Dune - The first one which still rocks.

The adrenaline rush is here again. Dune - one of the most fascinating military strategy games, takes its name from the sci-fi novel by Frank Herbert ‘Dune’. The game is a seamless blend of adventure with economic and military strategy. Paul Atreides, the protagonist is tasked with the ultimate goal of driving Harkonnen from Planet Dune, and sees adventures running through spice extractions, military combat, and protecting against the Fremen Tribes. Here’s a short review of what the players can expect with this genre of the game and why this old DOS game can still be played and become addicted to.

The Plot
The game bears an intriguing storyline. Dune is the only planet in the universe that contains Spice and the control on Dune rests on the control of Spice. Paul Atreides, prepares to take to Carthag Tuek, in search of Gurney, who will share the key to stand the ultimate battle against the Harkonnens. He needs to get together with the Fermen Chief to gather as many troops as possible, to escalate the Spice Plantation on the planet. His parents, Duke and Jessica share with him the importance of Spice Plantation on the planet. The secret of the Spice Plantation lies in developing Stillsuits, about which Paul learns from his father and weapon instructor – Duke Leto.
For producing the Stillsuits, Paul has to convince the Fremen citizens about the importance of their support and inspire them to join his cause. With great perseverance and consistent effort, he turns the entire tide of the population in his favour and gets them to grow the Spice Plantations and support the production of Stillsuits, which will eventually help them to fight against the Harkonnens.
With the help of his mother Jessica, Paul finds out the hidden secrets of the Gurneys palace and identifies every single Fremen from every sietch on the planet. A gruesome battle prepares to happen; the battleground – Arrakis. Who wins? The one who dares to walk beyond himself. The future of the Dune planet rests upon the shoulders of their new hero!

The Gameplay
The game has been designed to operate in two different strategic layers – the adventure and top-down strategy layer. The player is at will to interchange between the strategies depending upon the demands of the game, to create his own battle strategies. The game begins with Paul in the Arakeen palace, where the Atreides family presently resides. Paul has to closely understand the essentials of the planet, prepare and orient himself with the economic importance of growing Spices on the planet and its long-term strategic implications. He seeks the help of his mother Jessica’s psychic powers, to unlock the hidden doors of the palace and confront his own hidden and psychic powers. Mostly the conversations in the game circle around sharing keys and information to unlock the different stages of the game.

Compatibility and Operating System
The Dune game is one of the first adventure and strategy games that has undergone the transition from floppy to hard drives. It is compatible with both Amiga and IBM versions. It has highly improved graphics, voice for all speaking roles and 3D rendering. It has also been designed to render on the Sega Console. Audio has been developed by Stephane Picq and Philip Urich. The Dune has been developed by the Cryo Interactive and published by Virgin Interactive.


The game runs on a real-time mode with the story and the plot manifesting through the various levels of the game. As the player progresses with the game, he is able to unlock the additional features of the game that makes the protagonist player more and more powerful to take on the Harkonnens. The troops on the higher levels unlock weapons such as the crysknives; while they also witness Paul unlock his psychic powers.

How to Instantly Improve Your Gaming Experience

For those of us who are obsessed with games, every aspect of the experience counts. But creating a gaming setup that allows for the perfect experience isn’t easy. Here are some simple things you can do to improve your gaming experience.

A Comfortable Controller with Analog Stick Covers

It wasn’t long ago that we associated controllers exclusively with console gamers. However, in recent years the controller has become a common component of PC gamer setups as well. This is driven in part by the cross-platform support for such peripherals. Now the PC versions of console games can often detect a console controller and adjust the control input accordingly.

There are many different controllers to choose from. The official ones for each console are fine for most people, but there are a number of third-party options out there as well. There are controllers that cater to different hand sizes, preferred shapes, and there are even designs for those with limited dexterity.

Whatever controller you settle for, you should invest in some analog stick covers. But how will these improve your gaming experience? Well, for one thing, those who are doing a lot of gaming will find that the analog sticks on their controllers can wear out, their tips becoming damaged. Analog stick covers will prevent this damage and improve the grip of the sticks, making them much easier to use.

Choose the Right Display

When it comes to choosing the right display for your gaming setup, you will need to consider a couple of things. The most important consideration is the kind of sound system you have. This is an important point because, while a monitor will offer better image quality than the equivalent priced television, they rarely have built-in speakers like a TV does.

It should also be noted that, while you can find gaming monitors that are capable of displaying very high-resolution images, you will first need to make sure that your chosen gaming device can actually take advantage of these capabilities. If you are gaming on a console, you will need to know whether it outputs the standard 1080 HD or 4K UHD. If it is the latter, you will need a more expensive monitor or TV to take advantage of the extra resolution.

However, if you are playing on a PC, it will probably be capable of outputting 4K images, even if it currently isn’t. You should be aware that outputting higher resolutions will require a more powerful computer. If you want to play 4K, or even VR, games on a PC, you will need a more powerful system than you otherwise would.

Consider a VPN

Using a VPN (Virtual private Network) can help to speed up the connection, and lower the latency between your device and the client. It can also enable you to access content that isn’t available in your country – something that a lot of players on consoles struggle with.

On top of this, if you play a lot of eSports tournaments, a VPN can ensure that your connection remains private and protect you from DDoS attacks. Everything will be encrypted, keeping your data, files, and device safe.

A Good Pair of Headphones

The sound in a game is just as important as the visuals. Lots of us hook our consoles up to our TV and use the inbuilt speakers without ever considering the alternatives.

The fact is, having a decent sound system can add whole new layers of immersion to your gaming experience, and this is especially true when using headphones. They allow you to sense the sounds in the game as if they were happening around you. For example, if you’re in a game and there is a monster behind you, you will hear the sound from behind you in your headphones. For those who want their gaming experience to be as immersive as possible, a pair of good headphones is crucial.

Comfortable Environment

No matter what kind of games you like to play, it is always nice to have the option to sit and play for quite some time. Unfortunately, if your gaming environment isn’t very comfortable to be in, you will find it difficult to spend a longer stretch of time there. If you want to go the whole hog, you can invest in a dedicated gaming chair. These chairs are designed to be as comfortable as possible, and many have inbuilt speakers and other features to enhance the gaming experience,

Take Breaks

This is one of the most commonly overlooked, but also most important, considerations for ensuring an optimal gaming experience. If you spend too much time in games without giving any thought to the inevitable fatigue, you will find that both the quality of your play and your physical comfort are impacted. It is a good idea to take a 15-minute break every hour or so, although different sources make different recommendations.

If you are really serious about gaming, you will want the best experience possible. Instead of just throwing your money at better consoles and faster computers, try some of the above tips to improve your experience.

4 Places Where Old Dos Games Can Make a Comeback

Some of us grew up in an era where life was easy, jeans were baggy, phones had cords, and games were excellent. The era of old dos games were some of the best experiences of people’s lives, which have left indelible marks. With all their low definition graphics and pixels, the love for retro games was shared by many players because of some unique experiences playing those games created. Whether or not these old DOS games should make a comeback rests on people’s predilections, but here are some places we think could occasionally use retro games.

High School Reunions

Reunions are places of remembrance and reconnection so what better way to do those things than with an old DOS games at an angle. Not only will this bring people right back to childhood memories but it will also connect old classmates together as they revel in their shared love of these games. A competition or challenge to see who still got it might be a better way to enjoy a time of reconnection as opposed to business talk and comparing who is more successful. Having a gaming competition at a high school reunion might be a way to get more people to RSVP and actually have a good time.

Family Gatherings

A good way for a family to reconnect is to bank on a commonly shared nostalgia. It may be an old family tradition or a certain catchphrase everyone is familiar with. Another way could also be with old dos games. Brothers, sisters, and cousins could all enjoy a good family time when things are spiced up with an old multiplayer dos game. These little things can be the connecting glues, especially when families grow apart and relatives run out of things to have in common. Many studies show that Smartphones contribute to the erosion of communal bonds. People find their head buried in a smartphone when they run out of things to say. This is particularly true at family gatherings, and old dos games could be a remedy for that. They are fun and they evoke memories that can bring relatives closer together.

Gaming Centres and Conventions

We fully acknowledge that ordinarily, gaming conventions are for new games with cutting-edge technology and captivating storylines, but it would not hurt to have a little booth for old dos games. They have a way of captivating players with their straightforward gaming mechanism while at the same time being enjoyable, especially because many players, both young and old, are already familiar with them. It's a good way to draw in an audience.


On a more personal note, you should have some of your favorite old games on your smartphone to kill time and boredom. Developers have already devised many emulators that work on a variety of smartphones for players to enjoy these timeless works of art. They are fun and evoke that nostalgia of childhood. It's also a way for you to replay your favorites and even try some of the ones you couldn't play.

Old dos games have stood the tests of time decades after new gaming technology showed up. They have a way of evoking fun memories and bringing people closer together, which is why some of these recommendations are apt. Try bringing out these games to any occasion and you might be surprised by how your guests will react.