Bubble Ghost is a lot of Fun

by George 20. December 2016 04:18

http://www.freegameempire.com/Img/Cache/Games/Bubble-Ghost/Screenshot-1.pngBubble Ghost is a maze game in which you the player put your ghost character through puzzle after puzzle, moving through the rooms of the Bubble Ghost’s mansion while avoiding various traps, tricks and trouble. The Bubble Ghost can be directed in a compass pattern of movement, and blows on a bubble to keep it moving through the mansion (and ideally not popping on the complicated machinery) that is the contest.

Each room has a way in, and a way out, and as Bubble Ghost is already a ghost, he isn’t in much danger himself.... But he does have to keep blowing his bubble, which is in constant motion and likely to pop on the various surfaces that are in the way. Each room of the mansion is a fun arrangement of devices that can set the bubble popping and Bubble Ghost blue, but if you are a crafty player, you will navigate your bubble through each room and keep your Bubble Ghost happy.

Good Interfaces

The graphics are quite nice for a simple game of this kind, pretty for their purposes and not the super creepy style that might go with a game titled Bubble Ghost. Bubble Ghost is essentially a kind ghost, I would presume, because while his mansion is quite strange, his pastime in the game (and therefore your series of obstacles) is to keep his bubble moving through it. That is the entire scope of gameplay, which is suitably enjoyable and pleasant.

Bubble Ghost occasionally has a couple of options how to get his bubble through any given room, but usually it is one way in and one way out. As there are a variety of levels and flat surfaces in the rooms of his mansion, he needs to quite delicately blow his bubble up, down, left, right and at diagonals in order to keep the bubble moving freely and safe from the traps that could pop it. Oddly enough, I don’t recall there being any bathroom in Bubble Ghost’s mansion, so I take it Bubble Ghost is merely a recreational bubble-blowing ghost, as though perhaps he had in his pocket a flask of soap and the little round bubble maker that occasionally is found in the real world making bubbles yet again.


Bubble Ghost will keep blowing

There aren’t so many rooms in the game of Bubble Ghost that victory is impossible, and certainly if you enjoy the game you will find yourself playing with enough dedication that winning the game, which entails moving your bubble through Bubble Ghost’s entire mansion, is within the scope of your abilities that can keep you playing. http://www.freegameempire.com/Img/Cache/Games/Bubble-Ghost/Screenshot-3.pngThe gameplay is consistently good throughout the game, and while there aren’t a large variety of gameplay scenarios to carry out, you will find that if you like the basic style of the game, you may find yourself playing quite a bit of Bubble Ghost. That, and making an effort to preserve your bubble.

Each room is similar to others, but there truly is quite a bit of variety as crazy mansions go which have Bubble Ghost moving through them blowing his bubble. It wouldn’t come as a surprise in the least if Bubble Ghost’s bubble occasionally pops, but if you are a skillful player at puzzle games, you will see Bubble Ghost succeed and keep his bubble flying through each and every room of his mansion.


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Sound Blaster Gameport Driver for Windows 7

by George 18. November 2016 05:23

I have spend some time searching for this driver so maybe it will be in use for others in need because it is very hard to find still live link on the internet.

The problem starting my search  was my old gameport steering wheel and my old SoundBlaster Live 5.1 card which I still own. Apparently all of this is not supported any more, at least not officially and I just not felt like to buy a USB controller for my casual playing of mostly old games. There are several places mentioned the customized driver but the links were too old and mostly dead so when I have finally found what I was looking for, here is a working link for those interested. Unfortunately works only for 32-bit version of windows because support for 64-bit versions was dropped completely because of some incompatibility issues.

Anyway I have tested the driver on Windows 7 and Window 8 with success. The supported list of cards is however limited so please read the readme file in the archive first. I have left the package untouched except I have added support for my Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 Gameport in addition to supported list of cards. I keep this short because I expect not much of mass interest for this but if anyone would like to share some updates or new versions, you can send this to us. Thank you and happy gaming.

Gameport Win7.zip (2.15 mb)


The Prince of Persia: save the princess and defeat the enemy before time runs out!

by George 14. November 2016 04:52

In ancient Persia, there lived a Sultan who had an enchanting daughter. While the Sultan was fighting in a foreign land, Jafaar a malevolent wizard ceases the power and attempts to occupy the throne. The princess is imprisoned and proposed by Jafaar to marry him, to which she refuses. The player is a young traveller and a lover of the princess who tries to climb the walls to see the princess, which has enraged Jafaar. The traveller is trapped into the dungeons. In this old DOS PC game your mission is to control the young traveller and pursue the mission of saving the princess, from the evil Jafaar. You have only 60 minutes to confront your enemy and defeat him because Jafaar has locked her in a tower and would kill her if she doesn’t accept to become his wife before the time runs out! You are the nameless hero, the young entrapped traveller who has to overcome numerous obstacles on his way which includes various guards, traps and some other mysterious magical illusions, to reach the villain.

The game consists of 12 levels, you have a health bar which diminishes with every failure in dodging dangerous obstacles. But you can restore health by obtaining large red potion jars, found on the way. Health bar becoming null can cause you to die and the player will have to re-start from the beginning of the level, with of course a time penalty, you will have even shorter time to reach the enemy.

One caution to consider is that you cannot save the game until you have passed the first 3 levels. So, be extremely careful in the earlier stages of the game. Traps like deep pits, spikes or guillotines can cause a sudden death, and the player will be beginning from the starting with reduced time to complete the task. The player may come across closed gates; these can be opened using triggers present around the gate. Stand on the triggers to activate them.

The game features multiple types of strikes with the sword, which are effective in slashing your enemy. The enemy guards have a health bar too, similar to yours. Every successful strike on them will deplete their health bar and eventually kill them.  You can also push your enemies into a trap and cause their instant death. The doppelganger phenomenon is the most intriguing and unusual obstacle of the game. In course of your travel in the 4th level, the player finds a mirror blocking his path. The doppelganger of the protagonist emerges from the mirror and hinders the path but notorious activities like stealing a potion and making the player fall in to the dungeon. You cannot harm the doppelganger since he shares your life but by merging with him you can solve the problem and venture ahead.

Only by defeating Jafaar, you can break the spell and save the Princess. The timer stops with the death of Jafaar and the high scores are revealed. This game has become highly popular in the gaming world and is still one of the old DOS PC games most sought by the game lovers. Go ahead, defeat the Grand Vizier Jafaar and be the saviour of the beautiful princess! You can enjoy this game in our collection. Click here to get directly to the game page. Because of simplicity of this game, you can also easily enjoy it in our JavaScript version, directly in your borwser. Use "Run In Browser" button on the game page or follow this link directly.


New feature : Run In Browser.

by George 14. June 2016 13:12

From now on, all our games have "Run In Browser" button. It allows you to test the game directly in your browser without the need of Download the game or our emulator software. The game can be run in Fullscreen too for maximum game experience and should work on many operating systems including Linux based systems and MACs.

This feature is however not that stable as our emulator (Play NOW! button) so it is still the recommended choice. When you run the game directly in browser, you will not be able to use your saved games once you close the game and we cannot guarantee the flawless run for every possible configuration and machine because we do not have a full control over it and the game performance depends on lots of factors like CPU performance, browser performance, OS.

Still, it is now the fastest and easiest way to try some games even on machine you are not allowed to install anything on like PC in your work or internet cafés. It should be easy to run on Linux, MAC OS or Android too.

Hope you will enjoy it.




Dune - The first one which still rocks.

by George 9. May 2016 13:17

The adrenaline rush is here again. Dune - one of the most fascinating military strategy games, takes its name from the sci-fi novel by Frank Herbert ‘Dune’. The game is a seamless blend of adventure with economic and military strategy. Paul Atreides, the protagonist is tasked with the ultimate goal of driving Harkonnen from Planet Dune, and sees adventures running through spice extractions, military combat, and protecting against the Fremen Tribes. Here’s a short review of what the players can expect with this genre of the game and why this old DOS game can still be played and become addicted to.

The Plot
The game bears an intriguing storyline. Dune is the only planet in the universe that contains Spice and the control on Dune rests on the control of Spice. Paul Atreides, prepares to take to Carthag Tuek, in search of Gurney, who will share the key to stand the ultimate battle against the Harkonnens. He needs to get together with the Fermen Chief to gather as many troops as possible, to escalate the Spice Plantation on the planet. His parents, Duke and Jessica share with him the importance of Spice Plantation on the planet. The secret of the Spice Plantation lies in developing Stillsuits, about which Paul learns from his father and weapon instructor – Duke Leto.
For producing the Stillsuits, Paul has to convince the Fremen citizens about the importance of their support and inspire them to join his cause. With great perseverance and consistent effort, he turns the entire tide of the population in his favour and gets them to grow the Spice Plantations and support the production of Stillsuits, which will eventually help them to fight against the Harkonnens.
With the help of his mother Jessica, Paul finds out the hidden secrets of the Gurneys palace and identifies every single Fremen from every sietch on the planet. A gruesome battle prepares to happen; the battleground – Arrakis. Who wins? The one who dares to walk beyond himself. The future of the Dune planet rests upon the shoulders of their new hero!

The Gameplay
The game has been designed to operate in two different strategic layers – the adventure and top-down strategy layer. The player is at will to interchange between the strategies depending upon the demands of the game, to create his own battle strategies. The game begins with Paul in the Arakeen palace, where the Atreides family presently resides. Paul has to closely understand the essentials of the planet, prepare and orient himself with the economic importance of growing Spices on the planet and its long-term strategic implications. He seeks the help of his mother Jessica’s psychic powers, to unlock the hidden doors of the palace and confront his own hidden and psychic powers. Mostly the conversations in the game circle around sharing keys and information to unlock the different stages of the game.

Compatibility and Operating System
The Dune game is one of the first adventure and strategy games that has undergone the transition from floppy to hard drives. It is compatible with both Amiga and IBM versions. It has highly improved graphics, voice for all speaking roles and 3D rendering. It has also been designed to render on the Sega Console. Audio has been developed by Stephane Picq and Philip Urich. The Dune has been developed by the Cryo Interactive and published by Virgin Interactive.


The game runs on a real-time mode with the story and the plot manifesting through the various levels of the game. As the player progresses with the game, he is able to unlock the additional features of the game that makes the protagonist player more and more powerful to take on the Harkonnens. The troops on the higher levels unlock weapons such as the crysknives; while they also witness Paul unlock his psychic powers.


Manhunter:New York - A Sci-fi Puzzler with Guts

by George 10. April 2016 14:33

In 1988 game company Sierra Online had numerous titles available, which including the enduring Manhunter:New York, including this interactive adventure in which monstrous alien orbs have infiltrated the city of New York, USA and have, unfortunately, devastated the city.  The game provides players with various capabilities to fight back, and from one screen to another, which include locations from real world New York City to visit while unravelling the game’s mystery, to puzzles that the player must unlock to progress in the game, to computer images of your whereabouts in New York City (in the year 2002) to navigate through the mystery.

The graphics can be characterized as interesting, for the year 1988, as Old DOS PC Games weren’t particularly advanced in terms of visuals, and the pictures in Manhunter: New York seem interesting, weird and stark.  The sound isn’t interesting, though if you’re willing to ignore the beeps and hisses characteristic of game technology in the year 1988, there’s as yet charm in this game, which for its faults, still rather kicks up a fight, and there may be pleasure in tackling its mystery storyline, although it’s not simple.  It’s a challenging game to play to completion.  Fortunately, its charm’s apparent right away, as it doesn’t require much time to get what’s on offer. 

It introduces its style of gameplay from early on in the game, revealing its attempt at cinematic storytelling along with a variety of locations in the world of the game and puzzles that tax the player.  Regrettably, it’s likely will tax your abilities as a player.  The gameplay’s a tad rudimentary.  It’s probable that the game designers were concerned with providing a cinematic game experience with limited capabilities for a game than making the puzzles of the game enjoyable.  The best of the puzzles include visiting New York locations in a devastated 2002 to examine by moving your mouse pointer to various items on the screen which may return information.  The hardest puzzles seem weird and require a bit of guesswork and a bit of dexterity to unlock and therefore to proceed with the game.

Manhunter:New York remains a favourite due to its general bizarreness and eerie design, which tries to go outside of other game worlds into a shattered New York City in the year 2002, and may be the game which has a sci-fi vibe dressed with primitive horror themes, somewhat different than other Games have.  To play head-to-head with the puzzle and adventure of Manhunter: New York, you’ll certainly need it luck and determination.  If you are interested in DOS Games, Manhunter: New York is definitely recommended.


Blood: Revenge against the Dark God

by George 4. April 2016 07:55

The First Person shooter game has a fascinating plot and a dark but compelling story line. You are Caleb, a merciless gun fighter who has to pave his way in a cruel world, at the age of 17. One among the top old DOS PC games this is divided into several ‘episodes’ based on the story and your purpose as Caleb is to navigate through multiple levels in order to take revenge against the dark lord. Large rewards await you if you come across those hidden secret areas in the game. The game features a large collection of weapons ranging from ordinary guns to bizarre objects like voodoo dolls. 
In course of the game, Caleb meets Ophelia, a victim of assault by the dreadful Cult of Tchernobog. Her husband and child were killed and house burned. He was not moved so much by her rugged beauty as her story that she conveyed during her incoherent mumbling. Eventually, he falls in love with the girl and takes her in.

The game begins with Caleb rising from a tomb, and declaring ‘I..live..again’. He boards a train, Phantom Express, from the “Miskatonic Station”, and later ends up blowing the train as he fights his way forward. The game is filled with horror and cruelty filled themes. While on the path back to the Hall of the Epiphany, which is fraught with peril, Caleb faces numerous puzzles, foes and challenges. Caleb can’t accomplish his mission alone, of defeating Tchernobog. The combined power of the Chosen, a cult, will drive their fate to victory. The protagonist awakens and finds himself cold and damp. He is a complete stranger to himself; his master didn’t let him die. Filled with rage his scream resonates with that of his master; WHYYY!!?

The game permits both single player and multiplayer gaming with the help of LAN, modem or serial cable connection. Blood is one of the most addictive old DOS PC games. The player passes through a range of explosive barrels, puzzles, combination lock doors, dodging lava pits and crushing blocks to venture ahead towards the next level.
It is one of the earliest games to facilitate secondary attack modes. The ‘super secret’ areas in the game are difficult to find but possess great reward for the player.
The game incorporates 4 episodes each one made of 9 levels, 7 normal levels while the other two as a secret and a boss level. Most part of the game scenario resembles the 20th century cities, like pubs, museums, civil buildings, mall, mills and hospitals. Some levels consist of Victorian or Edwardian architecture. You may find yourself on board a train on a certain level while in a haunted house in another. The last episode of the game occurs in a setting surrounded by evil temples also featuring ceiling and floor made of blood and flesh. During many scenes in the game, enemies are blown into pieces and rains down on you. Heads are chopped off and kicked around showering blood. The game ensured a violent atmosphere in every theme. The fantasy element found in most old DOS PC games is not missing at all in the ‘Blood’.

The last episode
The player finds himself in a strange land with a laboratory which supposedly is owned by a mad-scientist. Diving into an aquatic lab he ends up in a charnel house. Reaching the final showdown, Tchernobog’s voice could be heard saying “I have awaited you” and asking to kneel before him. Caleb throbbing with rage battles the dark god and finishes him.
If you are a lover of old DOS PC games, you definitely cannot miss this one.

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SimCity 2000 - Real Challenge of Building And Managing a City

by George 27. August 2014 09:21

How many of you remember that extremely engaging PC DOS game that involved managing a hustling and bustling metropolis? Yes, I am talking about SimCity 2000. I really enjoyed playing this game, which is actually the second installment of the game SimCity that Maxis released on 1994.

What I like about SimCity 2000 is its simplicity in creating and increasing the size of the city. Of course, there are various chances to destroy as you get to destruct using air crashes, earthquake and bulldozers with just simple mouse clicks. However, the real challenge is of course building than destroying. I loved that fact that dreams, hope and lives of millions of Sims are in my hands.

The Power Plant Variety
In SimCity 2000, the varieties of power plants are as much as nine. These are: Natural gas, Oil, Coal, Wind turbines, Nuclear, Satellite microwave, Solar, Futuristic fusion power and Hydroelectric dams.

I enjoyed building highways in the neighboring cities that helped in increasing the population and trade. Also, it is quite challenging to rebuild the power plants as these come with limited life span.

News to Keep You Informed
You can find news related to the city in the form of newspaper articles that you could subscribe yearly or daily. This newspaper option comes with numerous relevant stories and also several humorous ones. I took special interest on the relevant stories as those stories kept me informed about the city problems through opinion polls, recent disasters in the city, introduction of new technology and warnings about the aging power plants. I had to constantly look for the relevant news headlines, as there were many headlines with no purpose of serving the game, and kept the interest factor active.

Brainstorming activities
Unlike many other video games that are merely designed as a stress buster or for sheer fun, SimCity 2000. Indeed involves a lot of brainstorming activities. You have to prepare strategies for everything so that things can be maintained in right order. It involves a whole lot of things to make the city grow and for that you have to deal with education, health issues and crime rates, etc. It keeps you on your toes to strategically place schools, hospitals and police stations.

At the same time, you also have to add bus stops, airports, sea ports, stadiums, parks along with managing traffic, budget, face public wrath and much more. You really need to play this game and experience yourself. It gives a great overview about the tasks needed to build and manage a city properly in the form of fun. Go for it!


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Doom - Science Fiction Horror PC Game

by George 12. August 2014 07:10

Though I am not much into those high-end PS or Xbox games, but there was a time when I liked to spend time on my computer with some engaging games. Doom is definitely one game that has a great recall value and its concept is still very exciting in this age of sophisticated games.


Fist Person Shooter Game
This video game belongs to the FPS category that is software released in 1993. Every time I donned the role of Doomguy, I felt the challenge of finding my way through the obstacles created by those innumerous invading demons from hell. It had those three 9-level episodes, which ensured that there is never a dull moment, as the level of challenge kept on increasing with every episode.


Exciting Lighting Effects
What I liked most about this game was its scary lighting effects. Though I have experienced many ‘scary’ video games, but actually found that those were never so scary as claimed by some people.

Rather, I can say that such games are scary up to a certain IQ level. However, Doom shatters such generalization in a big way. With those lights flashing rhythmically and slowly when you walk through and suddenly realize that you are being followed by a hideous beast, is indeed quite an intense experience. For me it was scary, but that gave me the kick to play the game again and again.

Though there are number of blood spraying and pump action events when you encounter those pink monsters, but after a point of time, you feel that the number of enemies could be more. Every time you eliminate a demon, move and turn, you will find a new one that is more deformed creature grotesquely than the previous one. This keeps on sensing a horror, but you do feel the enemies are fairly limited after a point of time.

Weapon Collection is Cool
I can definitely say that the collection of weapons that you get to eliminate the demons is cool. You start only with a pistol, but as you keep on gaining power and advance stages, you pick up various ammunition supplies such as a chain gun, shot gun, chainsaw, plasma rifle, rocket launcher and that extremely powerful BFG 9000.

The Power Packs are Exciting
You also get various power-ups like the backpack that raises your capacity to carry ammunition, first aid kits, armor for restoring health. The berserk pack that not only restore health, but also cause punching attack to deal with huge damage.

I particularly liked the Supernatural blue orbs that boosted up to 200% health and protective suits for surviving the toxic attacks or other useful stuffs such as computer maps, night vision or handling partial invisibility.

All these features are combinedly no less than a revolution for the gamers back then. I would still rate Doom as one of the best video games ever produced till date.

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Abandoned PC gaming classics.

by George 6. August 2014 08:54

If you ever happened to find yourself looking for a good game, try to remember the old games first, they are mostly unmatched in the game-style and quality and are mostly available very cheaply or completely for free. Lots of them are excellent and were probably never beaten. The following list shows some of the best classics which shouldn't be forgotten.

Blackthorne (Blizzard Entertainment 1994)

Click Here for online free play on our web.

When Thoros, ruler of Tuul couldn’t choose who among his sons will be his successor, he brought them to the desert and committed suicide. His body becomes two stones, light and dark stone. Thoros gave the stones to his sons. The kingdom of Androth, formed by people who has the light stone and the kingdom of Ka’dra’suul, formed by people who has the black stone. The Androth honors their light stone while the Ka’dra’suul discard their black stone which was transformed into a monster.

The war between Androth and Ka’dra started. Sarlac leads the Ka’dra army to fight the Androth. King Vlaros, ruler of Androth, sought the help of Galadril, the Magician. They send his son Kyle to earth to save his life from the Ka’dra. King Vlaros gave Kyle the light stone which he can also use to save his people when he returns to Androth.

After 20 years, Kyle, the famous military captain and mercenary, is having strange dreams and is confronted by Galadril telling him to return to Tuul and save his people. Kyle, as known Blackthorne, returns to Tuul to fight Sarlac and his army. Blackthorne is now more determined to fight Sarlac and his allies.

 The Lost Vikings (Silicon & Synapse 1993)

Click Here for online free play on our web.

The three Vikings have been missing for a long time after Tomator, the emperor of the Alien Croutonian Empire, kidnapped them. After breaking loose the three Vikings are set to go home. They have to face many challenges as they journey back home. Their journey is not easy in spite of the fact that the three Vikings have special talents and abilities. Erick is a fast runner and a jumper; Baleog uses his sword and bow to kill his enemies and Olaf can block or stop their enemies by using his shield which can also be used as a hang glider or stepping stone where Erik can step to reach higher grounds.

The Lost Vikings journey is also full of adventures. It has many doors to unlock and puzzles to solve that will lead these Vikings to the right path which may eventually bring them back home.

However, it is important that all of you should possess the abilities of Erik, Baleog and Olaf to be able to help the lost Vikings. The Lost Vikings is a logic and action packed game which should be played by players who can move and think fast.

UFO : Enemy Unknown (MicroProse 1994)

This game is available on Steam.

The Extraterrestrial Combat (X-COM) is all set to defend the Earth from the powerful force of the alien forces. The X-COM was organized after the secret meeting in Geneva which was represented by some members of the most powerful nations all over the world.

The Unidentified Flying Objects starts to appear on the skies and the aliens who were determined to laid their hands on the planet Earth has seized and attack the world. The alien attacks placed the whole world in jeopardy as they attacked and invaded one nation from the other.

With you in command of X-COM, what could be the best strategy for you to do is to fight these aliens and try to know how and where they got their strength. As you unveil the identity of that somebody who lead the aliens, the whole forces that you lead is now ready to destroy the aliens’ big boss.

Fighting the aliens using their own technology is a wise move and strategy because by then you will already know how and where to attack your enemy.

 Superfrog (Team17 1994)

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The wicked witch has finally turned the handsome Prince into a frog and has held the lovely Princess captive. He was helpless and worried about the princess safety. He was so desperate to know where the witch has imprisoned the princess. He was by the riverbank, and then from out of theblue, he saw a bottle floating. He reaches out for the bottle, opened it, drank its content and Boom! Something magical happened. With a touch of luck, the ordinary green-colored frog becomes strong and powerful. From an ordinary green frog, the prince is now Superfrog.

The prince or Superfrog is now set to look for the princess. He would cross the rivers, climb the highest mountains and do everything to get his princess at all cost. He will also do everything to cast off the spell the wicked witch has given him.

Superfrog is looking for his princess. The witch is also all out to defeat the prince. She gave Superfrog the taste of death but that was never enough to stop him from saving his princess.

Superfrog is a lovable game that ends up with the typical “They live happily ever after” ending.

Jazz Jackrabbit (Epic MegaGames 1994)

Click Here for online free play on our web.

Eva Earlong, the rabbit princess, was abducted by Devan Shell, the leader of the turtle terrorists. Devan and his goons occupied the galaxy and endangers planet Carrotus. Everything seems hopeless and Jazz Jackrabbit is the only hope left for planet Carrotus and Eva Earlong. Jazz Jackrabbit must stop Devan Shell from putting into his hands the fate of planet Carrotus. More so, he should also rescue the rabbit princess.

Jack is now prepared to fight Devan Shell. He would just do anything to get Eva from the hands of the Devan and to rescue planet Carrotus from the terrorists. The journey that jack will travel will not be easy. Devan and his army are also determined to prevent and stop Jack from getting back the rabbit princess and from saving their planet.

Jack traveled a rocky path, each path is protected by the turtles. These turtles are loyal to Devan and would do anything to defend their leader from the wrath of Jazz Jackrabbit. Just like any other action hero, Jack is strong and fearless. He entered Devan’s territory in his search for the abducted princess. 


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