Talk to Devon. He knows some basic historical information. Talk to him until he tells you to go to Bentic in East Tenebrae. Roll up the bedroll and put it in your backpack. Go west to the docks.

HINT: Get the key in far east corner behind a big mushroom up against a big wall, unlock the chest in the wooden ruins and get the helmet. The skeletal remains in this chest hold several death disks. To use a disk, double click on it, then click on the target. The Avatar will throw the disk at the target. If there is any obstruction in the way, then it will hit it and explode. If the Avatar is too close then he will take damage from the explosion.


Approach the execution area on the dock. Watch the execution. Shaana decapitates Toran. Rhian sobs over her husband's body. Answer Tarna's interrogation questions. Go to Tenebrae to the north.

Answer the gate guard's questions and enter Tenebrae.

Tenebrae and Plateau

Talk to the townspeople. Kilandra (in Fisherman's Reef west of West Tenebrae) has opinions about Mordea's despotic rule, and Orlok (in West Tenebrae) mentions the past reign of the Necromancers. Activate the Recall Pad on top of Mordea's Palace (a large red castle) by walking near or on it. Recall Pads are square gray platforms that raise and animate an X on top of them as well as have animating pixels under them.

EXTRA: In the southeastern tower of the castle there is a key ring inside a basket that is inside a barrel. The key ring helps because, no matter how many keys are on the ring, it always weighs one stone, and it keeps your keys organized and cannot be lost.

Talk to Bentic. He is in the library in East Tenebrae, just go through the “upper” east gate. The library is the first building to the north of the path. Bentic is either upstairs or at one of the two "table desks" down stairs.

Ask about "Pagan".

Tell him "I thought this place was Tenebrae."

Tell him you wish to leave Pagan.

Ask about Mythran.

Ask where Mythran lives.

Go to the cave Bentic describes. To get there, return to the castle, then leave the castle by the north exit. Go straight north through Herdsman's Valley and enter the cave on the face of the cliff there. To get through the cave, begin by crossing the water by jumping from stone to stone, then head south.

HINT: In this cavern, ANY skeletal remains that are wearing pants have potions or other items on them.

You will come to a large lever on a platform. Throwing this lever does nothing until you cross the rope bridge to the west and throw all the small levers the do not have skulls in front of them. Throw the large lever to open the gate to the south.

Talk to Mythran.

Tell him "I have many questions."

Tell him you wish to leave Pagan.

Mythran will ask you if you are serious or just testing him, reply that you wish to leave Pagan.

Get the Recall Item and a healing potion from Mythran. Then activate Mythran's recall pad (upstairs on the front balcony). Use the Recall Item (double-click it) and it will give you a list of all Recall Pads triggered so far. Click on "Tenebrae" and you will return to the palace.

EXTRA: Get Korghin's Fang. It is in a downstairs room with two big casks, in a backpack next to a coiled rope on the southern table. The backpack also contains a bedroll and some money. Korghin's Fang is a dagger with increased accuracy, and the damage of a long sword.


From Central Tenebrae, head east into East Tenebrae. Exit Tenebrae to the east and you will be on the East Road. Simply follow it as it turns north and you will find the entrance to the Cemetery.

NOTE: The East Road has many ghouls, skeletons, and changelings in a pit. This is an excellent time to run around killing things to raise your strength and dexterity. This is also where you will return later to find the Executioner's Hood reagent.

Talk to Vividos.

He tells you about the Necromancers' past, and also about the dagger which was taken from them by Mordea.

Ask about joining them. Continue to ask about the necromancers until the question "What about Mordea?" comes up.

Ask about the dagger.

Offer to get the dagger.

Use the Recall Item to return to the Palace.

Talk to Aramina, Mordea's servant. She will tell you to meet her at her house at Bloodwatch (midnight).

Go to Aramina's house. It is in southern East Tenebrae, just west of Salkind's house (the large house with the stone wall around it). If Aramina is not there, WALK UNITL HER HOUSE IS OFF THE SCREEN, the use your bedroll to sleep for an hour. Come back and try again. If you sleep in or near her house, she will not talk to you about the dagger.

Ask about the dagger.

Promise she won't get in trouble.

Get the key.

In Mordea's throne room there is a cushion (a black square with the skull on it) on a table on the western side of the room. Under that cushion is a key that will allow you to gain you access to Mordea's bedroom. Go to Mordea's bedroom. It is safest to go when she is eating in the dining room. If she is asleep, she won't wake up unless you step on the carpet. Just hug the west wall.

Open the inner door with Aramina's key.

Open the chest in the closet with Aramina's key.

Get the Ceremonial Dagger.

Return to Vividos in the graveyard, and give him the dagger.

Ask if he is the Necromancer.

Ask what a Scion is.

Accept his offer to become his apprentice.

Offer to get the reagents for Vividos.

Get a sample of Executioner's Hood. This can be found in the center of the changeling's pit near the East Road.

Get the Dead Man's Elbow from near the ruined house in the far north corner of West Tenebrae. There is a ghost that haunts this house, but it will not attack if you do not go into combat mode. Dead Man's Elbow looks like a crooked, upside-down Y. THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS THE "WOOD" REAGENT. THIS IS SIMPLY THE STICK THAT VIVIDOS WANTS.

Return to Vividos and give him the reagents.

Get the Key of the Caretaker from Vividos. You are now a Necromancer and can cast spells.

Get all of the reagents and bags in the house. Read all of the books upstairs, they will teach you how to cast your first few Necromancy spells. TAKE NOTES!

Change in Rule

As you re-enter Tenebrae, the guard on the East Road will stop you and tell you that Bentic has been executed, and Devon is in jail. Go to the jail, which is in the basement of the palace. Use the switch beside the prison door to open it. Talk to Devon and tell him you will help him learn Mordea's motivation.

Talk to Salkind. Learn that the logbook is kept in his room. Read the logbook. It mentions “forbidden” research, sealed in the dungeon behind magically locked doors.

Use the Recall Item to return to Mythran's house.

Talk to Mythran. Get the “Secret Door” Scroll from the jewelry box upstairs, or buy it from Mythran for 50 coins. Get the ceremonial shield from a wall upstairs. There is a book about it nearby.

Use the Recall Item to return to the palace (don’t you love that thing?) Go back to the jail and use the “Secret Door” Scroll next to the room that does not have a door. Read Bentic's research. The palace guards discover and arrest you. A lot of players panic here, but it's part of the plot.

As you are hauled to the docks for a double execution, explain to the people on the docks that Devon is Mordea's older brother, and thus rightful ruler of Tenebrae. Devon will use his new-found Tempest powers to destroy Mordea in one of the coolest sequences of the game.


Return to Vividos' Cemetery. Along the north mountain wall there is a fence with a building behind it. Go through the gate (RUN because if you walk, a ghost will pop up and block your way) and walk around the east side of the building until you come to double doors. Go in and you will find a corridor of pillars leading to the northern mountain wall.

Create a hole in the building's north wall by casting the “Open Earth” spell. The mountain wall will crumble to reveal a passage through the rock. Walk through and you will be in the first chamber of the Upper Catacombs.

You are looking for a small building WITHOUT a roof. There is a ghoul and a jewelry box inside. Once you walk near, the ghoul will wake up. Walk in and the Avatar will fall through the floor to the Necromancer's area.

EXTRA: In the jewelry box are magic leggings and coins, to get them you have to walk in. When the floor drops, click and hold the left button. The Avatar will then be hanging on the other side of the hole. Quickly release then click and hold the left button, and the Avatar will pull himself up. You will have to kill the ghoul in order to get the jewelry box. Then drop into the hole, which takes you to the Necromancers.

HINT: If you know that you will have to cast a spell several times, make the spell chits ahead of time. The spell chits weigh less than the reagents necessary to make the chit in the first place.

Cast “Death Speak” on each Necromancer as you find them. This allows the Avatar to speak to them.

Learn the “Mask of Death” spell from the first Necromancer. This spell requires Wood & Executioner's Hood. At this point you will leave the Necromancer and head northeast until you find a ridge that previously had spikes on top of it blocking your way. Climb over and jump down, to find a kith waiting for you. Either run around the kith or kill it. At this point there will be three Daemons. You can either cast Mask of Death and they will leave you alone, or you can run around them.

The second Necromancer is located northeast of the Daemons along the west wall. Cast Death Speak on him and he will teach you “Rock Flesh”. This requires Wood and Dirt. As soon as you learn the spell, cast it and head north then west. The Avatar will be struck five times going down the corridor but it will not kill him as long as he keeps running.

You will find the third Necromancer. Cast “Death Speak” on him and learn the “Summon Dead” spell. This requires Blood, Bone, and Wood. Once you learn this spell you will be teleported to a small raised plateau.

HINT: There are several skeletal remains here that contain reagents, and a shield.

Go to the east through the electrical fences. There will be a chasm with several ghouls and a skeleton waiting on the other side. The next plateau hatches another skeleton.

HINT: If you do not have a magic weapon (which can kill them for good), the best way to get rid of skeletons here is to knock them down into a stack of bones, then throw them over the side. THIS CAN BE DIFFICULT. Just make sure the monsters are away from you before you talk to the Necromancer.

Learn the “Grant Peace” spell from the fourth Necromancer. This requires Blackmoor and Executioner's Hood. You are then teleported, once you reach your destination, head north. You should encounter changelings, and right on the other side of them is a big green square of grass with a structure in the middle. The structure has no top, two chests, and two candelabras outside of it. In these chests are reagents, the surrounding area is full of reagents as well. Entering the structure from the south will teleport you to another area. This area has water and lava with plenty 'o' lava mortars going off all around the avatar. DO NOT STOP FOR LONG ON THIS MAP, YOU WILL BE KILLED BY THE MORTARS. Once you appear, run to the south until you see a set of stairs to the north. At the top of the stairs there is magic armor and a bag. Head north and west until you come to lava. To the north is a place behind the wall where mortars cannot reach you unless the avatar is fully visible. Jump west across the lava to the other side, climb up on the raised walkway in the lava. Follow the walkway to the west then north until you come to the end. To the east is another raised platform. Once you jump to it the avatar is teleported to another map 'o' mortars. Head west and south then west again until you come to the fifth Necromancer.

Learn the “Withstand Death” spell from the fifth Necromancer. It requires Wood, Dirt and Blackmoor. Head west and north, along your path will be a small building with a switch on the outside. This switch opens a gate to the east to gain access to a larger switch. (all this does is release a skeleton from the small building) Then head west and then north. Follow the northeastern wall until you come to a shooter with no apparent way around. At this time cast “Withstand Death” and walk through. (If you go along the west wall you will be blocked by stalagmites) Once past the shooter head west then north, then head east and once again north. you will come up on a building with stairs to the north. Go inside the building to find the sixth Necromancer.

Learn the “Create Golem” spell from the sixth necromancer. This requires Blood, Bone, Wood, Dirt, and Blackmoor. Go outside the building and head for the stairs. A ghost will appear at the bottom of the stairs. You can either cast “Grant Peace” on him or run around and climb up on the stairs from the north side. Once you go through the doorway you will be teleported to the upper catacombs. At this point check your hit points! You will have to make the Avatar fall off of the wall that he is currently standing on, (this could result in the Avatar's death upon landing if hit points are low.) From here head south, west, south, and then east, this will leave you at a door leading to a cavern.

HINT: On the cavern floors, there are puddles of water that should be avoided at all costs. If the Avatar walks on these areas he will fall to his death in lava. Walking along the outer walls is highly advisable!


Once you go through these doors head immediately south. You will have to find a large door flanked by red pillars with bluish-gray spikes on top. Near this door is a small crevice that the Avatar must walk through. Continue south. Pull the lever to open the gate and go through the unlocked door. This is the only unlocked door in this area. You are now in Stone Cove. There should be three exits: the cave entrance that you just came through, a large set of double doors in the center, and a smaller door to the right.

Cast “Create Golem” and tell the golem to open the large double doors. Go through them to the Hall of the Mountain King.

Head north and jump over a chasm. Look for an area that has a checkered floor. Climb over the wall and throw the switch next to the throne. (The switch outside the wall does NOTHING.) Either kill the ghouls that pop up or run around them. Go back close to the beginning then head west. There will be a bridge that formed from throwing that switch. (Watch out- the pads that make up the bridge fade in and out.) Run around the golem and follow the passage. Next you will come upon platforms that are floating back and forth. Just jump across each one individually. You will now be forced to deal with yet another golem, lure him down to the south then run around him to the north. This will give you time to gauge and jump to platforms that are appearing and disappearing. After two disappearing platforms there are solid platforms. (I recommend that you save at these stationary points.) Once across the platforms, head to the north until you come to the force fields. The force fields are easily recognizable by the Avatar being thrown backwards by blue walls that appear and zap the Avatar.

HINT: Pick up the abundant mushrooms in the area and throw them through where you think a field may be. Also, if you have a couple of purple potions, take one and run half way through, stop and take another and run the rest of the way to the north end.

Go through the maze of force fields to find a chest at the north end. In this chest is a key and a gem of protection for returning through the fields. Take both and head back through the fields and then follow the west wall looking for a door that can be opened by that key. Follow the corridor west, then south, then west again. When the cavern opens up again wider, head north, you will see water with stepping stones. Jump one by one to get across.

HINT: Once you reach the water, go west along the edge of the water, once you can no longer see the avatar take about three more steps then jump west, and continue to follow the edge of the water all the way around to the other side.

Now you are in a long hallway to the north, this is the hall way with very difficult to see passages to the west. The first hard to see passage opens up to a cavern with changelings, blue force fields and a chest in the south corners. Move the potions around to find a key. Take the key and go back out to the main hall again, and head north. Look for the second hard to see passage to the west.

HINT: At the far north end of this passage is two fading platforms that take you to an island with an earth symbol. DO NOT GO OUT HERE!! You will be teleported back to the beginning of the hall of the mountain king. There is nothing worth going out here for. If you go far enough to find a troll, then you have gone too far.

Go down that passage, and once this cavern opens up you have no choice but to go north and jump some water. On the other side is a locked door that the key you found will open.

Go through the door and then head west to the end of the passage. To the south at this point are more moving platforms. To get across here you have to jump to the first platform then jump at an angle to the second. Then to the land itself, DO NOT JUMP TO THE THIRD PLATFORM. The only difficulty here is jumping to the land when the platform is not in the way. From here Lithos is to the north.

HINT: Go south and look for the recall teleporter so that you can activate it for later use. But watch out for the big land symbol on the ground. This will send you back to the beginning of the Hall of the Mountain King. THIS IS NOT GOOD!

Go north and talk to Lithos.

Ask to be Lithos' apprentice.

Agree to perform the Ritual of Interment.

Return to Vividos.

Talk to Vividos about interring Lothian.

Get the Key of the Scion from Vividos.

Go to the north end of the Cemetery to find Lothian laying in front of a table with candles around. JUST DOUBLE CLICK ON THE BODY AND IT WILL BE INTERRED. Talk to Vividos again and agree to go on his pilgrimage to find the Birthplace of Moriens. Agree to go on Vividos' pilgrimage.

Get the Heart of Earth. Go back to Stone Cove. The door on the far right side with the spikes on top of the walls is now your destination. Use the Key of the Scion to open this door. Go in and immediately go southwest to find a large ruined wall with tall doors. Create another golem to open these doors. Run in and climb up on the edge of the center arena, go to the center of the arena and cast Open Earth in front of the tombstone. The earth will open up and the Heart of Earth will be there.


Return to the catacombs and head north east until You find an H-shaped building with doors on the east side. The nameplate differs depending on the version. In early versions, it reads "Towards Fate Do You Travel". Later versions read "To Moriens", or "Birthplace of Moriens". This building is recognizable by the natural cave wall to the north. Now find your way to the north west to find double doors with a barrel to the left. There is a book just to the south of these doors that talks about the shield and the Zealans. Go north, then slightly northwest past some rolling spiked balls, then north again. Go east, at the end of the hall is a room with four levers and a chest.

HINT: The skull candles can be moved off screen to disable the trap here.

Flip the levers to lower the gates. This is trial and error. If the screen flips upside down, don't worry just flip the same lever and the screen will return right side up. Open the chest and take the key. Use the key on the door to the north. Continue north (watch out for shooters) then east and south again. At this point to the west there is a chest (IT IS TRAPPED). Within this chest is the Skull of Quakes. Take the skull for later. Head back the way you came and instead of going back through the shooters, head north, then west, and then south, west, south, and west to the end of the hallway. To the north from here there are two alcoves. The one to the right has a gravestone. Cast open earth and the grave will collapse. Drop down and go south then north east. You will come upon a room with a gate to the north, a table, and multi-colored rolling spheres. There is a platform on the other side of the fence and to the left. Stand on the skull so you can throw the marbles on the floor far enough to trigger the touch plate. This will open the gate so that you may continue. There are platforms to the left and the right. Go to the left, and underneath the platform you will find a key back in the southwestern corner that opens the chest to the south. Go to the other platform and go under the southwestern part to find a chest that has a key to open the chest to the north. Now go to the north into another cavern hallway then east to find the stairway puzzle along the north wall (refer to maps). The object is to get the stairs built in the middle- the actual puzzle is a variation on the old "Towers of Hanoi" puzzle in that you can only put a smaller stair on top of a larger stair. This is accomplished by triggering the touch plates using the clock (or by having the Avatar stand on them). If the touchpads were numbered 1, 2, and 3 going from left to right, this would be the most direct solution: 313-212-312-321-313-212-132-312-313-212. This solution was broken up into threes simply to make it easier to read.

A doorway will open at the top of the stairs. Climb to the top then cast “Rock Flesh” before you walk the Avatar through the two light beams here. Go down the stairs then west to find a set of tall double doors. The Key of the Scion opens these doors. The next set of doors just opens if you double click on them.

Get the key from under the skeleton near the statues on a bench. (This key opens all of the short double doors in this cavern, they are short cuts through the walls.)

Talk to Zealan statues. They recognize the Shield from Mythran's house IF YOU LAY IT ON THE ALTER IN FRONT OF THE STATUES. They tell you to enter the Tomb of Kumash-Gor. Use an Opening Scroll (from Mythran) to go through the door behind them. Defeat Khumash-Gor (he will appear as a ghost) by using the “Grant Peace” spell, or smacking him REALLY hard with a magical weapon. Once you destroy the ghost, Kumash-Gor's scimitar will be lying where the ghost once was, take it.

Get the Obelisk Tip, which is in one of the SMALL chests behind the throne of Kumash-Gor. Talk to the Zealan statues again. They tell you they know your goals and potential. They mention Ether, the Fifth Titan, and that such a status is your “destiny.” They also tell you to seek out the Titans of Water and Air. Return to the Catacombs.

Use the Skull of Quakes on the red hole in the wall in the Upper Catacombs. This will cause the screen to go black while everything is shaking. Once the screen fades back in, there will be a hole in the floor to the east of the avatar. Go down the stairs and through the door at the bottom and walk near the Recall Pad to activate it.


Return back into the catacombs and on to upper catacombs II again in the southern most tip of the upper catacombs. (the natural looking area) . Go south again like you are going to stone cove. half way there, there is an entrance to the east. You will find yourself teleported to Argentrock Isle. Cross the bridge and look for the teleporter directly north. (south of the abbey outside the wall).

Talk to Xavier. He normally hangs out around the entrance to the abbey.

Ask for enlightenment.

Pass the common sense test (books in the main building of the abbey contain stories teaching common sense).

THE FOLLOWING ARE THE ANSWERS TO THE TEST: Comfort children, look for honesty in companions, welcome your child, tell the truth, enjoy breezy evenings on the porch, sacrifice your sight to heal the sick, say that weapons destroy but wit builds, don't brag, tend the injured, and always give truthful testimony.

At this time ask to take the second test. He will tell you to go to windy point which is west of town. The Test of Centerness is comprised of a tall platform with a symbol on the top. Climb up to the top and the test begins. Maneuver the avatar to stay on the platform until the wind stops.

HINT: Do not use full arrow during this test unless absolutely necessary. Remember that the center of where the arrow (cursor) originates is the symbol, NOT the avatar.

Once you pass the test, return to Xavier.

Talk to Xavier. He should send you to Stellos.

Talk to Stellos. He tells you to prepare for the next test by constructing your foci.

Get the key to the testing room from him. He will send you to go below the main building. The stairs are located in the kitchen of that building. once you are in the cavern head east to the locked door, use the key that Stellos gave you and enter. In this cavern, find EIGHT pieces of "Silver Ore". The silver ore looks just like the other light gray stones in this cavern but smaller.

Use the teleporter item to return to Central Tenebrae. Go to West Tenebrae and find Korick, he is in the southwestern portion of town in a large one-story rock building. Have him make the foci. Be patient and careful because you have to ask him TO MAKE EACH INDIVIDUAL PIECE.

WARNING: Korick WILL make duplicate foci and you WILL be left with one foci short of a complete set due to lack of silver ore!

Now return to Argentrock Isle via the recall item.

Place each foci on the Altar of Focus to charge them. The altar is located in the main room of the main building, Just lay the focus on the alter and a ring of pixel pretty stuff will happen and your foci are charged.

Study spells in the Monastery upstairs in the main building.

Talk to Torwin and go through his entire conversation.

Talk to Stellos and tell him that you have made your foci. Ask to take the third test, he will once again send you below the monastery. He gives no clues as to what the test is. Go down the stairs in the kitchen again but this time go west to find a ledge.

On the other side of the water is a wounded torax. At this time you must use "Aerial Servant" (looks like a shackle) cast it on the torax, get cross hairs then click on the ground next to the avatar. The torax will appear on the ground next to the avatar. Now use "Healing Touch" (looks like a hand pointing) on the torax. He will howl, be healed, then he will disappear in a ring of pixel pretty stuff. Return to Stellos.

Talk to Stellos. He tells you that Xavier is missing the focus of healing.

Talk to Xavier. He tells you about Torwin's research on combining foci and power.

Talk to Stellos. Say you met both Torwin and Xavier.

Talk to Cyrrus.

Cast Hear Truth spell on Cyrrus to learn that Torwin is heading to Windy Point to perform his experiment.

Confront Torwin at Windy Point north of the Test of Centerness.

Torwin attempts the Leap.

Pick up the focus of healing and the ring.

Talk to Stellos.

Tell him that you have found the focus.

Tell Xavier that you have found the focus.

Talk to Stellos, and he will tell you that you need to take the Leap of faith.

Go back to Windy Point where Torwin jumped, stand between the pillars at the edge, fully extend the cursor to the top left corner of the screen and jump. Make your way up the stepping stones (saving about every three successful jumps) until you land on the largest platform and walk to the northern part of that platform. Stratos will now pick you up and talk to you.

Receive Air Walk focus.

Learn about the Blackrock fragment called the Breath of Wind.

Talk to Stellos and learn of the Breath of Wind.

WARNING: DO NOT GO AND GET THE BREATH OF WIND AT THIS POINT, all air spells no longer work once you have the breath of wind in your possession!

Now go to water, go back to the caverns and head towards stone cove, but go past to find the entrance to Carthax lake.


Once at Carthax head immediately west all the way until you can go no further, then go south until you can go no further. Now go east until you can go no further. Now go north to the edge of the water, follow the edge of the water west to find a bridge going out across the water. At the broken end of the bridge, there is a cross bridge with another broken bridge on the other side. Jump to the cross piece, then follow that piece around to the west, then north. You should now be on a raised plateau with water in the middle of it. There is a platform in the middle accessible from the east. Walk out onto it. Hydros will talk to you, but will say that she is trapped. Agree to help her. She will tell you that you must cast open earth on the grave of her captor and set the water free.

Go back across the broken bridge and go west to find a cavern entrance. Go in. Come out on the other side and find the tombstone. Go near the tombstone, cast “Open Earth”. This will set the water free, and form a waterfall.

Return to Temple. Learn that Hydros is unleashed, and Devon is powerless and in danger. Use the recall item to Central Tenebrae and talk to Devon. (He is now in power and should be found within the castle).

Agree to resolve storms and find the Sorcerers.


Teleport back to Catacombs and return to the lower catacombs as if you are going to stone cove once more. The way to Daemon's Crag the very last entrance past Carthax. You will now be in the lava tubes, which are cooled rivers of lava. Go to the very edge of the lava, and Beren should talk to you.

Talk to Beren. In lava tunnels skirt lava or use “Air Walk”. Go to the southern wall and in the center of that wall is a passage, climb up and go south to enter Daemon’s Crag. Activate the teleporter in Daemon’s Crag.

HINT: Do not attack ANY Sorcerer, otherwise all the Sorcerers will turn against you, and you will not be able to complete the plot.

Talk to Bane.

Her house is the first one to the right of the path leading from the Lava Tunnels.

Reveal your name.

Ask about the Enclave, Morgaelin, current Sorcerers, Acolytes and First Acolyte.

Agree to find out Vardion's true name.

Talk to Vardion.

His house is down the path from Bane's house to the right and is the only house with double doors.

Reveal your name.

Explain you go where you will.

Ask about the First Acolyte, dealings with Tenebrae and shrewd bargaining.

Agree to find out Bane's true name.

Tell either Bane or Vardion the other's true name (it does not matter which).

The Sorcerer you tell summons a Daemon to kill the other Sorcerer.

Malchir appears and scolds the Sorcerer and asks who will fill the now vacant position. The Sorcerer offers you as a candidate. Accept the vacant position and agree to take the necessary test after studying at the Library. Get the key to the Library from Sorcerer.

Go to the Library to study and get items necessary to be a Sorcerer. The Library is down from Vardion's house taking an immediate left, and is the building with the huge double doors and barred windows.

Learn spells, information on Ritual of Flame and info about the Blackrock Fragment and its affect on the titans. Obtain all wands, symbols, rods, etc. in the library. Get three candles of each color as well as many of the reagents in the library as you can carry.

Talk to the First Acolyte (the surviving Sorcerer) and agree to take test.

Enchant the foci with “Flame Bolt”, “Flash”, and “Endure Heat”. The reagents and foci are in the library.

HINT: During the test all the reagent, candles, wands, etc. in the First Acolyte's house are yours for the taking.

HINT: When creating spells with the pentagram there are several important items to remember:

  1. Candles must be placed very close (better exactly) on the holders (centered) and be lit. Each spell has different places for black and red candles.

  2. The reagents must be as close to their respective candles as possible, in some cases you can place them on top of the candles.

  3. The foci (wand, rod, etc.) has to be as near the center of the pentagram as possible.

  4. If any of the above criteria are not met then you will not be able to create the spell.

  5. You then must get slightly off the pentagram and double click on it for the focus to be enchanted.

  6. If there is something wrong, there be will a brief message. If you kneel down, the candles are placed correctly (and lit), and the problem is either in the reagents' placement or you are not using the appropriate focus.

  7. You can cast the three spells in any order you wish.

  8. The reagents disappear after the focus is enchanted, but the candles remain and can be reused.

  9. You must have all the reagents with you when you take the test. If you leave the house in middle of the test, you have to start all over again.

Once you have created the spells you are now ready to see Malchir and endure the trials of the Obsidian fortress to become a full fledged Acolyte Sorcerer. Learn from other Sorcerers that Malchir hangs out at the Obsidian Fortress.

HINT: Since all the reagents in the Library are yours for the taking it is an excellent place to make the spells you will need without having to carry a bunch of reagents with you, there is also a room in the Obsidian Fortress that offers the same opportunity.

HINT: The spells that you MUST have to complete the Fire Plot are “Extinguish”, “Ignite”, “Flash”, “Flame Bolt”, “Endure Heat”, “Armor of Flames”, “Explosion”, “Summon Daemon”, and “Banish Daemon”.

Go to the Obsidian Fortress to Talk to Malchir. The entrance to the Fortress is at the end of the Bridge over the lava to the Northwest of the Library. It will only open once you have passed the three tests.

When you enter, Malchir appears and summons two Daemons and then disappears. You can either run past these two or cast “Banish Daemon” on them. Go down the steps to Arcadion's pad.

HINT: You can use all the magic stuff here to create the spells you will need for the upcoming trials.

Talk to the Daemon Arcadion and tell him you want to see Malchir.

HINT: Do not attack Arcadion or banish him, otherwise you will not be able to continue.

Walk to the alcove opposite the stairs and you are teleported to the trials.

Your objective here is to get the four symbols. Each "quest" will require a spell to complete, these are: “Extinguish”, “Flash”, “Endure Heat”, and “Armor of Flames” and there will be a sign at the entrance to each trial telling you which you will need.

In the Extinguish trial you will need to find the pentagram with the five fires burning around it and the magic helm in the middle, then you will need to cast “Extinguish” on yourself or on each lit candle. When this is done the fires will disappear and you will be able to obtain the Helm and the symbol underneath it.

In the Flash trial you can cast “Flash” to get past the spiked balls and the fire mushrooms to obtain the symbol.

HINT: you may also use instead : “Rock Flesh” or “Intervention” or a purple magic potion, and then run through the balls and explosive mushrooms, not worrying about occasional hits.

In the Endure Heat trial you will need to cast “Endure Heat” to walk over the lava to get to the symbol (remember that you can only walk on the orange lava not the yellow).

In the Armor of Flames trial you will need to cast “Armor of Flames” to survive the fireballs on the way to the symbol.

HINT: you may also use instead : “Rock Flesh” or “Intervention” or a purple magic potion, and not worry about the fire balls. The magical shield will also protect you from fire balls.

Once you get the four symbols return to the middle where you will return to see Arcadion. Talk to Arcadion who will then send you to see Malchir via the teleporter you used to get to the trials.

Prepare an “Ignite” spell and make sure you have a red candle for the “Ritual of Flame”, directly after Malchir's tests.

Talk to Malchir.

Cast “Flame Bolt”, “Explosion” and “Summon Daemon” at Malchir, in that order. Banish the Daemon Malchir summons. Malchir teleports you to Great Pentacle. Perform the Ritual of Flame. Follow Malchir's instructions. Pyros finds a weakness in the binding spell. Malchir sends Pyros back.

Talk to Beren or Gorgrond. Fragment of Fire is Pyros' Blackrock nemesis, and all Titans are adversely affected by Blackrock.

Go back to Malchir in the Obsidian Fortress.

Duel with him and kill him.

Get the book “The Destruction of the Temple” from Malchir's possessions. The book describes the original location and destruction process of the gate. Get the Tongue of Flame from his inventory. You must walk over the pentagram with both of these items in your possession to free Pyros. If you just have the Tongue of Flame, the firestorms will start, but Pyros will not be freed.

Go back to the Catacombs and teleport to your next destination. The Recall Item will not work in Daemon’s Crag or in the Obsidian Fortress.

HINT: Before leaving the Fire plot, make sure you have a couple of charges of “Endure Heat” and “Flash” (very useful in the Earth Realm). “Banish Daemon” wouldn't hurt, either.

Ethereal Plane

Talk to Mythran. He tells you about the Blackrock fragments and also about the gate.

Get the Tear of Seas.

Ask Devon for help.

Get the key to his chest in the study.

Get the Tear of the Seas from the chest in the southwest corner of the Great Palace.

Get the Breath of Wind.

Use the recall item to teleport to Argentrock Isle. Use “Air Walk” and go back to Stratos. Once you have talked to Stratos again, cast reveal to find the Breath of Wind on a pedestal to the north. Now use “Aerial Servant” to retrieve it. Now teleport to Mythran.

Buy the “Ethereal Travel” spell from Mythran. This costs 250 obsidian coins.

NOTE: Placing the fragments in a pentagram around you in the order of Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and the Obelisk Tip (with the Obelisk tip being the lowest tip of the pentagram) also works. Double click on the tip and you will be teleported to the Ethereal Realm.


You will appear on a platform floating in space. To the north is the Water Plane. To the west is the Fire Plane. To the south is the Air Plane. To the east is the Earth Plane.

Water Plane:

This map is nothing but jumping from pedestal to pedestal heading towards the west. Once you find the Hydros, double click on the Tear of the Seas then SINGLE click on Hydros. If you have done this properly she will say "You will regret this day". The Tear of Seas will begin to glow and you will be teleported back to the Ethereal Plane.

Fire Plane:

This map is made up of paths through lava. To the northeast there is a path with broken bridges that you must walk up on, and jump to the other side. In the far north corner of the map, is a small shrine with a chest in it. In the chest are spheres that are necessary to get to Pyros. There is a center path that ends at a star puzzle. The puzzle looks like a star with glowing circles surrounding it. Just throw the spheres from the shrine onto the glowing circles. The circle will disappear and the sphere will change to red then disappear. Keep doing this until all circles disappear. For each circle that disappears, a platform will raise in the lava to the north. Jump from platform to platform until you reach the other side.

WARNING: Once you jump OFF a platform it will disappear, so there is no going back. Also, if you are on a platform and jump straight up then the avatar will sink into the lava.

Find Pyros. Double click on the Tongue of Flame and single click on Pyros.

He will sink into the pit and the avatar will be teleported back to the Ethereal Plane.

Air Plane:

WARNING: Some of the platforms fall out from under the avatar when he lands on them so SAVE OFTEN.

Stratos is located to the northeast so just jump from platform to platform heading in a northeasterly pattern. Find Stratos, double click on the Breath of Wind and SINGLE click on Stratos. The Breath of Wind will begin to glow and you will be teleported back to the Ethereal Plane.

Earth Plane:

This map is a cavern of traps and monsters. Head northwest to find many monsters and gates leading to lava. There is an invisible walkway over the lava to get past.

HINT: You can also just cast “Endure Heat” and walk along outer edge.

Now head to the north and west again to find platforms over lava. Jump from platform to platform to get across.

HINT: You can also just jump down on outer edge and walk around the outer edge.

Now head to the southwest and find Lithos in the furthest southeastern corner of the map. Double click on the heart of the earth and SINGLE click on Lithos. Lithos will crumble and the avatar will be teleported back to the Ethereal Plane.


Lay the now energized Blackrock fragments on the large gray pentagram. When you put each piece on the correct place they will sparkle red, so it's not too hard to figure out what goes where.

For the last place, double click on the Obelisk Tip then click on the avatar. This will charge the Tip. Step off of the pentagram and then lay the tip in the last place on the pentagram. Watch the pillar rise, and then walk into it.

The game is over.

Slayer Quest

Got to the East Road and head South until the road ends, then go East to find a ruined building at the end of the road. The building is noticeable by a fire gem in the middle of the building and skeletal remains nearby (Location 9712, 21208, 48, 5). Walk into the building and the floor will drop out from under you. Head west through the door, continue west, then southwest until you come to a book on top of a structure, then go west, south, west, south, and then west through the door (there will be a troll and some women). In the west corner there is a backpack with a key in it. Get the key and then run back east, north, east, north, and then east until you come back to the book on the structure. From the book, go north and you will come to a small room with a lever in it. Open the door and use the lever.

The metal door to the north will open and a ghost will appear in front of the door. Go north through the door then head east, north, and then east and you will come to a book in the middle of the hallway. Now go north and you will come to some water. Jump north to the other path, climb up the ledge, jump down the ledge (to the north), then you will come to blocks the submerge under the water then raise back up. Jump from block to block and get to the other side. Now run west and you will come to a building with a locked door. Unlock the door with the key that you got from the backpack and go through the door. You will come to another set of doors being guarded by two skeletons, which will come alive when you get close to them. You can either fight the skeletons then open the doors, run away from the skeletons and climb over the wall, or open the doors quick and run past the skeletons through the door. Climb up the building and get the Slayer.

(If you go through the door covered with the spider web, you WILL be teleported out). When you have the Slayer, jump back down and go through the door covered with the spider web to teleport out.

Ghost Quest

NOTE: This quest can only be done once the Air quest is completed. “Aerial Servant” is required. Most of this quest involves talking to various people, so I have taken the liberty of providing the responses that the Avatar should pick.

Ask Orlok (in his tavern in West Tenebrae) to tell you some of his tales.

Talk to Jenna (in the tavern) and mention that Orlok likes to tell tales. She will ask you if he has told you the tale of the ghost. Say no (unless he has, it's random which tale he tells). If you say no, you should then talk to Orlock again and ask him to tell you the tale of the ghost.

Talk to Darion (West Tenebrae or East Tenebrae) and say:

"I heard a tale from Orlok."

"This tale concerned a ghost.

Darion will tell you that the herders believe in the ghost.

Talk to Gwillim (Herdsman's Valley, home or up in northwest corner with the torax) and say:

"Is there a ghost in the Valley?"

"I heard stories in town."

"Is it true?"

"I didn't mean to upset you."

Talk to Corinth (Herdsman's Valley, home) and say:

"What do you do?"

"Many things?"

"Your son?"

"Simple folk?"

"You've been here for generations?"

"What happened to the others?"

"Cursed? By a ghost, perhaps?"

"I have heard tales."

"Can you tell me of the ghost?"

"Gwillim's seen the ghost?"

"Why is he reluctant to talk?"

"What about the second time?"

"They both saw it?"

"Where was the second time?"

"It looked unusual?"

"How is it different?"

Talk to Gwillim (Herdsman Valley, home or in northwest corner with the torax) and say:

"Corinth told me of the ghost."

"You've seen it?"

"Don't get mad at Corinth."

"She was trying to help."

"You, Gwillim."

"She wants you to talk."

"The ghost killed your brother?"

"How did he die?"

"Others have died?"

"Who is she?"

"She talks to fish?"

"I want to find the ghost."

"I need help only to find it."

Go to cave entrance covered with wood blocks. Move the wood and enter the cave. Drop through the hole in the floor and read the scroll. Try to open the two doors (you must do this to set a plot flag).

Talk to Kilandra (Fisherman’s Reef, home) and say:

"Tell me of Tenebrae."

"Why is the city no good?"

"A bath was more important?"

"What happened to the child?"

"Did the child recover?"

"How do you know this?"

"I am sorry."

Talk to Kilandra again and say:

"Tell me about ghosts."

"I heard Orlok's ghost story."

"You talk to your daughter?"

"Good advice?"

Talk to Kilandra again and say:

"Do you know of a key?"

"A key to the door in the cavern."

"Trolls built the cavern?"

"You know Orlok?"

Talk to Kilandra again and say:

"Tell me where the key is!"

"Your daughter?!"

Kilandra will tell you to go to the Cemetery.

Go to the Cemetery. Go west once you enter. At the second tombstone, go north and read the first tombstone you come to. It should read "Elaina - her mothers greatest treasure". A ghost will appear and drop a key. Pick up the key and head back to the cave entrance with the locked doors. Unlock the doors with the key. Walk to the northwest and you will find orange magic armor (the ghost). Cast “Aerial Servant” on the armor and immediately pick up the armor.