Buzz Aldrin’s Race Into Space

by George 11. May 2017 13:15

Buzz Aldrin’s Race Into Space is frequently abbreviated into BARIS. In this old game, the player takes on the role of an Administrator for NASA or head of the Soviet space program. The ultimate goal of BARIS is to be the first to accomplish the feat of a successful manned moon landing.The developers included actual historical events, including real space hardware and other proposals for a manned moon landing. However, certain changes were made to sacrifice historical importance and allow development of proper game balance and reduced complexity.

The player may assume the role of a person within the Soviet Union or United States with the power to administer all aspects of the respective space programs. Each player will have to negotiate their way through:A navigational menu, Funding of hardware purchases, Research and development, Recruiting and training astronauts, Conducting launches.

With the ultimate goal of accomplishing a moon landing, it is necessary for the player to work through some specific achievements to prevent glitches and produce success. Skipping one of these achievements will lead to penalty points and slow the progress of the moon landing.

At the core of this game, the player must achieve success in a variety of space missions ultimately resolved with dice rolls. Each space mission must meet certain requirements for success in completion of the actual moon landing. While placing a satellite in orbit may only have a few steps to success, the actual moon landing could have as many as twenty steps.

BARIS was developed by a company called Strategic Vision who worked hard to enable the player to experience simulated space launches and some of the headaches and triumphs of project success or failure all in the context of balancing fact and fiction for the game to make sense. The elimination of some rocket programs and addition of docking ability of a particular spacecraft were some changes made in order to improve the flow of thought surrounding space travel. Other than these minor changes, BARIS contains major hardware components actually used in space flight.

While some early reviews advertised this game as being appropriate for players less than ten years old, others thought the game was too complex. You can check out the Online Casino Bluebook. It was also described by The Guardian as being “rather lifeless.” While hoping for a CD-ROM version, Computer Gaming World thought that the “game should appeal to anyone with even a casual interest in space exploration.”

For those players looking to experience space at some time in their lives, it appears BARIS could be as close as it gets for the common user. The realism in the actual challenges administrators and astronauts face in successful and unsuccessful space programs are strategies included in the game. While there may be more technically advanced similar games, BARIS allows the beginning player to develop some basic skills for facing projects including many hurdles that need to be overcome for successful completion. It is gratifying to note that BARIS may educate students and teachers on some of the real cause and effect relationships involved in space travel.


How Games Designers Take Inspiration from the Modern Day

by riky 24. April 2017 08:55

Credit: Brexit The Game via Facebook.

If you were looking to game online, you wouldn’t have to look very far. The search engines are overflowing with variations of games to play – mostly for free – for almost every area of society. It can be difficult, therefore, to identify a quality game to play. While the trend for retro gaming has been around for some time, what about gaming for the modern day? No, we’re not talking about propelling gaming into the future with intergalactic themes – we’re talking about the things relevant to today.

The environment remains an issue constantly on the tips of everyone’s tongues as raising temperatures press governments for a slowing of the thawing ice caps and warming world. It’s easy to suggest solutions as to how you would run the world and fix the problems within it. Well, not you don’t have to speculate – SimEarth allows you to control a planet to see how you’d fare as an omniscient overlord.

The US Presidential Election dominated the mainstream media and pop culture for the entirety of 2016, climaxing in November with Donald Trump swooping to victory over Hillary Clinton. To capitalize on the popularity of the election as a piece of pop culture, a US Election game, the US Presidential Cup, has been invented. The game takes the form of a ball game, with a disclaimer nodding to the parodied versions of any real life resemblance.

In 2014, the Oxford English Dictionary added ‘vape’ and ‘vaping’ to the dictionary – marking the electronic cigarettes as very much here to stay. Their popularity in 2014 has continued to rise and rise, achieving 1600% growth in just six years. This popularity is reflected in gaming, as this Bitcoin article shows – gamers can now play games based on vaping! The game utilizes the features of vaping – the preferential version of smoking – to frame a slot game around.

Brexit – the UK version of the US Presidential Election – dominated headlines, Twitter, and general conversation in 2016. As is true to form in the world of online gaming, Brexit the Game came along. The aim of the game is to try to stay in the EU for as long as possible, jumping from flag to flag to avoid falling out of the union.

One of the biggest factors of modern day life is the connection we share with one another online – or through social media. While social media revolutionized how we communicate, it also brings its own pitfalls. Namely: the ability for news to spread uncontrollably - news that could potentially damage someone’s reputation or even life. Fake It or Make It puts you in the shoes of a fake news peddler, someone who can create rumors and watch how they spread. The game acts as a social impact crusade to show the damaging effects rumors can potentially have. But, it’s also fun.

Games designers don’t have to take a step back into the past to generate content for their games – all they have to do is look at the news to see what we’re talking about, and most importantly, what will get people playing.


Old DOS Games VS New Games

by George 22. April 2017 12:24

Old is Gold, everyone will be familiar with this phrase. Acceding to this, everything which was old, had great qualities in it like gold. Old Games are one of those golds. We are living the age of modern sciences where we can enjoy every facility of life. But with all this ease, we have to face few problems which were not found in the old games.

Following are the few comparisons between Modern Dos Pc Games and old games.

Storage Space

Old Games take minimum space on your PC and does not overfill the storage of our PC. You can install as many old games as you want in your drive but when we talk about New Games, they take a huge storage space on your drive because of their very high graphics.So you can hardly install one or two games on your device at one time, but old games can be installed more than two.

Less price

As compare to New Games, old gmaes can be bought at low price. New Games are too much heavy that they cannot be stored on a single disk and they are stored in more than two disks. More disks are used, more expensive the game is. Old games are not as much as high graphed as they can easily be stored on a single disk and can easily be bought at affordable prices.

More friendly games

People play games to entertain themselves and to relief themselves from the boring working routine but if these games instead of entertaining them give them a headache and demand different things like any user account for the game and money for buying things. Old Games are free of such demands you can play this game easily. No user account, no external money, only you and your friendly game.

Simple yet Amazing

One of the Old Games qualities is their simplicity. You do not have to use your mind to solve the complications of the games. People play games to relax their minds, not to make it more tied. New Games have this quality, they make people use their minds to play the games. But old games are simple and fully entertain the player.

Easy to play

Unlike New Games, Old Games do not have as much high graphics as new ones. These games can easily be played on those devices with do not have VGA cards and the players enjoyed playing these games. New Games has too much high graphics that without a VGA card, PC do not support those games and old games can easily play on the old PC.

So basically, you can conclude from this comparison that the old Games are still good choice unless they are as much advanced as the new Games and do not have as much high graphics as the new ones. But they still entertain many players with their simplicity and make the time of the people very much full of fun, full of entertainment and remember them the old golden times of their lives and put a great impact on their minds.

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The Superheroes – and Frog – MS-DOS Brought To Life

by riky 14. April 2017 11:30

"Spider-Man (lock screen)" (CC BY 2.0) by Brett Jordan

While superheroes have ruled the cinema box office for the last decade, it is clear from the growing hype around the upcoming Injustice 2 game for platforms including Xbox One, PS4 and Android that interest in such characters remains equally high in the gaming world too. Considering so many stories from comic books revolve around outlandish characters doing battle in an array of settings, it is perhaps unsurprising that it is a part of pop culture which has always had strong links with gaming.

It is not just in console or mobile gaming either, as you can head to any online casino site and you’ll see slots based on creations from the likes of Marvel. Guts also offers visitors the chance to play Yggdrasil’s Super Heroes online slot game not just for real money. This 5-reel, 20-payline slot has a real comic book feel and features the heroic actions of Knox, Raven, Tesla, Mirage, Hopper and Trance.

Of course, such excitement around costumed crusaders existed long before even major consoles and the internet, with the adventures of many much-loved heroes being used as the basis of games on earlier gaming platforms including MS-DOS.

For example, long before Marvel was dominating the big screen with its cinematic universe Paragon Software was creating games based on the brand’s huge roster of famous names. Among the best-known titles it created was the side-view platform title The Amazing Spider-Man. Released in 1990, the game unsurprisingly involved players helping Spidey to rescue none other than Mary Jane Watson from the clutches of the arch-villain Mysterio. As well as being available as a DOS game, the title could be played on Amiga systems and the Commodore 64.

It is interesting to note that The Amazing Spider-Man was not released to tie in with the launch of a big-screen blockbuster, as that kind of marketing is something we have all become used to seeing down the years. One such DOS game which was launched in this manner was Konami’s Batman Returns, which was released in 1992 to support Tim Burton’s gothic – and frankly crazy – action-adventure sequel.

Like the film, the game was based around helping Batman to defeat both The Penguin and Catwoman, although the adventure-style DOS game had a different feel to the more action-packed console version which came out for systems including Sega’s Mega Drive.

Source: JuicyGameReviews via Twitter

Of course, for every serious take on a comic book character, there is more than a fair share of tongue-in-cheek takes on such heroes. One DOS game in particular which did this and has gained a bit of a cult following down the years is Team 17’s Superfrog. A mash-up of The Frog Prince and the superhero genre, the game involved a prince who gets turned into a frog by a witch but then develops superpowers after drinking a bottle of – yes, really – Lucozade.

A strange premise but a whole load of fun, the 1993 game is one of the most fondly remembered of its time and Team 17 even gave the character cameos within a couple of Worms titles to keep fans happy. If that wasn’t enough, the 20th anniversary of its launch was marked with the release of an HD version for platforms including PlayStation 3, Windows, Android and iOS.

While it is difficult to say if we’ll ever see a hero of the likes of Superfrog in gaming again, the enduring popularity of more traditional heroes means they are likely to be featured in gaming for many years to come. However, it will be fascinating to see if any have what it takes to be as much loved as some of the heroes – and one particular frog – which once made it big on MS-DOS.


Insert Coin: Are Retro Video Game Arcades Seeing a Resurgence?

by riky 7. April 2017 09:18

"More Arcade Games" by Sam Howzit (CC BY 2.0)

While many readers will fondly remember the dazzling lights and sounds of the video game amusement arcade as being a major part of their childhood, it’s unquestionable that the industry has been in a steady decline since its golden age of the late 1970s to mid-1980s; a time where seminal titles such as Space Invaders (1978), Pac-Man (1980) and Donkey Kong (1981) were king. According to research carried out by Den of Geek and The Verge, for instance, the industry went from generating $7 billion in annual revenues in 1981, to $2 billion in 1999, to $866 million in 2012.

As home consoles have become more and more sophisticated, and gamers’ wallets have become more and more squeezed, the video game arcade has gone from being a burgeoning, ostentatious fixture in its own right in town centers to being consigned to the corners of bowling alleys and other multi-entertainment complexes. Some have even pointed to the rise of online arcades, such as the one here at Free Game Empire, as being responsible for the decline of physical amusement arcades. But with retro gaming now being cooler than it has ever been – illustrated so well by the success of the 2016-released NES Classic, which has sold 1.5 million units to date – is there a chance that there is a space in the market for the resurgence of the retro video game arcade?

Emergence of the Retro Games Arcade Club

Although what we think of as the conventional video game arcade – an amusement center packed with quarter-eating machines containing the latest and greatest in gaming titles – may now be a relic of the high street, a number of operators have looked at ways of reinventing the scene in order to capitalize on the current popularity of retro video games. For example, a number of “arcade clubs” have opened in various locations around the world, offering players “free-play” access to a large array of retro machines, often along with a licensed bar, in return for an hourly or entrance fee.

The UK-based Arcade Club, situated in Bury, Greater Manchester, for instance, charges visitors a door fee of £10 ($12.44), which provides them with unlimited access to the center’s line-up of over 200 classic machines, including the likes of 1942 (1984), Golden Axe(1989), and OutRun (1986). The venue has proved so popular with UK retro gamers since its opening in 2014 that it had to move to larger premises within a year; its owners have now opened an additional floor to cope with further demand. Here in the States, it’s a similar story for the California-based Neon Retro Arcade, which charges players $10 per hour or $25 for a full day of free-play access to the club’s 50-strong lineup of classic video game and pinball machines. The success of the two venues suggests that there is still a strong demand for retro video game arcades, and it’s likely that other operators will follow their lead in the years ahead.

Arcade Legacy Living on Online

Although some critics, including gaming journalist Guy Crocker, have pointed to the rise of home consoles and online gaming as being the death knell for the conventional video game arcade, its legacy unarguably continues to live on in both of its successors. For instance, November 2016 saw the launch of Facebook’s Instant Games, a social gaming platform that allows users of the world’s largest social network to play a variety of titles with their friends. It’s no coincidence that the platform’s launch games included direct ports of arcade classics such as the aforementioned Pac-Man and Space Invaders, along with Galaga (1981), such is the timeless and enduring appeal of retro arcade games with audiences worldwide to this day.

This appeal is also evident in other gaming sectors such as the iGaming industry: major developers including Playtech and Microgaming are combining lucrative licensing details for video slots with retro-inspired titles such as the Bet Way-hosted Fruit Fiesta (2015), which is a 3-reel, 3-payline progressive slot game heavily inspired by classic arcade fruit machines: it combines an old-school quarter coin slot with retro symbols, such as the striped seven, bar and multiple fruits. Elsewhere, the influence of video game arcades can be seen across console gaming: Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade digital video game distribution service even takes its very name from the industry it was inspired by. Over the years, a number of arcade game compilations have been released for consoles, such as Tecmo Classic Arcade (2005), while open-source arcade emulator MAME also remains popular with the retro gaming community.

 Strong Secondary Market

The resurgence of retro video game arcades is also evident in the secondary games market. As the Financial Post explains, the popularity of retro gaming in general has led to an inevitable rise in resale prices in recent years, with arcade games being particularly affected by the upwards trend. For instance, some retro cabinets, which operators may have struggled to give away as the arcade decline began, now change hands online for up to $11,000. Not only that, but there’s also a growing industry for multi-game arcade cabinet makers, as users spend thousands of dollars on being able to relive aspects of their youth in the comfort of their living room.

Ultimately, while the video game arcade as you remember it may be an antiquated concept, the influence of the industry is as strong today as it’s ever been. While the misspent days of pouring quarters into cabinets may have been replaced by playing retro games online or on smartphones, or indeed attending a “free-play” arcade bar, the video game arcade continues to live on, in many different forms.


Let the Games begin – the return of the retro games

by George 5. April 2017 05:04

Fashion, fads, and fun follow a 20-year cycle – they make their debut, create a rage or stir up a controversy and quietly fade away, only to resurrect a couple of decades thereafter, either in the same avatar or slightly modified and improvised. The old games are no exception to this unwritten law of the cyclic nature of all things man made. They are also referred to as the Retro PC Games or the abandonware (a derivation of the words abandoned software).

Enter video gaming

The old games were quite a leap from the old board games, the only form of entertainment then known to youngsters growing up in the past century. They brought with them awe and attraction to the point of addiction. They were the first of the games in the video industry and even today there are many gamers who look back on them with nostalgia and wistfulness.

While today the world is predominantly digital and everyone is hooked on to gadgets, way back in the 1990s it was a different scenario. Folks were still learning, creativity was low and therefore when a new and advanced breed emerged the old games gradually disappeared from the gaming scene.

Simple functions

The old games, like everything old school, are and easy to master. Fewer buttons and the four direction arrows were about all that these games had. These games are pure relaxation, unlike the modern PC games which call for strategizing and maneuvering while playing. The old games stimulated the mind when playing but did not tax the brain. They were what they were meant to be - a game for recreation.

But all good things do not totally die. They do make a comeback sooner or later in a modified version. The old DOS PC Games have returned with an ‘emulator’ – this is a software which mimics the console and permits you to play the old games on your PC.

The Emulator and its advantages

The emulator offers easy access to your old DOS PC games. All you need do is click open the emulator and load the ROM of the game you intend playing. Yes, that's it. You are ready to start playing your old favorite game.

Using the emulator at home is an economical way of enjoying old games without running down to the gaming studio and spending uncontrollably on the old games.

There are several gaming sites which are preserving these old games so you have at your fingertips unlimited choice from the archives for your fun and entertainment.

Thanks to emulators, the retro games of the 1990s continue to survive and hold the fascination of gamers.

Rodent’s revenge, Chip’s challenge, Indy car racing II, Claw, Aaargh! are just a few of the old DOS PC games that have surfaced after almost two decades in hibernation thanks to the emulator.

Pricing of old DOS PC Games

Pricing of cartridges of old DOS PC Games has been a cause for concern with some unscrupulous sellers charging ruthlessly. False scenarios of demand being greater than supply also tend to push up prices. Rather than follow the herd, use your discretion analyze the actual worth of the game before splurging on a purchase. Spend wisely so that you really enjoy the game when you play it rather than regret when you call to mind the huge price you paid for it.

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Ultra Violent Worlds: A Nostalgic Journey

by George 5. April 2017 04:47

The idea of “retro gaming,” or playing older limited function video games, continues to excite established players and draw new players into the mix. These older games provided the player with quick accumulation of points and winnable games. With the advancements in gaming, many players saw a diminution in the purity of the old games which relied on gaming for its own sake. As games became more sophisticated, the older Command Line Interfaces and Low-Resolution RGB games lost their appeal. This brief is written to remind more experienced players of the purity driven game and its place in the gaming world.

Ultra Violent Worlds is a game involving shooting against a single enemy. There is no indecipherable playbook or complex control system necessary to play the game.

The saga begins in the year 2305. By this time, Earth had developed a healthy level of prosperity. However, early in the twenty-first century, some threats to this tiring development of economic development emerged. An alien species called the Zamaxians arrived on Earth with only violence on their minds. Very quickly, a new colony on the planet Mars was attacked by enemy forces. Earth’s only orbiting space station was destroyed. The Zamaxians then approached Earth itself. Formations of Zamaxian spaceships overwhelmed the scattered and largely ineffectivedefense forces and destroyed any signs of life. However, there were survivors in vast sections of Earth that were not attacked. One effect the presence of the Zamaxian invasion was that their larger ships created their own gravitational pull drawing the Moon closer to earth. The remaining Earth resistance has to vanquish the Zamaxian enemy and liberate those remaining on Mars and Earth.

 Developer: Vorlon Software

Publisher: Vorlon Software

Category: Shooter

More Details: MobyGames

Game Added By: MrFlibble

Part of Group: Vertical scrolling shooter games

DOSBox: Supported


The use of Emulators

An emulator is a piece of software that replaces the computer console and allows the player to participate in many old games. In addition, ROM (a copy of what is contained on the disk drive or cartridge) or ISO software (for players who use optical media) must be added to a current PC in order to play the game. The advantages of emulation are:

Ease of Access. The player has only to open the emulator with a click and load the ROM to begin playing the game.

Since using an emulator allows the player to play favorite old games, there is no need to go to an arcade.

Low cost. In an arcade, the player has to spend more money to advance in the game. This cost is eliminated by the emulator.

There are many online players working to preserve and improve old DOS games so players at all skill levels can play some of the classic games of the past.

While there is a decided advantage to playing old games in an arcade as opposed to at home, many choose either option or both for pure enjoyment of the game. The arcade environment allows players to immediately interact with one another and strategize on how to win a particular game or group of games. Others enjoy the solitude of being at home and playing with online opponents to generate a specific intimate connection to the game and other players.


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High-tech Charades: What to do When the your Gaming Machine is Broken

by riky 3. April 2017 07:16

"Foosball(2)" (CC BY 2.0) by Delaina Haslam

The appearance of advanced bits of technology like the iPhone and Xbox should have written the obituary of traditional modes of entertainment but they’ve only made them more accessible – there’s no longer any need to buy a deck of cards and press-gang the nearest stranger into a game of crazy eights when it’s easier to boot up a mobile app.

There are still a few surprises out there though, pastimes that don't seem like a good fit for mobile play but appeared on the platform nonetheless. Here are just a few, from quiz games to getting drunk:

Parlor Games

It’s an unfortunate truth that some people do play charades – and enjoy it. The original party game, charades apps are now commonplace on iOS and Android, with one of the more popular options, Heads Up!, finding fame through The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The app, which is free, has lots of different categories to choose from, including accents and animals, and supports games with lots of players on a single device.

"Bubbles @ Party in the Garden" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Karsten Wentink

Party people looking to embarrass their friends can also pick up What Would You Choose?, a modern twist on the Would You Rather? game that charges the player with picking between two equally unpleasant scenarios, like letting a scorpion crawl on your head or playing charades. There’s also a huge variety of quiz apps on mobile including Trivia Crack, a great way to demonstrate how dumb your friends are until your own turn comes around. 


In the mainstream consciousness, bingo is a game played by elderly women in the library silence of an old dance hall or cinema. The reality is quite different though; bingo takes on an ever more eccentric image with each passing year, becoming the beloved pastime of students (“rave bingo" is exactly what it sounds like, a distinctly gran-unfriendly game - unless your grandma is into rave parties, I guess) and expanding to fill the technological niche offered by mobiles and tablets.

While an easy game to translate to the digital medium, its appeal is lessened if the social opportunities a regular bingo night provides are left behind. Consequently, a brand like William Hill builds its games around chat functionality and social networking while retaining favorite game variants like 90, 80, and 75 ball bingo. Want to know how to play online bingo games? The website offers guides to its most popular rooms too.

Source: Pexels.

Drinking Games

It’s difficult to see the rationale behind drinking as a punishment, and that’s probably why the combination of booze and party games is such a popular one; in the UK, for example, there’s even a drinking game that revolves around the football (soccer) results on a Saturday afternoon. On mobile, apps like Bomba Drink combine trivia questions with a timer – if you can’t answer the question by the time the “bomb” goes off, take a drink.

Finally, everybody’s favourite drinking game, Circle of Death or “Kings”, can also be played on mobile. There’s an eponymous app but alternatives like Drink-O-Tron exist too. Based around a deck of cards, Kings players must follow pre-planned rules according to the cards drawn. For example, a 3 of hearts might mean the victim has to take three drinks while a jack or queen punishes male or female players exclusively. It's a fun if painful way to end the night early.



Where Else Can You Play Games for Free?

by riky 27. March 2017 11:40

Obviously, you're already at the top site for free games. We at Free Game Empire have created a platform for those dedicated to playing classic old games without the need for a complex configuration. Yet while our humble website gives you the best classic games, you might be in need of something a little more modern from time to time. As a result, we've put together some of the best places to find free games a little more up-to-date than our collection.

Source: Steam via Facebook


With instant access to games and a huge community of gaming groups, Steam is one of the ultimate gamer entertainment locations. Valve's platform also has a lot to offer those that are watching the pennies and when you enter the store you can simply click on the "Free to Play" tab to find what’s available.

War Thunder is a good cross-platform MMO combat game where you can take control of a variety of war vehicles and wreak havoc. Sports fans should check out FreeStyle Football for a team-based kick around and Winning Putt for a golf-themed MMO. Duelyst is a game looking to profit from the popularity of card-based games such as Hearthstone and is a good option for those that like a more tactical game. Finally, there’s a little game called DOTA 2 which is being played both professionally and casually all over the world.

Source Dota 2 via Facebook

Online Casinos

Casinos have a history of providing comps, which for the uninitiated, are complimentary items and services given to players to retain their faithfulness. As the VegasCasino Blog states, it’s a tradition that has continued in online casinos, mainly in the form of deposit bonuses. These can be significant, and the general principle is the more you deposit initially the more you’ll get.

Even if you’re not taking advantage of the deals on offer, you can generally play any of the games in free-play mode, but obviously, you won’t win any money that way. iGaming developer Bestsoft is a good option for gamers, with great variety and innovative themes such as Rooks Revenge, which is a 3D Aztec-themed slot and their Sugar Pop slot, which will appeal to Candy Crush Saga fans. Play'n'Go are also worthy of a mention with a huge array of slots available, but Gunslinger and Ace of Spades are particularly deserving of your time.

"Poker!" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by carmen zuniga is a very simple way to find great free-to-play indie games that you can play in your browser. Indies games are really popular right now and offer something different from the usual big game developers. With 58,611 titles available at the time of writing, you will find a lot of chaff, but there is some wheat there, too. Just click on the free tab on the left of the screen and you’ll find a host of what are generally five-to-ten-minute time killers that will keep you amused for a while.

Raft is an interesting ocean survival game and Ancient Warfare 2 was worth the download. These are indie titles so it wouldn’t hurt to throw them some loot by using the ‘name your own price’ option if you’re feeling generous.

Those are our picks for the discerning gamer looking to keep his or her money in their pocket and are a good option for you to visit between marathon sessions of Command & Conquer or Panzer General on our site.


The thrilling return of the old DOS PC Games

by George 23. March 2017 14:24

Old DOS PC Games are very much a part of the childhood of those in their 20s today. These retro games are an intrinsic part of their early memories. The games were original in content, each one a whole lot different from the other. They were relatively simple to operate with a limited number of buttons. They were pure fun. As with most things in life, the newer versions attract the crowd. It is purely herd mentality that prompts the gamers to follow the new fads leaving behind the simple and pure joy of the games of the past century. When space proved to be a constraint, the old discs of the retro games were unwittingly condemned to the trash heap.

The originality of the old DOS PC games was immense - no two games shared the same idea or plot. It mostly tried to mimick the reality of life – one learned at an early age that nothing in life comes easy. When you “died” you had to start from the beginning of the level or in certain games, even at the very beginning of the game. A lesson in reality subtly meted out to a youngster, which probably had more effect than a lecture on the harsh realities of life. There was an undying fascination playing the games zillion times. Loading a game helped improve your knowledge of command life interfaces- thus you learned while you had fun.

The initial ideas were simply awesome and the gaming industry garnered USD 5 billion by way of revenue. Although the graphics were not very advanced, nor were there any 3D effects, the games abounded in originality. The game were undiluted fun and fantastic. As with all gaming activity, the games could be very addictive. There was that something special about them that you did not mind playing and replaying the game a zillion number of times. Most gamers frequented arcades to play the retro games, the arcades became a meeting point for social interaction and creating fraternal bonds. Life was all about socializing although you played your game on your own, you still had occasion to meet and chat up your pals at the local arcade.

Fortunately, the industry has realized that folks still like to play the old games and there are websites offering these class old retro games. This brings back childhood memories and the thrill of playing them once again. The software has been so developed that the games can be played without any complex user settings, but just with a click of a mouse. The chance to re-live the childhood experience means a lot to those extreme gamers who talk, walk, sleep and breathe gaming.


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