Let the Games begin – the return of the retro games

by Writer 5. April 2017 05:04

Fashion, fads, and fun follow a 20-year cycle – they make their debut, create a rage or stir up a controversy and quietly fade away, only to resurrect a couple of decades thereafter, either in the same avatar or slightly modified and improvised. The old games are no exception to this unwritten law of the cyclic nature of all things man made. They are also referred to as the Retro PC Games or the abandonware (a derivation of the words abandoned software).

Enter video gaming

The old games were quite a leap from the old board games, the only form of entertainment then known to youngsters growing up in the past century. They brought with them awe and attraction to the point of addiction. They were the first of the games in the video industry and even today there are many gamers who look back on them with nostalgia and wistfulness.

While today the world is predominantly digital and everyone is hooked on to gadgets, way back in the 1990s it was a different scenario. Folks were still learning, creativity was low and therefore when a new and advanced breed emerged the old games gradually disappeared from the gaming scene.

Simple functions

The old games, like everything old school, are and easy to master. Fewer buttons and the four direction arrows were about all that these games had. These games are pure relaxation, unlike the modern PC games which call for strategizing and maneuvering while playing. The old games stimulated the mind when playing but did not tax the brain. They were what they were meant to be - a game for recreation.

But all good things do not totally die. They do make a comeback sooner or later in a modified version. The old DOS PC Games have returned with an ‘emulator’ – this is a software which mimics the console and permits you to play the old games on your PC.

The Emulator and its advantages

The emulator offers easy access to your old DOS PC games. All you need do is click open the emulator and load the ROM of the game you intend playing. Yes, that's it. You are ready to start playing your old favorite game.

Using the emulator at home is an economical way of enjoying old games without running down to the gaming studio and spending uncontrollably on the old games.

There are several gaming sites which are preserving these old games so you have at your fingertips unlimited choice from the archives for your fun and entertainment.

Thanks to emulators, the retro games of the 1990s continue to survive and hold the fascination of gamers.

Rodent’s revenge, Chip’s challenge, Indy car racing II, Claw, Aaargh! are just a few of the old DOS PC games that have surfaced after almost two decades in hibernation thanks to the emulator.

Pricing of old DOS PC Games

Pricing of cartridges of old DOS PC Games has been a cause for concern with some unscrupulous sellers charging ruthlessly. False scenarios of demand being greater than supply also tend to push up prices. Rather than follow the herd, use your discretion analyze the actual worth of the game before splurging on a purchase. Spend wisely so that you really enjoy the game when you play it rather than regret when you call to mind the huge price you paid for it.