled Bubble Ghost. Bubble Ghost is essentially a kind ghost, I would presume, because while his mansion is quite strange, his pastime in the game (and therefore your series of obstacles) is to keep his bubble moving through it. That is the entire scope of gameplay, which is suitably enjoyable and pleasant.

Bubble Ghost occasionally has a couple of options how to get his bubble through any given room, but usually it is one way in and one way out. As there are a variety of levels and flat surfaces in the rooms of his mansion, he needs to quite delicately blow his bubble up, down, left, right and at diagonals in order to keep the bubble moving freely and safe from the traps that could pop it. Oddly enough, I don’t recall there being any bathroom in Bubble Ghost’s mansion, so I take it Bubble Ghost is merely a recreational bubble-blowing ghost, as though perhaps he had in his pocket a flask of soap and the little round bubble maker that occasionally is found in the real world making bubbles yet again.


Bubble Ghost will keep blowing

There aren’t so many rooms in the game of Bubble Ghost that victory is impossible, and certainly if you enjoy the game you will find yourself playing with enough dedication that winning the game, which entails moving your bubble through Bubble Ghost’s entire mansion, is within the scope of your abilities that can keep you playing. gameplay is consistently good throughout the game, and while there aren’t a large variety of gameplay scenarios to carry out, you will find that if you like the basic style of the game, you may find yourself playing quite a bit of Bubble Ghost. That, and making an effort to preserve your bubble.

Each room is similar to others, but there truly is quite a bit of variety as crazy mansions go which have Bubble Ghost moving through them blowing his bubble. It wouldn’t come as a surprise in the least if Bubble Ghost’s bubble occasionally pops, but if you are a skillful player at puzzle games, you will see Bubble Ghost succeed and keep his bubble flying through each and every room of his mansion.


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Top 3 types of real money games online

by riky 18. December 2016 09:47

When it comes to individual real money games, there is room for debate concerning the games that are the most popular. However, the top 3 types of real money games online are fairly straightforward. Certain types of real money games online are just vastly more popular than many of the others that are available, and the responses of developers are usually going to be enough to make that clear. Looking at the gaming catalogs of websites will usually make that clear.

For one thing, slot machine games manage to get more representation than almost all other types of real money games. There are often hundreds of them on a single online casino gaming website, and there are usually only going to be a few dozen games in the other categories. Some people would say that some of the best money games available are the online casino slot games. Other people would just say that online casino slot games are the sorts of games that are broadly accessible, and it makes sense for gaming companies to invest in them as much as possible.

As for the other top 3 types of real money games online, it can be harder to say. Some of them are going to be table games, but separating the different table games in terms of popularity is going to be a little bit harder. However, most people would say that blackjack belongs on that list. This is a game that is truly essential for all of the online casino gaming websites that are in operation today. Few online casino gaming websites are going to run without blackjack, and this is a game that has managed to draw a lot of fans over the years. Blackjack is the game of skill that balances out the many games of chance that are going to be available on most online casino gaming websites today.

Roulette is probably the third of the top 3 types of real money games online. There are lots of different types of roulette in operation. People are usually going to find different versions of roulette in many different countries, illustrating the popularity of a game like this one. Roulette is one of the most exciting games that people can play today. Like blackjack, it has the classic feel that manages to work well for online casino gaming websites. Developers invest in games like roulette and blackjack as well as online casino slot games.

The games of online casino gaming websites are going to change. In the future, it is possible that any list of the top 3 types of real money games online will have to include some games that do not currently exist, or that are less common on online casino gaming websites today. However, games like blackjack, roulette, and slot games have been around for a while now, and they will probably continue to be around for a long time even in a more futuristic setting. The hundreds and hundreds of online casino slot games aren't going anywhere, and neither are games like roulette and blackjack today.


Playing games on the PC is making a comeback

by riky 4. December 2016 09:51

In this age of mobile devices, one might think that gaming consoles are currently the talk of town. However, statistics keep surprising us especially when they go contrary to the norm. In the middle of 2016, researcher PWC projected that the sale of PC games would hit $29 billion by end of the year compared to the $28 billion which was a figure they had allocated for gaming consoles. One reason why this gap is expected to narrow is because of the current widespread popularity of PC games played in countries like China and India as well. So, isn’t this a sign that playing games on PC is slowly making a comeback?

Gaming consoles now tend to lag behind PCs

In 2014 when the mobile device age was in the verge of taking the world by storm, PC manufacturers sold at least 308 million devices across the globe. On the other hand, gaming console manufacturers just sold 300 million devices in the same year. This is according to research firm called IDC.

If we take this view on a global scale, it’s even harder for gaming consoles to compete shoulder to shoulder with PCs meant for gaming. This is something which industry players are witnessing first-hand. That’s the reason they have to leverage on the power of social media and other add-ons to keep users interested in their games all the time.

And with this new revelation, it’s more than likely that gaming consoles will not be competing with PCs the same way they have attempted to do in the past. Instead, they will start to march in their own category, probably offering users an experience which PCs may not be able to offer.

As in the meantime, we can still expect that PCs will win back the hearts of gamers. That’s because we are in the era of e-sport and steam.

E-sport and their place in gaming platforms like Euro Palace Online Casino

This is a trend that is quickly taking shape, and it’s appealing to a massive worldwide audience so to speak. E-sport involves two professional gamers competition fiercely for the ultimate prize. And what we currently see is that the top competitive games played in e-sport are only available on the PC platform, not mobile platform. These include games such as the Valve’s Dota 2 and Riot’s League of Legends.

These games are usually sold through apps and website called Steam. Steam is good at offering huge discounts, bundle sales and so much more. Steam is partly an online store and partly a social media network. Users can even access games that are on development phase. On the other hand, console games are lagging behind. Many are still being sold in boxes just like back in the days.

VR technology

VR is the new fad, and we are going to see a lot of games being played in this format. It is an undisputable fact that VR technology will hold a major place in desktop gaming. But in the meantime, it is easy to see why PCs are threatening to make a huge comeback where games are concerned. After all, the greatest games ever made are played on PCs even today. So why should we assume that consoles or mobile device games will win?



Sound Blaster Gameport Driver for Windows 7

by George 18. November 2016 05:23

I have spend some time searching for this driver so maybe it will be in use for others in need because it is very hard to find still live link on the internet.

The problem starting my search  was my old gameport steering wheel and my old SoundBlaster Live 5.1 card which I still own. Apparently all of this is not supported any more, at least not officially and I just not felt like to buy a USB controller for my casual playing of mostly old games. There are several places mentioned the customized driver but the links were too old and mostly dead so when I have finally found what I was looking for, here is a working link for those interested. Unfortunately works only for 32-bit version of windows because support for 64-bit versions was dropped completely because of some incompatibility issues.

Anyway I have tested the driver on Windows 7 and Window 8 with success. The supported list of cards is however limited so please read the readme file in the archive first. I have left the package untouched except I have added support for my Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 Gameport in addition to supported list of cards. I keep this short because I expect not much of mass interest for this but if anyone would like to share some updates or new versions, you can send this to us. Thank you and happy gaming.

Gameport (2.15 mb)


Rise of the Online Casinos

by riky 16. November 2016 04:23

As if being a Mac user wasn’t limiting enough, many of the best online casinos are download-only, and only compatible with PC operating systems. This makes me hold my heart and sigh a bit, as it immediately evokes the MS-DOS days of fun, simplicity, and Apple product unpopularity.

But we could not have gotten to the excitement, accessibility, and winning potential of online casinos if we hadn’t evolved from nostalgia-evoking yesteryear.

Online casinos first saw the light of day in 1994 with the likes of InterCasino, which was (and still is) powered by Microgaming, the first online casino software company. It couldn’t happen before the internet was invented, and it was an enticing prospect, but even on day one, financial transactions being wired digitally weren’t secure enough to be all that viable, especially to today’s standards.

The following year, 1995, Cryptologic came along. Their focus was on encrypting the data of financial transactions, creating online casino transactions that were suddenly a secure and somewhat safe option. However, the stigma was already formed. People’s financial information had been compromised, and that tentativeness is still alive and well today, believe it or not.

Oh, MS-DOS, and the 0% chance that someone would hack my financial information and spend it at Amazon or eBay and make me call Chase and go through all those fraud hoops and then have to go a few days without my card until a replacement comes in the mail. (It just recently happened to me, and it had nothing to do with an online casino. It was actually someone on a United Airlines flight.)

So if you played a casino game on your computer prior to Windows ‘95, chances are that it was MS-DOS, but there was no way it was for real money. It wasn’t until the World Wide Web (Remember when we used to call it that?) that we were able to play with real money.

Now it’s incredibly easy, and incredibly secure. No more hours of waiting on a beeping modem to process your roulette game... No, it’s not as secure as playing on a computer that’s not hooked up to the internet, but with 256-bit SSL security and strict oversight from governing and licensing bodies, it’s just as secure as shopping on a major shopping website, and, apparently, it’s more secure than flying United, since I’ve played at many online casinos and never had my info stolen.

There are so many online casino sites to choose from in all languages and countries. If you’re interested in betting money online, I highly recommend an expert review site. They do the legwork for you, finding the best online casinos available to Canadian players in terms of game selection, bonuses and promotions, and, perhaps most importantly, security and reputation.

It’s high time we shake the stigma of fraud. If you go to a large, well-reviewed casino, there’s nothing to worry about aside from betting over your budget. Don’t bet over your budget.

These are some of the best online casinos we’re talking about too. You can throw it back to the classic Slots with three-reel, coin play, payout combos listed above the reels setups that induce both nostalgia and awesome win potential. If you like the games on here, there’s a good chance you’ll like those classic games too. You can also find virtual Blackjack and other classic card and table games with the same odds and payouts as you’d find at a brick-and-mortar casino.

In fact, since online casinos are competing against hundreds of other options, the Return to Player (RTP) percentages are almost always more in your favour than driving to the nearest land-based option, as they only have to compete geographically. (RTP is how much the average player can expect to see come back into their bankroll after betting.) It’s not uncommon to see a 98% RTP, meaning the average player keeps $98 of every $100 they bet. At a land-based casino, you might find 75% RTP or even less.

And if you do play, good luck!

All right, I’ve said my piece. Now back to playing Master of Orion.


The Prince of Persia: save the princess and defeat the enemy before time runs out!

by George 14. November 2016 04:52

In ancient Persia, there lived a Sultan who had an enchanting daughter. While the Sultan was fighting in a foreign land, Jafaar a malevolent wizard ceases the power and attempts to occupy the throne. The princess is imprisoned and proposed by Jafaar to marry him, to which she refuses. The player is a young traveller and a lover of the princess who tries to climb the walls to see the princess, which has enraged Jafaar. The traveller is trapped into the dungeons. In this old DOS PC game your mission is to control the young traveller and pursue the mission of saving the princess, from the evil Jafaar. You have only 60 minutes to confront your enemy and defeat him because Jafaar has locked her in a tower and would kill her if she doesn’t accept to become his wife before the time runs out! You are the nameless hero, the young entrapped traveller who has to overcome numerous obstacles on his way which includes various guards, traps and some other mysterious magical illusions, to reach the villain.

The game consists of 12 levels, you have a health bar which diminishes with every failure in dodging dangerous obstacles. But you can restore health by obtaining large red potion jars, found on the way. Health bar becoming null can cause you to die and the player will have to re-start from the beginning of the level, with of course a time penalty, you will have even shorter time to reach the enemy.

One caution to consider is that you cannot save the game until you have passed the first 3 levels. So, be extremely careful in the earlier stages of the game. Traps like deep pits, spikes or guillotines can cause a sudden death, and the player will be beginning from the starting with reduced time to complete the task. The player may come across closed gates; these can be opened using triggers present around the gate. Stand on the triggers to activate them.

The game features multiple types of strikes with the sword, which are effective in slashing your enemy. The enemy guards have a health bar too, similar to yours. Every successful strike on them will deplete their health bar and eventually kill them.  You can also push your enemies into a trap and cause their instant death. The doppelganger phenomenon is the most intriguing and unusual obstacle of the game. In course of your travel in the 4th level, the player finds a mirror blocking his path. The doppelganger of the protagonist emerges from the mirror and hinders the path but notorious activities like stealing a potion and making the player fall in to the dungeon. You cannot harm the doppelganger since he shares your life but by merging with him you can solve the problem and venture ahead.

Only by defeating Jafaar, you can break the spell and save the Princess. The timer stops with the death of Jafaar and the high scores are revealed. This game has become highly popular in the gaming world and is still one of the old DOS PC games most sought by the game lovers. Go ahead, defeat the Grand Vizier Jafaar and be the saviour of the beautiful princess! You can enjoy this game in our collection. Click here to get directly to the game page. Because of simplicity of this game, you can also easily enjoy it in our JavaScript version, directly in your borwser. Use "Run In Browser" button on the game page or follow this link directly.