Dylan Dog - Through the Looking Glass


To choose the language, click with the left mouse button on the flag corresponding to the desired language.


- Search on the SECURITY CHECK table for the row of icons with the first two icons equal to those displayed on the screen. Complete the two remaining squares with the missing icons.

- Use the mouse on the up/down arrows to change the icon in the square, right/left to select the desired square.

- Once the two missing icons have been chosen, move the mose on the "OK" icon and press the left mouse button.


General rule:

- Right button to select;
- Left button to confirm.
- To examine objects or icons: move the mouse cursor to the object/icon and press the left mouse button;
- To use an object: push the right mouse button twice and then the left button once.

To use an object on another one:
a) Select the first object with the right mouse button;
b) Select the second object with the right mouse button;
c) Confirm the operation clicking with the left mouse button on one of the two objects.

To ask a character about an object or another character, or to make a character interact with an object:
a) Select the first object with the right mouse button;
b) Select the character's icon with the right mouse button;
c) Confirm the operation clicking with the left mouse button on the character.

Every time you find yourself in a new place, examine carefully every object you can see and if the description that appears at the top of the screen makes you curious, try to use that object following the aforementioned procedure.


The bottom of the screen is occupied by icons. These are symbols which can represent characters, objects or concepts. At the beginning of the game there are only three icons on the screen, and they all represent characters (Dylan Dog, Groucho and Inspector Bloch). As the game proceeds and you get hold of more objects, or informations about people and objects, new icons will be added to those you already have. Icons will be used to ask questions to the characters you will meet, or to do the actions necessary to reach the solution of the game.


To examine an object you will need to move the mouse cursor to the object you're interested in, and then press the LEFT mouse button once: a description of the object will appear at the top of the screen. It's obviously possible to examine both the elements of the graphic window and those represented through icons (they can be characters, objects or concepts).


Apart from examining objects, it is also possible to use them. To do this you muse place the mouse cursor on the object you want to use (or on its icon), press the right mouse button TWICE (the cursor's shape will change, to help you remember how many times you've already pressed the right button) and then the left mouse button to confirm your decision. It's important that the cursor stays on the object during this operation. For example, let's suppose you want to open a drawer. You will need to place the cursor on the drawer, push the right mouse button until the cursor will have the II symbol next to it, and then press the left mouse button. If the drawer is not locked, it will open. It is also possible to make an object interact with another one. Let's suppose the drawer is locked. In this case, we will want to use a key on the drawer. To do this you will need to place the cursor on the key and press the right mouse button, then move the cursor on the drawer and press the right button once again (at this point the cursor should have the II symbol next to it), and finally the left button to confirm. In the same way it's possible to ask to someone (who owns the key) present in the same room to open the drawer for you, using the combination drawer-person.


After an automatic introduction, it's possible to ask several questions to the characters we will meet in the game: this is done by clicking twice on the object/icon we're interested in with the right mouse button, then moving the cursor on the ICON of the character and pushing the left mouse button. In some cases, it will be possible to ask the same question to a character (after a period of time) to obtain further informations. You can accelerate the dialogues by clicking with the left mouse button during the conversation.


This can be done selecting with the right mose button the street address you want to go to (they're listed on the bottom right part of the screen) and confirming the choice with the left button. The street addresses will be added as soon as you discover new locations in the game, but the computer will select every time the places you can go to (for example, you can't go to the office after the closing hour).


If the player doesn't manage to obtain a minimum number of informations in a limited period of time, the author of the comic book you're playing will appear and will bring you back in time of some hours (or one or more days, in some cases) to allow you to get the missing informations.


The game can be saved. To do this you'll have to go to Dylan Dog's office and open the first drawer on the right of the desk. A notepad will appear, with the options LOAD - SAVE - CANCEL: select SAVE with the left mouse button. A list of save game positions on which you can save your current game will appear; for example, select "Game 1". To load the saved position, the pocedure is similar, but you will need to select LOAD on the notepad. CANCEL must be used in case you didn't mean to open that drawer and you want to go back to the game.