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We have updated our applet because of lots of incompatibilities of the old version. We were forced to latest .NET framework and encrypted transfer. In same case however when updating from older version, the appplet refuses to launch because of some update errors. Deleting this folder in your user profiles : "%userprofile%\AppData\Local\Apps\" will solve this issue. We are working on the workaround but this is error directly in Windows and .NET applets which will take some time for us to overcome. Thank you for understanding.

Play the DOS game in your browser

FreeGameEmpire is a webpage dedicated to playing classic old games. We have developed a game system that allows you to play the games instantly from your web browser without the need of complex user-unfriendly emulator settings. All games on our page are tested and prepared to be run by a single CLICK for your maximal game experience.

Technical Requirements

To run the games directly from your browser you need the following :

Running The Game

To play the game, you need to install the Emulator Starter application. The application can be removed any time. For first run instructions, see the following section First Run.

The game is downloaded to your Hard Drive so you do not need to download it again later and also any saved games persists. The following picture shows the downloading of the game :


After downloading finishes configuration window for a selected game appears. You can choose the quality of emulation and optional fullscreen mode. Your preferences for a selected game will be saved when you press the Save button and the game will start.


Because of colisions of default Dosbox hotkeys and some games, we have changed them for more uncommon combinations. When playing the game you can use following prepared hotkeys:

  • SHIFT+TAB+F1 - Capture/Release mouse cursor
  • SHIFT+TAB+F2 - Decrease Dosbox cycles
  • SHIFT+TAB+F3 - Increase Dosbox cycles
  • SHIFT+TAB+F7 - Increase frameskip
  • SHIFT+TAB+F8 - Decrease frameskip
  • SHIFT+TAB+F10 - Instantly quit the game
  • SHIFT+TAB+Enter - Switch to/from the Fullscreen mode

First Run

When you meet the technical requirements, the notification window about connection checking appears


When you clicked the button Play for the first time, information about installing new software "Emulator starter" appears:


If you want to play the games, you need to install the Emulator Starter application. The application can be uninstalled any time. For additional information about Uninstalling see the Emulator Uninstall section.

Emulator Uninstall

When you choose to remove the EmulatorStarter application permanently from your computer, you can do this simply in your Control Center->Add/Remove Applications section. Just select EmulatorStarter from the list and click Change or Remove. The uninstall dialog appears :


Game Performance

Some games require more system resources and can run slowly on some older machines. To improve the performance of a game decrease the quality of the emulation in the Emulator settings window. When you experience strange behaviour of the game, please report the issue to Us through the Forum or Feedback form.