New feature : Run In Browser.

by George 14. June 2016 13:12

From now on, all our games have "Run In Browser" button. It allows you to test the game directly in your browser without the need of Download the game or our emulator software. The game can be run in Fullscreen too for maximum game experience and should work on many operating systems including Linux based systems and MACs.

This feature is however not that stable as our emulator (Play NOW! button) so it is still the recommended choice. When you run the game directly in browser, you will not be able to use your saved games once you close the game and we cannot guarantee the flawless run for every possible configuration and machine because we do not have a full control over it and the game performance depends on lots of factors like CPU performance, browser performance, OS.

Still, it is now the fastest and easiest way to try some games even on machine you are not allowed to install anything on like PC in your work or internet cafés. It should be easy to run on Linux, MAC OS or Android too.

Hope you will enjoy it.




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