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PC gamers from the 1990s, most likely remember playing Myst. This old PC game is a fictional puzzle adventure game. It was developed by Cyan and released by Broderbund in 1993 for use on Mac computers. Unlike other games released during this decade, Myst was not designed to be an educational game, but still required the player to use problem solving skills to make decisions about puzzles they face. It was so popular that it remained the best selling PC game for almost a decade, and has resulted in additional versions of the game to be produced.


In this game, the player assumes the role of a “Stranger” who has discovered a book that allows him to travel to the island of Myst, which is where the game gets its name. After arriving in Myst, the player has to solve a number of different puzzles along their adventure to be able to travel from one age to the next. As the player makes decisions about how they will solve the puzzles they are faced with, the outcome of the game is determined. As a result, it is possible for the player to play the game multiple times and have different outcomes simply by making a different decision.

Rand and Robyn Miller

Key developers for the game Myst, were brothers Rand and Robyn Miller. The brothers joined together with the idea to create a game that would appeal specifically to adults to play on a home computer. Although their idea had been turned down previously by other gaming companies, the brothers stood their ground to develop the game with a complex story line, a realistic character, and the need for the player to make ethical decisions throughout the story. Cyan saw the potential of the idea and worked together with the Millers to develop Myst, the largest scale collaboration they had undertaken until that point.


The majority of previous old PC games was played using floppy discs or had been booter types of games. However, Myst was one of the first CD ROM games to really take off. During its development though, there were some concerns about the potential limitations that the use of a CD ROM might present. The development team at Cyan though took their time to pay attention to a number of details to help ensure the graphics were high quality and enhance the gaming experience. The result was a number of gaming companies seeking to develop CD ROM old PC games to replace the previous formats of PC gaming.

Playing on Handheld Devices

As the world of PC gaming has evolved, there have been a number of classic old PC games which have been developed for play on gaming consoles. The popularity of Myst was so great amongst PC gamers that it also began to see a number of versions released for play on gaming consoles. In the last decade, there has been a release of versions of Myst for the PlayStation and the Nintendo DS. And for those who want to play this game on their handheld mobile device, there are versions of realMyst available for both Android and iOS based mobile devices.


Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

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There were multiple versions of this classic DOS old PC games. The original version Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?was released in 1985 by Broderbund. The second version was released a year later, and the deluxe version of this game was released in 1990. The game was available for play on Windows 95, 98, Me, and Mac computers. It gained such popularity that a number of card games, board games, and even a TV game show were created using a similar concept.

Adventure Awaits

This single player educational adventure game was designed for players who are pre-teen and older. The player is a detective on the hunt for Carmen Sandiego and a group of evil villains who are causing mayhem throughout the world. The mission is to track the evil doers down and throw them in jail before they have a chance to create more havoc. The key is to figure out the geographical clues to be able to locate the bad guys and arrest them. If playing an older version of this old PC games, keep in mind the adventure is based on the world more than 20 years ago, and some countries’ geography facts may have changed.

Learn World Geography

Like many classic PC games, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?provides an opportunity for learning while having fun. The game teaches problem solving skills, as well as a number of different facts about world geography. The original game also came with a world almanac and book of facts to enhance the learning and gaming experience. Many of the clues are common trivia, but for younger players, the almanac may be used to help locate the answers, or for learning additional world geography facts. Later versions of the game came with a digital supplement instead of a printed almanac.

Mission Success

In order for the player to be promoted in their detective rank, they have to complete a mission successfully. As missions are completed, it is recorded and the player has to answer a geography trivia question. The use of the almanac and book of facts comes in handy for being able to answer these questions accurately. As the player’s rank increases, the number of countries visited and the difficulty of the questions also increases. But while completing missions, make sure to keep an eye out for potential attacks from villains which will cost valuable time.

A Welcoming Reception

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? was so well received after its release that it became the third best selling game produced by Broderbund. It has sold more than 4 million copies, and was recognized as one of the best educational old PC games throughout North America. The attention to detail Broderbund was able to add to this game helped to disguise the fact that players were learning world geography, problem solving skills, and research skills as they played.

Award Winning

The number of sales from this game speaks highly of the quality of the game, but so to does the numerous awards the game won. At the time of its release, the game won the Software Publisher’s Association award for Best Learning Product, and later received their awards for Certified Platinum and Diamond. A year later, the game won the Outstanding Software Award from the Classroom Computer Learning. The game’s popularity and notoriety has resulted in the game still being played today.



Top 10 casino games of 2017

by riky 21. December 2017 04:08

Each year, game developers bring us new intricate games and 2017 was no exception. Tonnes of games were released in 2017 most of which fall under slots games that require no particular skillset to play. Most of the games developed in 2017 are available from various casinos online.

These are the top 10 casino games of 2017.

Gonzo’s Quest VR

Gonzo’s Quest is one of the popular slot brands available today and in 2017, NetEnt managed to raise the brands to new dizzy heights by developing another game playable in Virtual Reality. Gameplay in Gonzo’s Quest VR is just like other Gonzo’s Quest brands but this one incorporates Virtual Reality.

Phantom of the Opera slot game

Microgaming in 2017 secured the licensing rights to the highly popular musical movie in the world, ‘Phantom of the Opera’ and developed an equally entertaining game. Phantom of the Opera slot game features all the scenes and characters from the same movie and you can play all the famous songs from the movie.

Castle Builder II

Castle Builder II is a sequel to Castle Builder and it is a fusion of casino and social gaming. While spinning, players are able to interact with 300+ other characters. With each win, players build castles and the more castles a player builds, the more he or she stands a chance of winning inside the game or against other players through various challenges.

Planet of the Apes casino games

NetEnt continued in its drive to bring to its customers more TV/movie related games by developing the ‘Planet of the Apes’ game in 2017. The game features all the scenes, sounds and clips from the hit series.

Prestige Baccarat

Playtech followed their hit game Prestige Roulette with an equally impressive Prestige Baccarat in 2017. Prestige Baccarat has enhanced gaming features such as betting aids and stats, offers more betting options and has improved camera angles.

Jungle Jim El Dorado slot game

Another addition from Microgaming with excellent visual quality. Jungle Jim El Dorado follows the adventures of Jungle Jim as he goes on a mission of exploration. The game is simply outstanding and is capped off by a 15x multiplier on every win.

Exclusive Leo Vegas Live Casino Games

Leo Vegas followed up on the success of its standard Evolution Gaming and Extreme Live Dealer tables with three new exclusive dealer games namely LeoVegas Celebrity Blackjack Party, LeoVegas Live Roulette, and LeoVegas Live Blackjack. All three come with live HD cams and betting starts at a low 0.10 coins.

Tarzan slot game

Another of Microgaming’s new additions in 2017 is Tarzan, which has become a hit among many slot fans. Tarzan slot game features animated scenes and characters from the popular series, Tarzan. Each time the main character, Tarzan pops up on the reels, your chances of hitting the 1 000x jackpot increase. Microgaming secured the Tarzan licensing rights from Disney.

Sam on the Beach slot game

This NetEnt developed slot game is set against the backdrop of a beach and ocean. The quirky symbols and live animation make it a great game to play and the smooth soundtrack is just an icing on top of the cake. The game is equally rewarding with a 2 000-coin jackpot.

Joker Pro slot game

The latest addition to NetEnt’s classic slots collection easily finds its spot on this list. Joker Pro has a simple yet attractive interface displaying a live action background. You can also win big playing the game as it comes with a 1 000x your stake multiplier while the minimum bet is a low 0.10 coin.


PC Booter Games

by George 18. December 2017 03:30

PC game fanatics will know that the majority old PC games from the 1980’s were PC booter games. They were called such because they came on floppy disks that were placed in the drive, the computer was turned on, and the game booted directly. As PC games got more complex, many of these games became obsolete. But for vintage gamers, many of these games have been converted to DOS and can be found online or in other formats for gaming systems. Here are some of the best booter old PC games that will bring back memories.


One of the oldest booter games is Defender, released in 1981. This game arcade style video game requires the player to defend a planet from attacking aliens. It was the first game to use 2D motion during play, making it groundbreaking. It has a feel very much so like the game Asteroids, which its creator took its inspiration from. Despite its simplicity, Defender became Williams Electronics highest selling game, and one of the highest grossing arcade style old PC games ever.

Boulder Dash

This game is not to be confused with the board game Balderdash, and actually they have nothing in common with one another at all. This game was originally released in 1984 by First Star Software. In this game, Rockford races the clock, avoiding obstacles, and digging through caves to retrieve gems and diamonds. Although the game appears simple to many games today, in its day it was cutting edge. It had vibrant colors, animation, and a light story line to entertain everyone. Several versions of this game were released through the years, including the most recent Balder Dash - 30th Anniversary for both PC and Mac computers.


Jumpman was a platform game that had 30 levels to conquer. The storyline for the game is the planet of Jupiter has been attacked and bombs have been hidden throughout. All of the bombs need to be located and defused by Jumpman touching the bomb. Jumpman goes between three platforms by jumping and climbing ladders and ropes. After the bombs are defused, another random screen appears until the building is completed. Just make sure to shoot Orthogonally and avoid running into other obstacles to succeed.


The last booter game on our list is Seastalker. This game was released in 1984 by Infocom, and was available for a number of different home computer platforms. This game was an interactive fiction game, and was designed for pre-teens and teens to play, hence the difficulty rating of “junior” assigned to the game. In Seastalker, the main character is the player. He or she assumes the role of a marine scientist and inventor, who is assisted by Tip. He receives a signal from the Aquadome, located deep beneath the sea. The underwater structure needs to be saved from an attacking sea monster before it is too late. The Scimitar, a two person submarine, is taken by the player and Tip to the Aquadome. But there are a number of unexpected surprises to look out for along the way before the Aquadome can be saved.



Age of the Empires 2

by George 17. December 2017 13:37

Age of Empires 2 was published by one of the largest tech companies in the world, Microsoft so you would expect it to be quite successful. The company has the best producers and developers at its disposable meaning it can be picky with what it makes, and it also means that it can invest more time and resources in creating high quality products. A smaller firm may only have a small budget. Finances have definitely helped Age of Empires, which has sold millions of copies around the world and been labelled as the tenth best PC game of all time according to a poll in 2007.

Similar to other games, the game is focused in a society setting, where the player must overpower their opponent and then advance through a number of ages in a political setting. The political setting is divided into two parts – the economic and the military, both of which serve different purposes. There are various civilisations and the idea is for the player to build their civilisation and overpower the others that they are competing against. As the player performs well, they can progress to a new age. When they progress to the next age they will receive rewards such as gold or wood. If they want to eat food then they must hunt animals just like they would in the real world. And just like in the real world, they can train characters in their unit.

The one downside to the game is that players must purchase upgrades. They don’t necessarily need to use credit card to do so. Because the game is based online, players can communicate with other players and gain the resources that way. Not everyone would want to spend money or trade in a game. This is one thing that has substantially changed between games that were developed in the early 90s and earlier. When players wanted to progress they would simply have to defeat an opponent. That’s not the case anymore. To a certain extent that takes away the skill that a player needs. Anyone can earn more resources in a game or use their credit card, but not everyone can beat their opponent at the end of a round. Or if they do, it will take them several attempts. The lack of a requirement to beat an opponent takes away some of the mystery and it takes away some of the fun from the game. It means it’s just based on money and resources.

The good thing though about being able to buy resources such as gold from other players is that a community begins to develop around the game. In previous years, players would be rather isolated but that’s not the case at all now. Instead, players can contact other players and become friends outside of the game.

Due to the game’s popularity, sequels have been developed, so too have expansions and HD versions to match new technology. The most recent HD version was released in 2016 and offers four new civilisations, giving the player a more challenging experience which can make it more fun.

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