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Name: George
Posted: 12/13/2010 3:48:00 PM
How can I run a game ?

You have two options:
1) Use our applet to run a game. The advantage is, the game runs instantly and you don't have to setup an emulator manually. To run a game instantly from your browser hit "PlayNOW" button on the game detail page. Prerequisites for this function to work is Windows OS with IE, Firefox or Chrome browser installed. Firefox and Chrome needs additional add-on called ClickOnce to run correctly. All necessary instructions are available here. Linux users can run the applet too with a little help from here

2) Download a game and run it on your own. To do this, you have to configure your own DOS emulator or run a game in DOS OS or in some compatibility mode. You can start with this article.

What are the predefined Dosbox shortcuts ?

While playing the game, You can use the following shortcuts:

SHIFT+TAB+F1 - Capture/Release mouse cursor
SHIFT+TAB+F2 - Decrease Dosbox cycles
SHIFT+TAB+F3 - Increase Dosbox cycles
SHIFT+TAB+F7 - Increase frameskip
SHIFT+TAB+F8 - Decrease frameskip
SHIFT+TAB+F10 - Instantly quit the game
SHIFT+TAB+Enter - Switch to/from the Fullscreen mode

What is the difference between PlayNOW(ClickOnce) and PlayNOW(.NET) ?

PlayNOW(.NET) button is designed for the uses who cannot use ClickOnce applet for any reason. PlayNOW(.NET) will allow you to download the executable (.EXE) file, which can be used to run the game. The executable version work exactly the same as the ClickOnce version in all ways. This executable version however will work for only for 24 hours, then you need to download a new one.

There is no "Play NOW!" button, what should I do ?

Some games are Windows native, therefore they don't need an emulator. Windows game is marked with windows icon in the game description. You just have to download the game using "Download" button and run it as a regular Windows game. If you have some difficulties with old games, please check our blog section or start related forum thread. You can start with this article.

When I run a game from a browser, what about saved games ?

Any saved games are stored in your hard drive together with a game. When you run a game later from a browser, your saved games stay here.

Is it possible to run those games from Linux OS ?

Yes, an average linux user should be able to get it work. Please see our Linux forum for more details.

I cannot run a game from my browser, when I click "Play NOW" button, nothing happens and I'm sure I have all required software installed.

Make sure applets are allowed in your security settings. If you have Internet Explorer and Advanced security enabled you will probably have to add this site to your trusted sites to be able to use all content of this page. If not sure, use Firefox or  Chrome with applets and scripts enabled.

I have a technical problem and I haven't found any solution for it. What should I do ?

Check out Technical Issues forum. If you don't find any answer, add new topic with your question. You can also contact us directly with our feedback form. We will try to respond to any question within a few days.

I have a MAC. Can I play those games ?

Definitely not natively. You generally have two choices: 1) Try to run .NET .application applet in MAC OS using Mono distribution. 2) Download a game and run it on your own for example in a virtual machine with DOS OS. You can find some information in this article.

For now we don't support MAC OS and can't solve any problems associated with it.

I cannot run any games from other browser then Internet Explorer.

Other browsers, like Firefox, Chrome or Opera need a special add-on called ClickOnce. Please check if you have installed this add-on.

I would like to directly access some game files, where are those game file located on my harddrive ?

All downloaded games are located here:
C:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\Application Data\AppClient\Packages\ (WinXP/2000)
C:\Users\[User Name]\Application Data\AppClient\Packages\ (WinVista/7)
C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\AppClient\Packages\ (WinVista/7)

The folder AppData is mostly hidden, if you use windows explorer for file browsing, you need to enable hidden files. The overall steppes would be as follows:
- Click on Computer, select C:\users\[your username]
- You will see folders like My Documents, My Pictures, etc ...
- click Organize (top left), Folder Options
- switch to View tab
- Change "Hidden files and folders -> Don't show hidden files" to "Hidden files and folders -> Show hidden files"
- Hidden folder will appear : Now follow AppData\Roaming\AppClient\packages

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