Dungeon Master Series

Dungeon Master is an actual time role-playing game, which consists of a three-dimensional view. The single player game was developed by FTL games. In the game, the player plays the role of Theron (the pupil of Librasulus).


Several warriors are set on an adventure to find the fire staff of the Grey Lord, Librasulus. They are sent into a vault or dungeon, where they have to find the staff. Theron goes inside the dungeon in search of the fire staff so that Librasulus can gain his physical form and overthrow Lord Chaos.

The dungeon master series involves five games

1.    Dungeon masters (1987)

In Dungeon Masters, the player chooses four champs and enters the dungeon. The game features realistic battle and demands the player to click on the foe to attack him. The player can directly reach out to the objects in the game by clicking on them. A crucial feature of the game is that the characters in the game advance as they use the same action several numbers of times. 

2.    Dungeon Masters: Chaos Strikes Back – Expansion Set #1 (1989)

This is the second game in the dungeon Masters Series in which the Lord Chaos returns. The game requires the player, Theron, to combat with the Lord Chaos one more time and crush the four parts of Corbum ore before it explodes the cosmos. The player will be accompanied by four other characters in the dungeon (the player can also continue with the players, which accompanied him in the Dungeon Masters). A helpful feature of the game is that it provides hints if the player gets stuck somewhere. Furthermore, the players can customize the characters and name them.

3.    Dungeon Master: Theron’s Quest (1993)

In this game, the player plays the role of Theron and is accompanied with three champs (not four as in the first two games). Also, there are seven small dungeons instead of one single dungeon. The player needs to enter the seven dungeons and explore them in order to find seven distinct items from each one of them.

4.    Dungeon Master II: Skullkeep (1993)

This part is considered as the true sequel of the Dungeon master. The game includes several actual time fights along with maze solving and traversing. New effects of rain and magic are added in the game. The plot of the game is located in villages and in the wilderness of the forests.

5.    Dungeon Master Nexus (1998)

This is the last game of the dungeon master Series. Also, this is the first game of the series to use a three-dimensional illustrations framework. The game consists of three dungeons and the sum total of fifteen levels. In the first level, the player needs to make his team of four champs. The four champs are selected from the given list of champions possessing different skills.
As the game continues, the player finds several tablets with spells of magic on them. The spells are made from six distinct characters, which are used by wizards. There are several huge creatures and opponents in the game such as monsters, goblins, dragons, mummies, fighters and many more. In addition, there are several puzzles, which need to be solved. The Dungeon Master series is an exciting game, which sets the player on a series of adventures. The graphics and sound add to the frolic of the game and enhances its excitement level.