Where Else Can You Play Games for Free?

by riky 27. March 2017 11:40

Obviously, you're already at the top site for free games. We at Free Game Empire have created a platform for those dedicated to playing classic old games without the need for a complex configuration. Yet while our humble website gives you the best classic games, you might be in need of something a little more modern from time to time. As a result, we've put together some of the best places to find free games a little more up-to-date than our collection.

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With instant access to games and a huge community of gaming groups, Steam is one of the ultimate gamer entertainment locations. Valve's platform also has a lot to offer those that are watching the pennies and when you enter the store you can simply click on the "Free to Play" tab to find what’s available.

War Thunder is a good cross-platform MMO combat game where you can take control of a variety of war vehicles and wreak havoc. Sports fans should check out FreeStyle Football for a team-based kick around and Winning Putt for a golf-themed MMO. Duelyst is a game looking to profit from the popularity of card-based games such as Hearthstone and is a good option for those that like a more tactical game. Finally, there’s a little game called DOTA 2 which is being played both professionally and casually all over the world.

Source Dota 2 via Facebook

Online Casinos

Casinos have a history of providing comps, which for the uninitiated, are complimentary items and services given to players to retain their faithfulness. As the VegasCasino Blog states, it’s a tradition that has continued in online casinos, mainly in the form of deposit bonuses. These can be significant, and the general principle is the more you deposit initially the more you’ll get.

Even if you’re not taking advantage of the deals on offer, you can generally play any of the games in free-play mode, but obviously, you won’t win any money that way. iGaming developer Bestsoft is a good option for gamers, with great variety and innovative themes such as Rooks Revenge, which is a 3D Aztec-themed slot and their Sugar Pop slot, which will appeal to Candy Crush Saga fans. Play'n'Go are also worthy of a mention with a huge array of slots available, but Gunslinger and Ace of Spades are particularly deserving of your time.

"Poker!" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by carmen zuniga


itch.io is a very simple way to find great free-to-play indie games that you can play in your browser. Indies games are really popular right now and offer something different from the usual big game developers. With 58,611 titles available at the time of writing, you will find a lot of chaff, but there is some wheat there, too. Just click on the free tab on the left of the screen and you’ll find a host of what are generally five-to-ten-minute time killers that will keep you amused for a while.

Raft is an interesting ocean survival game and Ancient Warfare 2 was worth the download. These are indie titles so it wouldn’t hurt to throw them some loot by using the ‘name your own price’ option if you’re feeling generous.

Those are our picks for the discerning gamer looking to keep his or her money in their pocket and are a good option for you to visit between marathon sessions of Command & Conquer or Panzer General on our site.


The thrilling return of the old DOS PC Games

by George 23. March 2017 14:24

Old DOS PC Games are very much a part of the childhood of those in their 20s today. These retro games are an intrinsic part of their early memories. The games were original in content, each one a whole lot different from the other. They were relatively simple to operate with a limited number of buttons. They were pure fun. As with most things in life, the newer versions attract the crowd. It is purely herd mentality that prompts the gamers to follow the new fads leaving behind the simple and pure joy of the games of the past century. When space proved to be a constraint, the old discs of the retro games were unwittingly condemned to the trash heap.

The originality of the old DOS PC games was immense - no two games shared the same idea or plot. It mostly tried to mimick the reality of life – one learned at an early age that nothing in life comes easy. When you “died” you had to start from the beginning of the level or in certain games, even at the very beginning of the game. A lesson in reality subtly meted out to a youngster, which probably had more effect than a lecture on the harsh realities of life. There was an undying fascination playing the games zillion times. Loading a game helped improve your knowledge of command life interfaces- thus you learned while you had fun.

The initial ideas were simply awesome and the gaming industry garnered USD 5 billion by way of revenue. Although the graphics were not very advanced, nor were there any 3D effects, the games abounded in originality. The game were undiluted fun and fantastic. As with all gaming activity, the games could be very addictive. There was that something special about them that you did not mind playing and replaying the game a zillion number of times. Most gamers frequented arcades to play the retro games, the arcades became a meeting point for social interaction and creating fraternal bonds. Life was all about socializing although you played your game on your own, you still had occasion to meet and chat up your pals at the local arcade.

Fortunately, the industry has realized that folks still like to play the old games and there are websites offering these class old retro games. This brings back childhood memories and the thrill of playing them once again. The software has been so developed that the games can be played without any complex user settings, but just with a click of a mouse. The chance to re-live the childhood experience means a lot to those extreme gamers who talk, walk, sleep and breathe gaming.


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Command & Conquer: You're in the Army now

by George 23. March 2017 14:09

http://www.freegameempire.com/Img/Cache/Games/Command-Conquer/Screenshot-1.pngCommand and Conquer is a strategy video game developed by Westwood Studios and published by Virgin Interactive. The story tells a tale of a savage war waged by two factions: The Global Defense Initiative of the United Nations and a loosely coalesced enemy called the Brotherhood of Nod (led by a man named Kane). These groups fight for control of a substance called Tiberium moving across the Earth. The developers set Command & Conquer in the time of modern warfare. Some added scenes include a variety of Westwood Studio employees playing characters in the game and an actor, Joseph Kucan, to play Kane.

This game requires the player to construct a military base and obtain a variety of resources necessary to run the base to as effectively as possible attack and conquer the enemy. The Nod army is made up of a number of cheap units with more unusual weapons such as rocket bicycles and stealth tanks. There are approximately fifty units and structures. Control of the Tiberium is the goal of the game. Tiberium is transported by harvester units to a refinery for processing. When the player builds structures, more units and structures are for sale. Command & Conquer features two fronts, one for each side. The object of this game is to control or eliminate all enemy structures.

The story opens in an alternate time frame after a meteor explodes in the Tiber River in 1995. As a result of this explosion, a foreign substance called Tiberium becomes very sought after because of its ability to process special metals from the soil. The Brotherhood of Nod claims to have predicted the potential of Tiberium and invests in the technology to acquire and process the Tiberium crystals. The Brotherhood uses this refined substance to prop up an evolving number of armies led by Kane.

Command & Conquer was an initial success selling more than three million copies when it was released. Many reviews were positive. Command & Conquer Gold was rewarded by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences as “Computer Strategy Game of the Year” in 1998. Entertainment Weekly praised this game noting, “If you liked playing with toy soldiers as a kid, you’ll think you’ve stepped on a land mine and gone to heaven.” The publication Next Generation referred to it being, “a game that any strategy fans have to pick up.” Computer Games Magazine called the game, “an adrenaline rush in a box.”

Command & Conquer appears to be a video game that morphed well from its inception as a DOS-based product into the highly sophisticated, complex, and energetic version it is thttp://www.freegameempire.com/Img/Cache/Games/Command-Conquer/Screenshot-6.pngoday. With its development into a more expert-friendly game, the new player may be lost in the haze. Command & Conquer has a multitude of player, forums, cheats, and Q&A sites so the newer player need never feel alone and may always find someone who has overcome the same challenges and achieved the same successes while playing the game. Perusing more recent reviews finds that the Command & Conquer game series is fun had by all for an exceptionally reasonable cost and, in most cases, free in many respects.


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Online Casinos And Affiliate Programs Is A Win Win Deal

by riky 20. March 2017 11:49

If you enjoy playing at online casinos then you may have already recommended your favorite casinos to your family and friends. Signing up to an affiliate program can mean that you are able to make money when anyone new signs up to the casino based on your recommendation. This can be a good source of additional income for you.

When you get someone to sign up with your affiliate link you will receive a commission based on the amount that they deposit. The more money that they deposit, the more commission you will make. It also follows that the more people that you can get to sign up, the more money you will make. There are a number of casinos that run an affiliate program including InstaCasino and their affiliates.

If you have a website or blog then this could be a good place to advertise your affiliate link. You will probably need to write some content to encourage people to join up as this will be more effective than simply displaying an advert. If you have enjoyed playing at online casinos yourself then you can tell other people what it is that makes it so enjoyable for you. The thing that you want to avoid is making it sound as if you only want people to sign up so you can make some money out of them.

You should do some research into the casino that you are recommending if you have not used it yourself. You do not want anyone becoming a victim of a scam due to your recommendation. Choosing a reputable affiliate program that offer an affiliate scheme such as affiliates - HonestPartners.com can be a good place to start. If you have not played at a particular casino yourself then reading online reviews can usually give you all the information you need. However, you may find that you can be more persuasive when you have a good knowledge of the casino and the types of games that are available.

You should also take care as much as possible in terms of who you let use your affiliate link. If you have a friend who has had problems with gambling in the past, then you will need to support them through this by not encouraging them to gamble again. Your friends and family may also get tired of you asking them to join up if they have already declined on several other occasions. You need to be able to take no for an answer if people really are not interested.

Becoming an affiliate for a casino can be a very lucrative source of income, especially if you are able to reach a lot of people. If you have already enjoyed some big wins at an online casino, then it is only natural that you will want others to have the same opportunity. When other people start to have the same enjoyment from online casinos as you do, then you will be making a little extra money as well.


Alien Trilogy: Horror shooter game

by George 15. March 2017 03:41

Alien Trilogy is an old DOS first-person shooting game developed by a company named Probe Entertainment and published by Acclaim Entertainment in 1996 for PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and MS-DOS systems. Alien Trilogy contains many features of the Alien movie series. There are references to things such as facehuggers, chestbursters, dog aliens, adult aliens, and Queen alien bosses. This game uses several weapons from the movie and new weapons developed exclusively for the game.

The player takes the role of Ellen Ripley who experiences some elements from the first three movies in the trilogy. Some cutscene technology is used in the game to enhance some of its features. The plot is laid out in a number of mission briefings taking the player through a very action-dependent story based more on game character development rather than specific elements of the films. The game begins with Ripley in a spacecraft traveling to make contact with a certain planet. With a variety of weapons at her disposal (including the pulse rifle from Aliens) and other props such as something as simple as a shoulder lamp, the other members of the ship die in a variety of gruesome ways leaving Ripley to work her way through the infested colony, prison, and alien spaceship and set herself free. There are some thirty levels and three Alien Queen bosses. If the player is using a console, only a single player campaign can be used. If the player has the DOS version, death matches involving multiple characters can be brought to life.

Thanks to the Multiplayer emulation engine Ancient.NET which is available on freegameempire.com players can enjoy the multiplayer once again over the internet.

http://www.freegameempire.com/Img/Cache/Games/Alien-Trilogy/Screenshot-3.pngAlien Trilogy received some positive reviews. GameRankings rated the Trilogy at 77.5% based on only five reviews, Sega Saturn at 77% based on only one review, and the PC version 43% based on three reviews. Electronic Gaming Monthly gave Alien Trilogy a “Game of the Month Award” and also thought the various “mission objectives” provided more depth to the characters. A reviewer from Maximum was pleased with the sound effects but was not impressed with the developer boasting about new “Motion Picture Capture” technology. Other reviewers talked about a confusing layout but had good things to say about the game’s “intuitive” controls, the ease of the player interacting with the environment, and a strong film-to-game translation.

While originally a DOS system standout, Alien Trilogy has gone through a metamorphosis of sorts to keep itself relevant in today’s competitive gaming environment. The paltry ratings aside, Alien Trilogy will satisfy the beginning and experienced player with a technically satisfying experience derived from a tried and true method of gaming.



Nintendo Switch is Live and Here Are the Launch Games

by riky 7. March 2017 12:03


Nintendo’s latest foray into the world of gaming has been anticipated for a while, especially since it is a brand new console called the Switch. PR stunts and tests aside, the console seems to follow Nintendo’s fell established approach for “innovation”, having the console not compete with the PS4 / Xbox One hardware-wise, but rather, offering something new and exciting for the players.

However, what is a console without its games? Nintendo ruled the launch of its Wii on the release in 2006 but failed to live up to expectations with its successor – the Wii U. Too few games, too many delays and features that failed to impress in the long run.

So, how’s the Switch coming along with its launch line up? In short – Okaysih. Nothing spectacular to be fair, with several games ported from the Wii U, though we finally have Breath of the Wild, the long (LOOOOONG) awaited entry into the Legend of Zelda franchise. For specific reviews of the games as well as some excellent choices for betting players and gambling fans, you can look up UK Online Casino.

The line-up is Sparse, but Strong

With 18 launch titles, many of which have already been out for a year or so like Shovel Knight (Specter of Torment and the newer Treasure Trove) as well as Neo Geo Shock Troopers, there is a nice variety all around.

The rest of the lineup consists of 4 Neo Geo games including: World Heroes Perfect, King of Fighters ’98, Waku Waku and Metal Slug 3 (a fan favorite). These are followed by the latest Just Dance 2017, Vroom in the Night Sky, Voez, Othello, I am Setsuna and Fast RMX.

A surprising show up is Super Bomberman R which goes for a whooping $60 (yeah, you may want to wait up on that price if you aren’t really hankering for that Bomberman fix).

The list is finalized with Nintendo’s own Zelda: Breath of the Wild, then Snipperclips and the 1-2 Switch which is a given.

What we expect to see soon is a release date for the new Splatoon, and pricings for Mario Kart 8, as well as Arms and Blaster Master Zero.

No Virtual Console – yet

With the e-shop going live as soon as the launch, we’ve had ample opportunity to sift through the available titles – the prices, while not surprising, seem to be favoring the cheaper side (many go as low as $8) though there are some newer surprises like the new Zelda which is, of course, full price (and well worth it!)

A real shame then that Nintedo is still waiting on the release of their virtual console. The forums are aflame with rumors, ranging from flat out lies that the consoles won’t support it until there is a firmwire update, to more mild ones stating that Nintendo wants to build up more buzz and hype for the Switch and then have it released.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is Breathtaking

With reviewers being generally impressed with what the new Zelda has to offer, even being cautious proves to be an exaggeration – Breath of the Wild is simply amazing. Nintendo has given us an amazing gaming experience and whether it is a console-seller on its own, we just have to wait and see…



Original Hand Made Gaming Products by FanFit Gaming

by George 2. March 2017 11:40


The Toronto-based company FanFit gaming has come out with it’s unique hand-bent neon lights inspired by videogames.  The original gaming merchandise is for people who want to take their gaming experience beyond the screen and into the rest of their home.  With the growing phenomenon of E-Sports, FanFit Gaming is filling a niche.

“We celebrate the best of gaming design and aesthetic through our exclusive line of unique apparel, merchandise, and our signature neon lights,” said Rob Green, owner of FanFit Gaming.

Each piece of merchandise celebrates a character or iconic image from games.
“We strive to capture the love for some of our favorite gaming moments and experiences through our products,” Green said.


FanFit Gaming opened Febuary 1st, 2017 - but has already been hitting the spotlight including mentions in VentureBeat.

There are currently 9 Neonlights available, focusing on Overwatch, with 10 original felt penannts.  FanFit also carries other fun accessories.  They plan on coming out with a gaming-themed apparel line in early September to let your geek flag fly.

This is all to say that FanFit has a modest selection of merchandise designed in-house by gamers with a good selection of third-party products, which comes together for a great gaming shopping experience.

Visit us on fanfitgaming.com



The Lost Vikings: Get them out of alien prison

by George 18. January 2017 04:39

The Lost Vikings is a puzzle game in which player controls three Vikings who are in need of help to come out of the alien prison. Each of the Vikings has different abilities that help them in crisis. All the three were abducted by an alien ship which has them as its prisoners. The game was developed by Silicon & Synapse, now called as the Blizzard entertainment. The game studio Silicon & Synapse was a third party game developer for game machines like the Super Nintendo. Later on, it went on to give finest games like the Warcraft. The instant success of the game owed to the originality and the innovation in the game.

The three Vikings have unique like qualities which make them the best when they are united. The three have escaped the airlock of the spaceship and now are in search of the way home which would be unlocked through various levels. Each of the levels would host different puzzles which make use of the puzzles, keys, switches and traps with enemies. Each of the Viking has to do his own battle and win over to get to his fellows. You can control one Viking at a time, you need to make sure of your plan of not letting any of the Viking killed in the process of helping other survive. Apart from the puzzles that need to be solved, it is your instinct and intellect that would help them survive.

There are 37 levels in the game each with varied difficulties and traps. In most of the times the characters in to be aligned in a particular order to solve the puzzle.The unique abilities of the main characters of the game Erik, Baleog, and Olaf are

Erik: A fast runner than other two and can go smashing through the walls because of his helmet.

Baleog : A skilful Viking in handling the bow and sword.

Olaf : The shield man, blocking enemies He also helps Erik with the shield to jump to heights.

The company originally worked as a third party game developer. This work was initially developed for Nintendo.Later it was developed to other platforms like Amiga, MS-DOS etc. Because of the loyal fan following even after a decade, to make this game accessible it was added as a free download that can run through DOSBox platform.

After two years of the release of this game in 1992, there was a sequel called The Lost Vikings 2

The Lost Vikings is the best fun filled puzzle old DOS game. It gained the love of the gamers because of the characters in the game. The puzzles and challenges you face would increase the thirst of solving puzzles. The best part is that there is no game-over, you can have infinite attempts to get the challenge completed. Although the puzzles would seem to be tedious at times it makes the games more interesting.


Terminator Future Shock- Prevent the terminators from ruling the world!

by George 18. January 2017 04:28

It is a first person shooting game which was launched in 1995 by Bethesda software. The game can only be played in the single player mode, and is based on the movie series ‘Terminator”. The player is supposed to meet different challenges and accomplish unique objectives while tacking various enemy robots with grenades and guns. Once you have completed all the objectives, the next level challenges await you!

Apart from the terminators which are programmed to kill you, you have to deal with terrains having high radiation. That can be fatal for the player’s health. The player can navigate the terrain on foot, by a jeep mounted by cannon or with an aerial HK fighter robot. The game features a concise story line with elements of fantasy, strategy and violence. The player escapes an extermination camp and meets John Connor, the leader of the ‘resistance’ against the terminator domination. He also meets Kyle Reese, father of John. As the game progresses and you have successfully completed many missions, the resistance headquarter gets infiltrated.

The T800 model terminator attacks the HQ and forces your team to flee and relocate to a new headquarter. Soon, the phenomenon of enemy ‘spawning’ randomly everywhere on the screen stuck to your team as a warning, and it becomes evident that the terminator mastermind ‘Skynet’ has mastered a technology termed as ‘time displacement’ and they can now manipulate time and communicate information to its own past self in 1995 to increase the speed of its own development. Unless the ‘resistance’ do something about it, it’s unavoidable that Skynet will thwart any efforts by the resistance and your mission will fail. Eventually, the player is given an objective of returning to the past, to prevent Skynet in its intent. While the player is on his mission, the resistance HQ is raided and Connor and Kyle are wounded terribly.

The theme consist of scenarios depicting the post-apocalyptic environment, the player finds himself surrounded by death and decaying bodies amidst the ruins of society.

The game was highly acclaimed and much praise was directed at the graphics and sound effects. The control system of the game was another reason for it being loved by the gamers. This was one of those games where the player can enter almost every building to rummage for ammo, weapons and med canisters. The game was even competing in popularity with Doom. The game’s resolution didn’t get particularly good feedback, some complaints were also directed at the slow game play. Terminator Future Shock allows the use of mouse to control the view; the player can control the vehicles, including the feel of a racing game. The game features a completely textured- map 3D location and enemy units.

If you find first player shooting games, consisting of a thrilling story line, difficult to resist, the gamer within you has found what it was looking for! While you are willing to try it, do not hesitate in trying this one, especially if you loved the ‘Terminator’ movie series!


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3 Surefire Ways for Getting Into the Christmas Spirit

by riky 12. January 2017 10:26

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and it's coming in fast: with Thanksgiving out of the way, and the specials of Black Friday petering out, there's nothing left to do but decide the menu, wrap the gifts, and choose the tree to decorate on Christmas Eve. Alas, our mad world is often leaving us without the resources we need to find the Christmas spirit in our souls. The daily stress, the problems at work and at home, all the craze of the world around us make us crave not for the quality time spent with our family and friends, but to crash on our bed and sleep it off (if we can). Christmas means nothing without the Christmas spirit, though. Here are three tips that might help you find the Christmas cheer you thought you lost.

Turn to the mainstream media

If all the Christmas decorations surrounding you every minute wouldn't be enough, turn on your TV or radio - they will add a bit on top of it. Many radio stations blow the dust off their Christmas song library at the start of December (I know one oldies station that plays Christmas songs all day, every day, between the 1st and the 26th). Most TV series have Christmas specials, and TV stations tend to show reruns of Christmas-themed classics around this time of the year. Cartoon Network's "Tom & Jerry" marathons are among my favorite Christmas memories.

Play some Christmas games

What could be better in lifting your holiday spirit than a few casual games filled with red, green, and white, with Santas and elves, snowmen and socks, cheering kids and reindeer all over the place? How about some Christmas wins? When it comes to casino games at allslotscasino.com is here to help you out. The All Slots game library has all the Christmas slot machines you might need. Santa Paws, an All Slots classic, will take you on a trip to the North Pole to join a polar bear on his quest for Christmas. Happy Holidays is a Christmas overload, with socks, presents, and cheering children everywhere. If you're in need of something wilder, though, the All Slots can also help you out: Santa's Wild Ride replaces the sleigh with a chopper and cookies & milk with sandwiches and beer.

Holiday smell

Fill your home with holiday smells. Depending on your fondest childhood memories, it can be gingerbread, mulled wine, apples, and cinnamon, or pine trees. Aromas and smells affect our mood subtly, often without us realizing it. The smell of the Christmas tree, or the aroma of the seasonal cookies, can quickly get you in the mood. And you don't even have to put up a tree or bake to have the smell: producers usually launch their Christmas "special edition" air fresheners in time for the coming holiday.