by George 18. June 2017 13:47

Any kid who grew up in the 90s would have recalled playing the PC game Frogger. It was the Pong of the 90s, although it actually dates back to 1981. Originally it was released in the American market by Sega-Gremlin and the idea was that the user would control their frogs back to their home. They would face a number of obstacles, just like you would expect if you were crossing the road in real life. I remember playing the game when I was a kid. It was so frustrating to die or be told to get off the computer. The game was incredibly addictive and extremely fun to play. It was a game that could be played by one or two people. I can’t speak for other people but I remember being quite addicted to the game and having a lot of fun when I was playing. It was one of those classic games that you just want to keep on playing because you want to succeed and you want to “win” or “clock the game”. The idea to clocking a game is that you’ve completed the game and you’ve beaten all the baddies. Often that can take several attempts unless you know the hacks.

Because the game was released in the 1980s and 1990s, the internet wasn’t as wide spread so it was harder to get access to the game hacks, but when you did it was so satisfying. The hacks made the game easier and you could clock it faster.

Since its inception Frogger has gone on to have many sequels made, with the most recent being in 2013.

The original version was incredibly basic compared to the types of games that we see today. The graphics were very limited and the shapes weren’t as defined as those in games made today.
That’s because technology was much different when the game was originally created.

There were also limited controls with the only methods for moving the frog being the four controls on the joystick. That could be quite hard to navigate. For the time it was made, Frogger was extremely popular; and at the time it was loved by many people, but if the game was made today it would probably have a target audience of children under the age of 12 due to its simplistic nature. I think older teenagers and adults would get bored of it. The elderly, if they were unfamiliar with technology may like it as the first computer game that they learn.

Even back in the 1990s the game could be frustrating because there were so many different ways that you could die. That compared with the limited ways that you could control the frog, so it was quite difficult to play.

Despite all that, the game was a great game, and if it was the 1990s again, with limited technology, graphics and options it would be worth playing. You could even see if you can find an old computer and track down a copy of the game for old time’s sake.


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Crash Bandicoot

by George 5. June 2017 07:38

It doesn’t matter what age you are, or what your interests are. Everyone loves Crash Bandicoot. The original game was released in 1996 and since then it has led to many spin offs. It is now a series of games that is available on a range of platforms including PlayStation, Nintendo, Gameboy, iOS, mobile phones, Wii, Xbox, Zeebo and more. Since its release it has sold over 500 million units throughout the world. Crash Bandicoot is a single player game based on levels. In order to advance, the player must pass through a series of tests and that will eventually lead to “clocking the game” (which means they have made it to the final level and then passed).

Crash, is a Bandicoot that lives on one of three fictional Australian islands that don’t exist in reality. He must then pass a number of obstacles in order to make it to the next level. The only way to do that is to kill his opponents and continue on through the island. At the end of each level he will face a super villain, led by Doctor Neo Cortex. Doctor Neo Cortex wants to be the leader of all the animals on the island, and the only way he can achieve that aim is to kill Crash Bandicoot. He has hired an army to try and kill Crash.

A super villain is much harder to kill than other opponents. Crash Bandicoot is similar to other games in the sense that there are low-level villain to kill and then one super villain at the end of each level. The super villain is the opponent that he must face at the end of the level. This super villain often has more super powers than low-level villains and is much more difficult to kill, often taking many attempts. Most people who have played Crash Bandicoot would be able to tell stories of taking at least 2-3, sometimes even more attempts to pass the level. The higher the level, the harder it is to annihilate a villain.

The reason why Crash and Doctor Neo Cortex are on opposing sides is because Crash doesn’t want to join Dr Neo’s army and therefore he wants to kill him instead so he can take control of all the islands.

Since its release, Crash Bandicoot has proven to be one of the most popular video games around. It has received rave reviews from various gaming publications. The game has amazing graphics that have been designed by a highly skilled artist. The Japanese version is not the same as other version. It features different graphics and music. The reason for this is quite simple. The lack of Japanese heritage doesn’t appeal to the Japanese market so the makers wanted to appeal to the Japanese consumer. There were some designs that didn’t make it from the development phase into the final release.

Overall Crash Bandicoot is one of the most popular games from the 1990s that is still around today.



Buzz Aldrin’s Race Into Space

by George 11. May 2017 13:15

Buzz Aldrin’s Race Into Space is frequently abbreviated into BARIS. In this old game, the player takes on the role of an Administrator for NASA or head of the Soviet space program. The ultimate goal of BARIS is to be the first to accomplish the feat of a successful manned moon landing.The developers included actual historical events, including real space hardware and other proposals for a manned moon landing. However, certain changes were made to sacrifice historical importance and allow development of proper game balance and reduced complexity.

The player may assume the role of a person within the Soviet Union or United States with the power to administer all aspects of the respective space programs. Each player will have to negotiate their way through:A navigational menu, Funding of hardware purchases, Research and development, Recruiting and training astronauts, Conducting launches.

With the ultimate goal of accomplishing a moon landing, it is necessary for the player to work through some specific achievements to prevent glitches and produce success. Skipping one of these achievements will lead to penalty points and slow the progress of the moon landing.

At the core of this game, the player must achieve success in a variety of space missions ultimately resolved with dice rolls. Each space mission must meet certain requirements for success in completion of the actual moon landing. While placing a satellite in orbit may only have a few steps to success, the actual moon landing could have as many as twenty steps.

BARIS was developed by a company called Strategic Vision who worked hard to enable the player to experience simulated space launches and some of the headaches and triumphs of project success or failure all in the context of balancing fact and fiction for the game to make sense. The elimination of some rocket programs and addition of docking ability of a particular spacecraft were some changes made in order to improve the flow of thought surrounding space travel. Other than these minor changes, BARIS contains major hardware components actually used in space flight.

While some early reviews advertised this game as being appropriate for players less than ten years old, others thought the game was too complex. You can check out the Online Casino Bluebook. It was also described by The Guardian as being “rather lifeless.” While hoping for a CD-ROM version, Computer Gaming World thought that the “game should appeal to anyone with even a casual interest in space exploration.”

For those players looking to experience space at some time in their lives, it appears BARIS could be as close as it gets for the common user. The realism in the actual challenges administrators and astronauts face in successful and unsuccessful space programs are strategies included in the game. While there may be more technically advanced similar games, BARIS allows the beginning player to develop some basic skills for facing projects including many hurdles that need to be overcome for successful completion. It is gratifying to note that BARIS may educate students and teachers on some of the real cause and effect relationships involved in space travel.


Old DOS Games VS New Games

by George 22. April 2017 12:24

Old is Gold, everyone will be familiar with this phrase. Acceding to this, everything which was old, had great qualities in it like gold. Old Games are one of those golds. We are living the age of modern sciences where we can enjoy every facility of life. But with all this ease, we have to face few problems which were not found in the old games.

Following are the few comparisons between Modern Dos Pc Games and old games.

Storage Space

Old Games take minimum space on your PC and does not overfill the storage of our PC. You can install as many old games as you want in your drive but when we talk about New Games, they take a huge storage space on your drive because of their very high graphics.So you can hardly install one or two games on your device at one time, but old games can be installed more than two.

Less price

As compare to New Games, old gmaes can be bought at low price. New Games are too much heavy that they cannot be stored on a single disk and they are stored in more than two disks. More disks are used, more expensive the game is. Old games are not as much as high graphed as they can easily be stored on a single disk and can easily be bought at affordable prices.

More friendly games

People play games to entertain themselves and to relief themselves from the boring working routine but if these games instead of entertaining them give them a headache and demand different things like any user account for the game and money for buying things. Old Games are free of such demands you can play this game easily. No user account, no external money, only you and your friendly game.

Simple yet Amazing

One of the Old Games qualities is their simplicity. You do not have to use your mind to solve the complications of the games. People play games to relax their minds, not to make it more tied. New Games have this quality, they make people use their minds to play the games. But old games are simple and fully entertain the player.

Easy to play

Unlike New Games, Old Games do not have as much high graphics as new ones. These games can easily be played on those devices with do not have VGA cards and the players enjoyed playing these games. New Games has too much high graphics that without a VGA card, PC do not support those games and old games can easily play on the old PC.

So basically, you can conclude from this comparison that the old Games are still good choice unless they are as much advanced as the new Games and do not have as much high graphics as the new ones. But they still entertain many players with their simplicity and make the time of the people very much full of fun, full of entertainment and remember them the old golden times of their lives and put a great impact on their minds.

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Let the Games begin – the return of the retro games

by George 5. April 2017 05:04

Fashion, fads, and fun follow a 20-year cycle – they make their debut, create a rage or stir up a controversy and quietly fade away, only to resurrect a couple of decades thereafter, either in the same avatar or slightly modified and improvised. The old games are no exception to this unwritten law of the cyclic nature of all things man made. They are also referred to as the Retro PC Games or the abandonware (a derivation of the words abandoned software).

Enter video gaming

The old games were quite a leap from the old board games, the only form of entertainment then known to youngsters growing up in the past century. They brought with them awe and attraction to the point of addiction. They were the first of the games in the video industry and even today there are many gamers who look back on them with nostalgia and wistfulness.

While today the world is predominantly digital and everyone is hooked on to gadgets, way back in the 1990s it was a different scenario. Folks were still learning, creativity was low and therefore when a new and advanced breed emerged the old games gradually disappeared from the gaming scene.

Simple functions

The old games, like everything old school, are and easy to master. Fewer buttons and the four direction arrows were about all that these games had. These games are pure relaxation, unlike the modern PC games which call for strategizing and maneuvering while playing. The old games stimulated the mind when playing but did not tax the brain. They were what they were meant to be - a game for recreation.

But all good things do not totally die. They do make a comeback sooner or later in a modified version. The old DOS PC Games have returned with an ‘emulator’ – this is a software which mimics the console and permits you to play the old games on your PC.

The Emulator and its advantages

The emulator offers easy access to your old DOS PC games. All you need do is click open the emulator and load the ROM of the game you intend playing. Yes, that's it. You are ready to start playing your old favorite game.

Using the emulator at home is an economical way of enjoying old games without running down to the gaming studio and spending uncontrollably on the old games.

There are several gaming sites which are preserving these old games so you have at your fingertips unlimited choice from the archives for your fun and entertainment.

Thanks to emulators, the retro games of the 1990s continue to survive and hold the fascination of gamers.

Rodent’s revenge, Chip’s challenge, Indy car racing II, Claw, Aaargh! are just a few of the old DOS PC games that have surfaced after almost two decades in hibernation thanks to the emulator.

Pricing of old DOS PC Games

Pricing of cartridges of old DOS PC Games has been a cause for concern with some unscrupulous sellers charging ruthlessly. False scenarios of demand being greater than supply also tend to push up prices. Rather than follow the herd, use your discretion analyze the actual worth of the game before splurging on a purchase. Spend wisely so that you really enjoy the game when you play it rather than regret when you call to mind the huge price you paid for it.

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Ultra Violent Worlds: A Nostalgic Journey

by George 5. April 2017 04:47

The idea of “retro gaming,” or playing older limited function video games, continues to excite established players and draw new players into the mix. These older games provided the player with quick accumulation of points and winnable games. With the advancements in gaming, many players saw a diminution in the purity of the old games which relied on gaming for its own sake. As games became more sophisticated, the older Command Line Interfaces and Low-Resolution RGB games lost their appeal. This brief is written to remind more experienced players of the purity driven game and its place in the gaming world.

Ultra Violent Worlds is a game involving shooting against a single enemy. There is no indecipherable playbook or complex control system necessary to play the game.

The saga begins in the year 2305. By this time, Earth had developed a healthy level of prosperity. However, early in the twenty-first century, some threats to this tiring development of economic development emerged. An alien species called the Zamaxians arrived on Earth with only violence on their minds. Very quickly, a new colony on the planet Mars was attacked by enemy forces. Earth’s only orbiting space station was destroyed. The Zamaxians then approached Earth itself. Formations of Zamaxian spaceships overwhelmed the scattered and largely ineffectivedefense forces and destroyed any signs of life. However, there were survivors in vast sections of Earth that were not attacked. One effect the presence of the Zamaxian invasion was that their larger ships created their own gravitational pull drawing the Moon closer to earth. The remaining Earth resistance has to vanquish the Zamaxian enemy and liberate those remaining on Mars and Earth.

 Developer: Vorlon Software

Publisher: Vorlon Software

Category: Shooter

More Details: MobyGames

Game Added By: MrFlibble

Part of Group: Vertical scrolling shooter games

DOSBox: Supported


The use of Emulators

An emulator is a piece of software that replaces the computer console and allows the player to participate in many old games. In addition, ROM (a copy of what is contained on the disk drive or cartridge) or ISO software (for players who use optical media) must be added to a current PC in order to play the game. The advantages of emulation are:

Ease of Access. The player has only to open the emulator with a click and load the ROM to begin playing the game.

Since using an emulator allows the player to play favorite old games, there is no need to go to an arcade.

Low cost. In an arcade, the player has to spend more money to advance in the game. This cost is eliminated by the emulator.

There are many online players working to preserve and improve old DOS games so players at all skill levels can play some of the classic games of the past.

While there is a decided advantage to playing old games in an arcade as opposed to at home, many choose either option or both for pure enjoyment of the game. The arcade environment allows players to immediately interact with one another and strategize on how to win a particular game or group of games. Others enjoy the solitude of being at home and playing with online opponents to generate a specific intimate connection to the game and other players.


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The thrilling return of the old DOS PC Games

by George 23. March 2017 14:24

Old DOS PC Games are very much a part of the childhood of those in their 20s today. These retro games are an intrinsic part of their early memories. The games were original in content, each one a whole lot different from the other. They were relatively simple to operate with a limited number of buttons. They were pure fun. As with most things in life, the newer versions attract the crowd. It is purely herd mentality that prompts the gamers to follow the new fads leaving behind the simple and pure joy of the games of the past century. When space proved to be a constraint, the old discs of the retro games were unwittingly condemned to the trash heap.

The originality of the old DOS PC games was immense - no two games shared the same idea or plot. It mostly tried to mimick the reality of life – one learned at an early age that nothing in life comes easy. When you “died” you had to start from the beginning of the level or in certain games, even at the very beginning of the game. A lesson in reality subtly meted out to a youngster, which probably had more effect than a lecture on the harsh realities of life. There was an undying fascination playing the games zillion times. Loading a game helped improve your knowledge of command life interfaces- thus you learned while you had fun.

The initial ideas were simply awesome and the gaming industry garnered USD 5 billion by way of revenue. Although the graphics were not very advanced, nor were there any 3D effects, the games abounded in originality. The game were undiluted fun and fantastic. As with all gaming activity, the games could be very addictive. There was that something special about them that you did not mind playing and replaying the game a zillion number of times. Most gamers frequented arcades to play the retro games, the arcades became a meeting point for social interaction and creating fraternal bonds. Life was all about socializing although you played your game on your own, you still had occasion to meet and chat up your pals at the local arcade.

Fortunately, the industry has realized that folks still like to play the old games and there are websites offering these class old retro games. This brings back childhood memories and the thrill of playing them once again. The software has been so developed that the games can be played without any complex user settings, but just with a click of a mouse. The chance to re-live the childhood experience means a lot to those extreme gamers who talk, walk, sleep and breathe gaming.


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Command & Conquer: You're in the Army now

by George 23. March 2017 14:09 and Conquer is a strategy video game developed by Westwood Studios and published by Virgin Interactive. The story tells a tale of a savage war waged by two factions: The Global Defense Initiative of the United Nations and a loosely coalesced enemy called the Brotherhood of Nod (led by a man named Kane). These groups fight for control of a substance called Tiberium moving across the Earth. The developers set Command & Conquer in the time of modern warfare. Some added scenes include a variety of Westwood Studio employees playing characters in the game and an actor, Joseph Kucan, to play Kane.

This game requires the player to construct a military base and obtain a variety of resources necessary to run the base to as effectively as possible attack and conquer the enemy. The Nod army is made up of a number of cheap units with more unusual weapons such as rocket bicycles and stealth tanks. There are approximately fifty units and structures. Control of the Tiberium is the goal of the game. Tiberium is transported by harvester units to a refinery for processing. When the player builds structures, more units and structures are for sale. Command & Conquer features two fronts, one for each side. The object of this game is to control or eliminate all enemy structures.

The story opens in an alternate time frame after a meteor explodes in the Tiber River in 1995. As a result of this explosion, a foreign substance called Tiberium becomes very sought after because of its ability to process special metals from the soil. The Brotherhood of Nod claims to have predicted the potential of Tiberium and invests in the technology to acquire and process the Tiberium crystals. The Brotherhood uses this refined substance to prop up an evolving number of armies led by Kane.

Command & Conquer was an initial success selling more than three million copies when it was released. Many reviews were positive. Command & Conquer Gold was rewarded by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences as “Computer Strategy Game of the Year” in 1998. Entertainment Weekly praised this game noting, “If you liked playing with toy soldiers as a kid, you’ll think you’ve stepped on a land mine and gone to heaven.” The publication Next Generation referred to it being, “a game that any strategy fans have to pick up.” Computer Games Magazine called the game, “an adrenaline rush in a box.”

Command & Conquer appears to be a video game that morphed well from its inception as a DOS-based product into the highly sophisticated, complex, and energetic version it is t With its development into a more expert-friendly game, the new player may be lost in the haze. Command & Conquer has a multitude of player, forums, cheats, and Q&A sites so the newer player need never feel alone and may always find someone who has overcome the same challenges and achieved the same successes while playing the game. Perusing more recent reviews finds that the Command & Conquer game series is fun had by all for an exceptionally reasonable cost and, in most cases, free in many respects.


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Alien Trilogy: Horror shooter game

by George 15. March 2017 03:41

Alien Trilogy is an old DOS first-person shooting game developed by a company named Probe Entertainment and published by Acclaim Entertainment in 1996 for PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and MS-DOS systems. Alien Trilogy contains many features of the Alien movie series. There are references to things such as facehuggers, chestbursters, dog aliens, adult aliens, and Queen alien bosses. This game uses several weapons from the movie and new weapons developed exclusively for the game.

The player takes the role of Ellen Ripley who experiences some elements from the first three movies in the trilogy. Some cutscene technology is used in the game to enhance some of its features. The plot is laid out in a number of mission briefings taking the player through a very action-dependent story based more on game character development rather than specific elements of the films. The game begins with Ripley in a spacecraft traveling to make contact with a certain planet. With a variety of weapons at her disposal (including the pulse rifle from Aliens) and other props such as something as simple as a shoulder lamp, the other members of the ship die in a variety of gruesome ways leaving Ripley to work her way through the infested colony, prison, and alien spaceship and set herself free. There are some thirty levels and three Alien Queen bosses. If the player is using a console, only a single player campaign can be used. If the player has the DOS version, death matches involving multiple characters can be brought to life.

Thanks to the Multiplayer emulation engine Ancient.NET which is available on players can enjoy the multiplayer once again over the internet. Trilogy received some positive reviews. GameRankings rated the Trilogy at 77.5% based on only five reviews, Sega Saturn at 77% based on only one review, and the PC version 43% based on three reviews. Electronic Gaming Monthly gave Alien Trilogy a “Game of the Month Award” and also thought the various “mission objectives” provided more depth to the characters. A reviewer from Maximum was pleased with the sound effects but was not impressed with the developer boasting about new “Motion Picture Capture” technology. Other reviewers talked about a confusing layout but had good things to say about the game’s “intuitive” controls, the ease of the player interacting with the environment, and a strong film-to-game translation.

While originally a DOS system standout, Alien Trilogy has gone through a metamorphosis of sorts to keep itself relevant in today’s competitive gaming environment. The paltry ratings aside, Alien Trilogy will satisfy the beginning and experienced player with a technically satisfying experience derived from a tried and true method of gaming.



Original Hand Made Gaming Products by FanFit Gaming

by George 2. March 2017 11:40


The Toronto-based company FanFit gaming has come out with it’s unique hand-bent neon lights inspired by videogames.  The original gaming merchandise is for people who want to take their gaming experience beyond the screen and into the rest of their home.  With the growing phenomenon of E-Sports, FanFit Gaming is filling a niche.

“We celebrate the best of gaming design and aesthetic through our exclusive line of unique apparel, merchandise, and our signature neon lights,” said Rob Green, owner of FanFit Gaming.

Each piece of merchandise celebrates a character or iconic image from games.
“We strive to capture the love for some of our favorite gaming moments and experiences through our products,” Green said.


FanFit Gaming opened Febuary 1st, 2017 - but has already been hitting the spotlight including mentions in VentureBeat.

There are currently 9 Neonlights available, focusing on Overwatch, with 10 original felt penannts.  FanFit also carries other fun accessories.  They plan on coming out with a gaming-themed apparel line in early September to let your geek flag fly.

This is all to say that FanFit has a modest selection of merchandise designed in-house by gamers with a good selection of third-party products, which comes together for a great gaming shopping experience.

Visit us on